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Saw X-Men: Days of Future Past

And it was... kind of disappointing. Not nearly as bad as I'd feared, but I still didn't really like it. But I'm not a huge X-Men fan anyway (that's more my brother's thing), so I'm not too bothered. I posted a bit about my reactions on tumblr, but I've pulled them together for a bit more coherence here.

Ok so first off I have to say that seeing everyone die was incredibly traumatic. Especially when it happened more than once! Especially when it was people I really like! Like Bobby. God, why did they have to cut off his head and then crush it?? :( And Collosus getting ripped in half. Man, that was... I mean, I know they got better, but it was still awful.

One of my big issues right off the bat was the script writing that devolved into infodump way too often. SHOW DON'T TELL, GUYS. The first scene with Charles and Kitty especially had a problem with that. You can stop saying 1973, Charles, we get it. Stop just talking about it and show us it’s much more enjoyable and will probably make more sense!

Honestly, I didn't feel like I understood what was going on all the time. Like, in general, yes I know what the plot was but I still feel like I was confused even though I can't explain why. There are a few things that yes, I can say I didn't understand. Kitty for instance. How did she send people back in time?? Is this a secondary mutation?? Thank you for no explanation, movie. Another thing I was a bit iffy on is the sequence of events. I read it as X 1-3 coming after the past events and the future events are part of an AU/alternate possiblity, but I get the feeling that a lot of people didn't read it like that so... idk.

Also with the not explaining/being confused, some of the characters. There were several characters that I don't think they every said their name, like the guys in the scene with Alex. Was the guy with the tongue Toad?? I'm a pretty big comic fan and know a fair bit about X-Men, but I cannot keep up with their billions of side characters. At least mentioning a name would have been nice. Really, they could have done a much better job with saying who characters were/making sure the audience (who probably doesn’t know who every X-Men character is) know who the supporting characters were.

I was really disappointed that they had one (really great!) scene with Alex and then totally dropped him. He didn't even get a flash-to like the other characters from that scene! It would have made sense for them to get his help since, you know, he was on their team before. But no. Similar thing with Kitty. Yes, she had an important part, but I wanted to see more of her, I wanted to see her being her awesome self. And of course Blink, Warpath, and Bishop! I know almost nothing about any of them, but hot damn, I would like to. Especially Blink because she was super cool. I really wish they would have had more lines/screen time.

Having Wolverine as the lead wasn't as bad as I feared tbh. I mean, I love him, but seriously, he's been in enough movies. This is what, 7? Let's see some other characters getting some love and attention please! I'm so tired of Charles, Erik, and Logan. And Scott (who I despise with all of my being), Jean (ditto), and Beast for that matter.

To be honest, Pietro (not Peter, wtf?!?!) was kind of the highlight of the movie, as I've seen several other people say. His wig was still terrible, but he was a really good character and brought in some much needed levity. I guess I shouldn't have doubted, because it turned out to actually be a good casting choice. I would have liked a better Pietro/Erik scene, though. Like, they dropped the daddy bomb and then ignored it. It could have been really great! Oh and Wanda. Was that supposed to be her sitting with Pietro later? Because no. I'm cool with changing things from the comics, but that was no thank you.

So I said before that I left the movie feeling kind of unsatisfied. It had its moments but overall I felt very blah about it. It wasn't as bad as I'd feared, but it wasn't what I wanted I guess. I think I finally figured out my biggest issue with it: past!Erik.

Usually, I side with Erik when it comes to a Charles vs. Erik or X-Men vs. Brotherhood discussion, but I don't feel like I can do that after this movie. For me, Erik has always been the lesser of the evils because yes, killing people is bad and not a good way to go about getting mutant rights and such, but I don't feel like Charles is much better because he tries so hard to assimilate and doesn't take anyone else's experiences into consideration. My tipping point in the whole thing was Erik trying to kill Raven. I felt like it was out of character (he's much more likely to lock people, other mutants at least, up than kill them) and I don't feel like I can side with him anymore. Or with anyone, really. Maybe Raven, but then where would I be?

So there's my bit. How did everyone else like it?



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