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saw the new Fantastic Four last night

And it was terrible. Now, I totally unironically love the other two F4 movies, and this one made those look like legitimately good movies in comparison, even to my friends who aren't such fans of the old movies (and haven't even seen Rise of the Silver Surfer, blasphemy!). We went out to Ihop afterwards and spent the whole time talking about how bad it was. Like, I legitimately don't think we said anything good about it.

Honestly, I was mostly there hoping for some good Ben/Johnny scenes (and maybe Alicia, though I didn't figure she'd be in it), and I was severely disappointed. I think they maybe looked at each other once in the whole thing, not even getting to real interactions. And that was really the way the whole movie went: very superficial character interactions and zero chemistry between anyone in the cast. Even the action scenes were fairly dull and there always seemed to be more that they just weren't giving us in the movie.

I don't really feel like going very in depth about this rn bc I have a massive headache, but I wanted to post this while I was thinking about it, so a few more random thoughts:

  • They really could have cut out the first... 10 or so minutes, starting at the science fair would have been fine. Little Ben and Reid were cute, but it didn't add anything to the movie.

  • Which was disappointing on its own bc I wanted to see more background on the characters if there were going to go so far in their past. Like we saw them as kids but somehow don't really know anything about them from that?

  • Especially Ben. What was he doing for the majority of the movie?? He dropped Reid off at school and... nothing. It's not even like we know anything about him other than his family owns a salvage yard and his brother's a dickhole.

  • Oh and speaking of Ben, where were his fucking pants??

  • They kept talking about how smart Reid is, but they didn't ever actually show it. Or even show science for that matter. Lots of flashy, no substance.

  • Tbh though, it kind of glossed over all the characters and their relationships. Even knowing Victor is supposed to be in love with Sue and she and Reid get together, there really wasn't much to it in the movie (back to the lack of chemistry). I can't even say they portrayed them very much as friends even though it's obvious they all are supposed to be.

  • My friend did come out shipping Ben/Reid, so I guess that's a point in the movies favor (??) even if I'm utterly disappointed by the lack of Ben/Johnny or Reid/Victor moments. But really, everyone's intereractions were sooo awkward most of the time anyway, it may be for the best.

  • Why was Sue randomly wearing a wig (that honestly didn't even look like her real hair) for like half the movie??

  • Dr. Storm dying was so not ok. Like... it didn't add anything (sensing a pattern here?), it wasn't even used for like emotional growth/motivation for the team, and Victor had seemed to like (or at least respect) him so it was basically pointless shock value I guess.

  • And on that note, wtf was Victor's death at the end?? Like what even. And why.

  • Lastly, WHAT'S WRONG WITH SPACE, HUH?? Why did they need to make it another dimension/planet? (Which Sue didn't even get to go to, wtf.) Totally unnecessary plot change that, again, added nothing to the story.

So tl;dr, the movie was really bad and I could go on and on about everything they did wrong (which was everything). Hit me up if you've seen it and want to discuss/rant/cry/argue?



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