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even MORE car trouble

Anyone getting tired of this? I know I am... So we finally took my car to get looked at on Wednesday. They called back Thursday and said they replaced a thing and thought that would do it but needed to send it to the dealer to reset the computer. That didn't do it. They called back Friday and said they would have to replace the computer, but wouldn't be able to get to it until at least Tuesday. Thankfully, that's all covered by the warranty and they're giving us a stippend for a rental.

But wait, there's more!

Our other car has been having problems for awhile as well and yesterday while I was out running errands with my dad, the transmission went out. In the middle of an intersection. We had to frantically push it off to the side (which nearly gave me an asthma attack, ugh), but thankfully a couple guys stopped when they saw us and one used his pickup to push us the rest of the way into a parking lot and into the shade. Which was really nice since it was over 100 yesterday so even with air conditioning it was still freakishly hot. We called for a tow and thankfully it only took like 20 minutes instead of the hour they estimated.

(Funny story, while we were going back to our house, the tow guy was joking about how he didn't wear a seatbelt bc if there was a wreck he wanted to be able to get down to the floorboard bc whatever was in the back was going to come through the cab and, no joke, like seconds later we hit a bump and the car came loose from the chains and hit the back of the cab. Thankfully only a scratched bumper but uh, that could have ended badly.)

So anyway, this has left us with no cars for the forseeable future. My dad got a rental this morning (which was a pain and a half in itself bc no one had cars available and then the only Enterprise with a car couldn't pick him up bc they only had one employee working). We'll hopefully get the other car taken in on Monday (thankfully still under warranty as well) and get a rental for that. The only bad thing about that is that I'm p sure you have to be 24 to drive a rental so I will have to be driven to work on Tuesday... But at least it's working transportation so I guess I shouldn't complain too much



At least the vehicles are still under warranty - one piece of good news out of all of this. Good luck!
I am very glad about that! Another 10-20k miles on either of them and they wouldn't have been anymore.

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