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Fandom Snowflake Challenge Day 15

Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

In your own space, create your own challenge. What’s something you want to see more people doing in fandom? Is there something fun you’ve tried that you think other people would enjoy if they gave it a go? Dare your friends to try it out, and have fun with it.

This was a bit difficult, almost as much as the love yourself challenge. I put out a comment challenge awhile ago, so I wanted to cover something a little different, but I had trouble coming up with ideas. Basically everything I brainstormed for this boiled down to two things:

  • Support other people, both in your fandom and those in different fandoms. There's really no way to go wrong on this as long as you're being positive and genuine. This could include leaving feedback on fanworks, making friends, commenting on people's personal posts, encouraging people working on fanworks, cheering up people who are sad or having a hard time, making things for other people, buying things from fan artists, rec your favorite fanworks and fan artists, leaving annonymous happiness. Just be kind to people, support what they're doing, and fandom will be a happier, stronger community.

  • Continue pushing yourself. That's what this whole thing was about, right, so I want you to keep it going through the rest of the year. It doesn't matter how your push yourself as long as you do. Take inspiration from these challenges. Try something you wouldn't do, whether that's entering a new fandom or doing something with a character/pairing you've never read/written/drawn or trying out a new medium or collaborating or joining an exchange/bang/challenge. You might find something you love that you never thought you'd even like, and what could be better than that? Don't be afraid, there are always people out there who will support you!


Well said!
Thank you!
This is beautiful! ♥
Thank you :)
I agree. I'm working on giving feedback more and it's actually very nice knowing that you have been nice. :)
Yay, go you! Feedback is pretty much the backbone of fandom imo :)

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