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car trouble again

This time it died on me while I was driving home from work yesterday. It's done that a couple times when my dad was driving, but never with me, and this time I couldn't get it to drive again after turning it back on. It would go like 20 feet and die again. So I was stuck on the side of a very busy highway for over half an hour waiting for my parents to come rescue me and to make it worse it's been around 100 degrees for the past week and it was the hottest part of the day... I had air conditioning for a few minutes, but then it crapped out again too :/

My dad had a friend from their church come over and look at it to see if he could figure out what was wrong and they think they've fixed whatever was making it die, but not the shaking or the air conditioning. So there's that. We really need to get it fixed soon though bc my dad starts back to work at school in a couple of weeks and it's hard enough getting all four of us where we need to go with two cars semi-working cars, much less one.


Car trouble is so hard to live with. We finally were forced to get a new vehicle (and the monthly payment that goes with it) after a couple of years of our car very luckily not breaking down completely.
It really is... Especially since I've only had this (used) car for about 2 1/2 years. I haven't gotten near paying it off yet, I can't afford to buy a new one!
Yeah.... I had to walk uphill 2 miles when I was taking the bus, and leave like 2 hours early to get to work on time...

OTOH, I spend a lot more money, & have gained about 20lbs since I got my driver's license!
lol yeah, that's a trade off for driving, I guess. But walking that far/leaving so early sounds like a pain! I wouldn't want to have to do that, but we don't even have public transportation at all here so I've gotta drive.
that sucks :( i have little tolerance for weather that hot too
The heat is the worst. I pretty much live with constant heat headaches during the summer :(
I know that feel. I spend so much money fixing up my 20-year-old car, but I can't afford a new (or new-to-me) one straight out.
Cars sometimes just seem like so much more work (and money!) than they're worth... I wish we had public transportation here, then I probably wouldn't even bother with driving.

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