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Dear Night on Fic Mountain Writer

Dear Night on Fic Mountain Writer,

Thank you so much for writing for me! This is my first time doing Night on Fic Mountain, so I'm incredibly excited :)

If you'd like to stalk me during Night on Fic Mountain or want to ask me a question/for clarification, I mainly hang around tumblr and AO3 these days. On my AO3 you can see the fics I've bookmarked if that helps give you ideas or in figuring out the things I like, or you can check out my fic rec masterlist (still in progress) that may be easier to maneuver.

All of this is totally optional, but I know a lot of the time it helps to have some direction to go in, so I've included some likes, dislikes, prompts, and squee for your inspiration. Include whatever you like or none if nothing I mention suits your fancy! Go wild!

Tbh, I'm really easy. I will read pretty much anything and my likes run the gammut from "totally normal" to "rare and kind of bizarre" to "probably squicks a lot of people." So whatever you can come up with, chances are good that I'll like it! I'm good with any ratings and most pairing combinations (I've mentioned specific main ones I'd especially like to see below). I'm caught up on everything, so no need to worry about spoilers. Christmas themed fic isn't something that really interests me, but if that's what you want to write, that's fine too.

fluff, AUs (coffee shop, college, high school, supernatural creatures, thieves/con artists, whatever ya got I'll probably love it), smut, pining, fake/pretend relationships, antagonistic relationships that turn into love, intelligent characters (intelligence kink, language kink, competency kink, etc), kid fic (them as kids or them having kids, mpreg is ok too!), characters suddenly realizing they've been in love all along, domesticity/family, A/B/O verse, communication by snark, BDSM (especially aftercare), codependent friendships, get togethers/first times, soulmates

major character death, 1st person POV, crossovers (fusions with Harry Potter or The Sentinel or Leverage or something like that are fine, I'm just not a huge fan of the meeting the other characters thing), cancer fic, zombies, body horror, abuse in main pairings, infidelity

I'll try not to put particular emphasis on any of them as I'd love to get fic for whatever you feel most comfortable writing, so how much description or squeeing I do has no bearing on how much I want that fandom or character! For any of these, feel free to add in other characters into the background/side pairings as you like.

Almost Human - Dorian, John Kennex, Rudy Lom
For this fandom, I'm happy with character centric fic for any of these three, friendship/coworker relationship fic, or Doran/John fic. I don't ship Rudy with either or both of the others, but if you do, please feel free to try to convince me! This show ended way too soon, so if you'd like to focus more on exploring the world/city/differences in the future, I wouldn't say no to that either. With Dorian, I'm especially interested in his perception of the android/human dichotomy and how he navigates being sort of stuck in the middle and not really fitting quite right anywhere. I'm kind of fascinated by the idea of him being different even in comparison with the other MXs and DRNs, so I'd love to see some exploration of what makes him different (mentally/emotionally, physically) and how he deals with that. John is kind of the same way, in that he no longer really fits in with the police department or even other humans. I really enjoy his relationship with Dorian, whether romantic or platonic, because they began so antagonistically but are so similar. Fics showing how the others in the precinct react to their relationship are welcome as well. Rudy was possibly my favorite character in the show because he was so dorky and an obvious outsider. I love his weird friendship with John and Dorian and his awkward crush on Valerie. I'd really like to see more about how he gets on in his job or how he got there in the first place.

Prompts: Dorian and John having to go undercover as a couple and somehow feelings. Dorian never becomes a cop again and instead becomes a sex bot; John (on a prostitution bust or not) hooks up with him. Rudy gets to go undercover on another case and it's as awkward and disastrous as can be expected. Harry Potter AU where Dorian was created by magic and attends Hogwarts at the same time as John and/or Rudy.

Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes - Bruce Banner, Clint Barton, Hulk, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark
Clint is my favorite Avenger, so I'd be happy with pretty much anything with him. His relationship with Bruce and Hulk was really interesting, so it would be great to see something exploring more of that. I'm also partial to Clint/Buce (or Clint/Hulk!) and Steve/Tony. I really loved the camaraderie in this show, the humor and the snark and the playfulness, and I'd love to see that feeling follow through into fic. Feel free to do something character specific or ship specific or team specific, though I'd rather not see any Kang.

Prompts: Clint and Bruce go on a date for their one day of non-Hulk time. Clint and Bruce meet, "professionally" or not, before forming the Avengers. Double dates that end just as disastrously as you'd expect.

Better Off Ted - Lem Hewitt, Phil Myman
I would love Lem/Phil fic, but I'd also be really happy with friendship fic or character centric fic for either of them. Their relationship is fantastic because it's both kind of awkward but super comfortable. They also have the really codependent friendship that I love and it was one of my favorite things in the show. I'm really fascinated with how they got to be so close and their relationship with Veridian. It would be great to see something about how they feel about working there and working with each other and the rest of the main cast. Maybe something about them coming to work for Veridian or about weird projects they're working on would be great, especially if it's something that changes their relationship or makes them think about themselves, their friendship/relationships, or the company in a new way. I wouldn't be opposed to a little more exploration about Phil's wife and his relationship with her either.

Prompts: They're doing experiments that end up with one or both of them being turned into an animal or having animal features. Phil and Lem join Veridian. Harry Potter AU where they're the terrors of the staff because they're always doing experiments (maybe a little like the Weasley twins?).

Fantastic Four - Alicia Masters, Ben Grimm, Johnny Storm
My favorite part of the Fantastic Four movies is the banter between Ben and Johnny. That antagonism while still really caring for and supporting each other is so great to me and I would love to see more. I see Alicia as a really balancing force for the two of them and that adds a really interesting dynamic imo. I'm fine with character centric fic or these three in any ship combination, including (especially!) poly. If you go with Ben/Johnny, please don't fridge or villify Alicia.

Prompts: Johnny discovers that he's not as straight as he thought and Ben helps him figure things out. Ben and Alicia invite Johnny to join their relationship. Sue finds out about her brother's romantic partner(s).

Jupiter Ascending - Any
I can not explain how much I adore this movie. Everything about it was amazing and beautiful and I want 10 million more hours of it. I've marked that I'll accept any character because I really could not choose and I just find everyone and everything in this world so interesting. For characters, I'm especially interested in Jupiter, Caine, Diomika, Kalique, and Seraphi. For ships, I'm especially interested in Jupiter/Caine, Caine/Stinger, and Jupiter/Caine/Stinger, but if you ship something else, feel free to try to convince me! But I will seriously be over the moon about whatever you write for this fandom, whether it's character centric, platonic relationship, romantic ship, or world exploration. There is so so much to be explored with all the characters and relationships and space everything.

Prompts: Caine and Jupiter settle down on Earth, meaning introductions to her family, integrating Caine into the culture, and maybe even starting their own family. Seraphi's last days with her children. Caine and Stinger return to the Legion. Jupiter tries to explain everything to her family.

The Librarians - Cassandra Cillian, Eve Baird, Ezekiel Jones, Jake Stone, Jenkins
This show is so so great and I absolutely love everything about Cassandra. For ships, I like Cassandra/Ezekiel, Cassandra/Jake, Cassandra/Ezekiel/Jake, Cassandra/Eve, and Ezekiel/Jenkins. I especially love the fairy tales episode where Cassandra was Prince Charming, so if you can work that in I would be extra excited! Or in the alternate timeline where Cassandra becomes basically queen, that would be so interesting to explore. There are some really interesting dynamics between all the characters and it would be great to see how they work out their trust issues and learn to work together as a team or in whatever relationship.

Prompts: Eve's attraction to Cassandra doesn't end once they're out of the fairy tale. Cassandra, Ezekiel, and Jake go off on their own mission for the Library. They don't meet at the Library, but somehow they get together anyway.



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