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Fandom Life Meme

Snagged from megyal

What I'm Reading

I kind of went on a McShep bookmarking spree the other day, so I'm currently reading The Slow Slide of Indifference by ladyholder (SGA, McShep, 58k). I've been (very) slowly working my way through Home Is At The End Of This Road by anarchycox (SPN, Denny, 25k) and In His Image by Whit Merule (SPN, Sabriel & Destiel, 153k) because I'm easily distracted. And I'll probably go looking for Daredevil and Age of Ultron fic soon because there's only so long I can hold out lol

For actual books, I'm almost finished with rereading Wolf Wing by Tanith Lee and I've been working on getting through Two Towers by J.R.R. Tolkien for months.

What I'm Modding

wipbigbang!! Sign ups for authors is closed, but artist sign ups is still open *hint hint*

What I'm Thinking About

Whether or not I'll get the job I interviewed for yesterday and whether or not I even want the job since it will be a lot of work and probably long hours. And of course what changes I'm going to have to make going from laying on the couch reading fic all day to a 9 to 5 plus.

What I'm Creating

I started a Shaw/Root fic last night for LadiesofPOI because I've only done one of my prompts so far. My hprarefest fic has been finished and is waiting to be edited. I've started plotting my ncis_ficathon fic, but no actual writing yet. My wipbigbang fic is slowly chugging along. And still trying to write at least a couple things a week for comment_fic.

I've been making icons for small fandoms I think need more love. I think next up will be Jupiter Ascending or The Librarians since I just finished a set for The Following. Or maybe I'll do NCIS, I really need an NCIS icon since I've started getting more involved in the fandom.

This weekend I'll be starting on plushies bought via fandomaid. I'll be doing two characters that I've never done before (the Fourth Doctor and Peggy Carter), so I'm pretty excited :)

What I'm Watching

Started marathoning Daredevil yesterday and have 5 episodes left. It's really good so far, except that it's so dark I can barely see anything! Watched Age of Ultron on Monday and still digesting how disappointed I was by it :( And of course all of my regular shows which is kind of a ridiculously long list. I watch too much tv...

ETA: Ive also been marathoning Hannibal because I wanted everything fresh in time for s3 premiere.



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