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finally feeling almost normal

I've been feeling pretty much awful for the past month and a half and I think I'm finally on the way to feeling almost normal. Hopefully it'll last because it's been miserable.

I got sick (infection, virus, or something) the first week of December and I'm finally not coughing and sneezing and spitting up phlem. Which is really nice because the whole being sick thing got even worse when I did something (I'm really not even sure what) and shifted a rib the first of January. A shifted rib, if you don't know, feels a lot like being stabbed in the side every time you move, and coughing and sneezing does not play very well with that. I've been seeing a chiropractor for that, but there's only so much he's been able to do so far because of awkward placement and ribs being pretty tetchy. And on top of all that, or maybe because of I don't know, I've been oversleeping a lot. It sounds nice in theory, but it's really not restful and for me is a good sign of a depressive episode. But today I managed to get out of bed at 9am, an hour and a half or more before I've been getting up the past few weeks.

So I'm really hoping things are getting better. I'm pretty determined to keep getting up earlier because even though I've been pretty productive so far this month, there's so much more I want to be getting done and if I don't do it in the morning, it's a lot less likely to get done. But it's looking up so I'm happy :)


D: It sounds like sneezing is the worst with a shifted rib!
Oh man it is! Though actually for me coughing is worse because it tends to just go on and on...
Being sick is the worst.'m glad you're feeling better. Here's hoping for a full recovery ASAP. Sending you virtual sunshine and flowers!
Aw thank you! <3

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