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finally some good news (and some more bad)

Got my car back on Wednesday and it seems to be working fine now! I thought for a bit that it wasn't bc I used my key, which they hadn't had when they worked on it, and it wouldn't start. Turned out it was the key that was the problem, though, not the car. They had to replace (?) the computer and reset the microchip in the key they had (and they made a new one) and so my key hadn't been reset and thus wouldn't work. But my dad figured out how to reset it thanks to some youtube videos, so it's all good :)

Also got the other car back today. That one is going to cost us $300 and they wanted half before we could pick it up. I had to front that money since my dad doesn't get paid until the end of the month and my mom's next paycheck has already gone to utilities. Hopefully they'll actually pay me back this time since that was a good chunk of my new laptop fund...

And the new bad news: our fridge seems to have gone out. Again. This is already a replacement for one that went out like two years ago, so it's pretty frustrating. My dad's going to try some stuff to see if he can get it working since we really can't afford to get that fixed/get a new one. As it is, we had to move everything to the tiny old fridge on the back porch where there's really not enough room, and we still lost a lot of food before we got it moved over. Le sigh.

But I am going to try to forget all about that for a couple days. I'm leaving tonight to spend the weekend in Austin with some of my friends from college. I haven't seen many of them in almost a year, so I'm pretty excited :) On Saturday we're planning on going to the Panic Room, which is basically a place where they lock you in a room and you have to work with your group to escape, so that should be fun.



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