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I have a job!

I started yesterday. It's with a tiny publishing house (like, one regular employee small) that I've done proofreading for before. This time I'm doing proofreading but I'm also working on layout and getting the book ready to publish, so that's pretty exciting. She wants the book done by the end of the month, so I think that'll probably be the end of the job until she has another manuscript she needs help on, but hey, it's some money for a few weeks at least. I'm hoping to at least make enough for a new laptop, but we'll see. I really do need a new one...

I was super nervous going in yesterday bc I usually work from home when I freelance, but she wants me to work out of the office she works at (just an extra desk in her husband's software company). It was exhausting and fairly boring tbh, even if it was only a 5 hour day, but it wasn't too bad. I'll be working three days a week, so that should still give me enough time to write and run wipbigbang and such :)

In other, not so great, news, my car has started doing something weird :/ My dad got the oil changed and got the registration updated and everything on Thursday but yesterday it started shaking and today the AC was messing up. We're hoping that it's just a loose connection on a spark plug, but we'll have to see. We really can't afford to have my car worked on atm, but we can't go without the car either.


Congrats on the job!!!
I'll keep my fingers crossed that your car will be okay.
Thank you!
Yay, job!

Cars are the WORST.
They really are. I wish we had public transportation here so I didn't have to mess with one!

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