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busy, busy, busy

I've been really busy lately (though unfortunately not with a new job... last interview didn't go anywhere ugh) and I've been kind of behind on everything.

I spent all of the week before last at a friend's house helping her pack to move out, so that gave me almost no time to keep up with anything, and I still haven't caught up. wipbigbang has been taking a lot of my time, especially this past week because snippets are due, and it will probably be almost as bad this next week because art claims just went up (pst, if you're an artist, go chick it out!). I have several outstanding plushies to do for a fandomaid auction, but I just haven't had the mental energy to get very far on them. This week I have to, though, I'm gonna make myself no matter what. And then there's all the writing I should be doing. I haven't even posted a fic in like two weeks. I way overbooked myself on fests and challenges because having deadlines is really important for me to actually get anything done, but I'm really stressing about getting everything finished in time. Plus I haven't been able to find a beta for some upcoming fics (especially POI) and it's becoming really annoying (my regular beta isn't in all my fandom and she's going to be away all summer, so I need a new beta or three). I've been trying to get my bullet journal reorganized so I can hopefully not feel so stressed and all over the place (being messy and unorganized is terrible for my anxiety), but it's turning out to be a much bigger job than I thought. Ah well.

On the upside, I've also been pretty social the past couple of weeks. I went to see two movies, Pitch Perfect 2 and Mad Max: Fury Road, both of which were great. I'd really like to read some fic for them, but that'll have to wait a bit. But if anyone has recs or wants to talk about those movies, I wouldn't say no :D


I'm feeling overbooked with just two Bangs that I should be writing for. But I did get my snippets in, and the Word Wars helped me get moving again on that story. It's so much easier for me to stall out on a fic that I've left and come back to.
I would totally help with your POI fic, but I'm not familiar with the show at all.
I haven't seen Pitch Perfect 2, but I'd like to. I loved Mad Max: Fury Road!! I want to see it again in the theatre if I can.
Yay, I'm glad the word wars helped! I hadn't actually written anything on my fic for about a month before that, so it was really good for me too lol

Pitch Perfect 2 was good, but my friend heard a lot of bad reviews about it. Ymmv I guess. I just saw Mad Max last night! I'm glad I saw it in theaters, even if there was a loud kid a few seats over from me...
I keep seeing stuff about bullet journals on Tumblr, but I don't really get the concept. Is it just, like, to-do lists?
It's like a planner, to do list, and whatever else you need it for all in one. I keep a lot of different lists (101 in 1001, reading challenges, need to buy, to do, etc.) in there and I'm trying to start a weekly planner to keep me on track. We'll see how that goes lol There's a video on the website that explains it much better, I think.

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