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Multi-shipper Meme

Snagged from daria234

Meme for people who ship almost everyone:
List 15 fandoms, and ask your friends list to pick one fandom and guess 3 ships from that fandom that you do not, would not, and have never shipped, not even a little.

If someone manages to get all three right, then you can write them a 3-sentence fic about a pairing you actually do like.

1. Harry Potter
2. MCU
3. Supernatural
4. Stargate Atlantis
5. Star Trek 2009
6. Hannibal
7. Young Avengers
8. Grimm
9. Agents of SHIELD
10. Gotham
11. Jupiter Ascending
12. The Flash/Arrow
13. Young Justice
14. Inheritance Cycle
15. Justice League Unlimited



Harrison Wells/Quentin Lance
Malcolm Merlyn/Nyssa
Ras al Ghul/Joe West
I can say with certainty I don't ship any of those so here you go!

"I really don't think I need a gun and what does this gun do exactly?" Barry asked, looking at the gun in his hand that he definitely hadn't asked Cisco to make him.

"It destabilizes molecules," Cisco replied, looking exhausted by the thirty six hours straight he'd been working, "and I admit I may have gotten a little carried away with building guns."

Barry looked at the pile of guns on the table, at least one for everyone on the team and the Arrow's team and then some, and shook his head fondly at his boyfriend.

(I casual ship this, but the sibling mentioned something about Cisco randomly building a ton of guns and it kind of stuck lol)
YAY I love it! LOLOL only Cisco could make weaponry seem so sweet and adorable :D this is great!

Thank you :)
Cisco is just always adorable so :D

You're welcome!
Jupiter Ascending

Jupiter/Balem, Jupiter/Titus, Balem/Titus
I'm actually kind of intrigued by Balem/Titus, but you get a drabble anyway :)

"Meeting your family is some sort of tradition here, it's a good thing?" Caine asked, looking unaccountably nervous as they made their way to the front door of Jupiter's family home.

"Yeah, it's kind of expected," Jupiter said, smiling at her boys, "though they usually expect just one person, not two."

"I said you could leave me out of this whole thing," Stinger grumped, but inside Jupiter knew he was glad they could all be together.

(This was going to be Caine/Jupiter but apparently Stinger wanted to play too)
Awwwww, hehe, he has to bring his pack with him!!!
Of course! :D

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