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Girls Weekend

So I had a much better 4th of July holiday weekend than I usually do. And all because I didn't spend it with my family :) My friend Nora invited me and a couple other girls to drive down to Waco to her friend's place for a girls weekend. Nora'd just been dumped by her boyfriend of several years who she was hoping to marry, another friend dumped her fiance a couple of months ago bc he turned out to be a jerk, and the rest of us just haven't had much luck with relationships, so she described it as a "men suck weekend." Sold :D

The plan was to hang around Nora's friend's townhouse and play games and drink and such. We stopped at the liquor store basically as soon as we got into town and I bought a bottle of whipped vodka (so tasty, even the bottom shelf shit). Unfortunately, my plans to get totally plastered (I'm never really been drunk drunk) were sidelined since the other girls didn't feel like drinking much :/ Still, we had fun playing games and talking and shopping. We did a lot of driving around and shopping, actually, but it was nice to just hang out with the girls.

Saturday afternoon we even went to see Magic Mike XXL in an almost empty theater. I never saw Magic Mike, but I didn't really need to to know what was going on, which was nice, and even better Matthew McCoughnewhatever wasn't in this one! (He seriously freaks me out idk.) But anyway, the movie was actually really good. A few awkward/slow spots, but the characters were interesting and there was a surprising amount of plot for a movie about male strippers. My favorite thing though, was how diverse the ladies in the movie were. A lot of skinny white girls, of course, but a lot of fat girls and WOC and the point was made several times in the movie that all these women deserved to be treated like they were important, that they can be desirable and sexual no matter what, and that if a man treated them like shit that the man needed to go bc they deserve so much more. I think we all came out of the movie feeling happy and pleased with the whole thing, so that's good :)

Saturday night we went to see the fireworks at the Baylor stadium. We should have just walked bc that would have been closer and we might have actually made it in time to eat at the food trucks, but we found a nice patch of grass to watch from. There were some amusing children somewhere behind us that kept calling dibs everytime a firework went up lol

Here's the bridge, lit up in red, white, and blue for the holiday:

And the one good fireworks pic I got bc my phone sucks apparently:

So that was pretty much my weekend. It was really nice to get away and have some fun. I'm hoping to do it again at some point, but idk how likely that is. Nora wants to go again, but it might have been a bit much for the others? Probably bc Nora and I are the only ones still living with our parents and we really need that time away... I suppose I'll just have to see.


That sounds like an awesome time :) I hope you can do it again soon. (I have a ladies' night with my book club friends every few months, and it's always a blast. It really helps me recharge, which is weird because I'm an introvert.)
Oh, nice! A ladies night really is amazingly fun and de-stressing. I was surprised how much I liked it since I'm an introvert too, and especially bc I didn't know one of the people before and I'm usually super uncomfortable in new places/with new people.
sounds like you had a nice time! i'm happy!
Oh you catch up fast!!I hadn't seen magic mike,
nice pictures!!! It looks like you had fun.

don't worry b, my phone isn't so gr8 either. =.=
I wasn't expecting to see Magic Mike... they kind of dragged me since they all wanted to see it lol
That sounds like a lot of fun!
It really was! :)

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