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back from my weekend in Austin

I had soooo much fun! I figured out that I'd last seen my friends in December, which is not as long as I thought, but still a long time. It was really good to hang out with them again :)

We met up Friday and drove down to Austin that night. We had to take two cars since there were six of us (4 college buddies, a boyfriend, and a sister), but that was fine. We never got lost or separated, so I'm gonna call that a win lol

The friend, Megan, whose house we stayed at (actually her parents' since she's in Portland for grad school) is actually at Lake Travis, and everything over there is hills and cliffsides and their driveway was ridiculously steep. Kat, the driver of the car I was in didn't even bother with it, she just parked up top at the side of the road. I kind of wish I'd taken a picture because jeez, walking up and down that was a major pain. I'm also pretty amazed we managed to fairly comfortably house 9 people in a 3 bedroom lakehouse even if I ended up sleeping on an air mattress in the living room.

But anyway, we went to the Austin Panic Room on Saturday morning.

It wasn't quite what I'd expected, but it was still a lot of fun. We even almost beat a record and the guy who ran our room said we were the fastest he's had a group go through :D We even got to put our picture on the winners board!

Afterward, we went to Ramen Tatsu-Ya for lunch and I had the Vegan Mazemen. I went there a couple of years ago and they didn’t have any vegan ramen, so I was really happy to see it this time. It was delicious! It didn’t have broth, which was a little weird, but it still tasted great. Definitely planning what I'll get next time I make it down there...

After that was the Asian market next door where we bought some food and drinks. We even found those awesome sets where you mix powders and water and make tiny candy foods! We tried out the sushi set that afternoon and it turned out pretty darn adorable. I didn't eat any of it because milk ingredients and artificial grape flavor, but I got to make the fish eggs!

(For size, the one on the right is about the size of a quarter.)

For dinner we were going to go to a bbq place that's supposed to be really good, but they literally had nothing I could eat :( I felt bad about making everyone go somewhere else, but they were great about it and we ended up at an Italian/pizza place that had vegetarian and gluten free options. I ended up with a delicious artichoke and mushroom pasta dish (and even managed to forgo the cheesy garlic bread) that I forgot to take pics of, but honestly the best part was all the nerd talk at the table. My favorite part of the conversation was when Lindsay went on a rant about nu Trek and how much JJ Abrams fucked it up. It was marvelous >:3

On the way back to the house, it got even better bc somehow we got on the subject of bizarre fanfiction and I got to inform Kat, that poor sweet summer child, that the weirdest fic she'd ever written/read could not possibly come close to the things I write/read on a daily basis. I don't think she believed me at first, but ohhhh, did she learn lol

After dinner, we pulled out all the snacks and alcohol we'd bought earlier in the day and passed it around so everyone could get a taste. I bought sesame and peanut mochi which was delicious and someone else bought some purple mochi that turned out to be purple yam. I was expecting it to be disgusting, but it turned out to be even better than mine! Zach and I finally figured out that it tasted like popcorn jellybeans. Weird, but good. I also bought mini bottles of candy bar flavored vodka and grapefruit vodka, both of which were good but really strong.

Sunday morning, some of us went out to the lake with Megan's sister's dog, which she was petsitting. Mabel was the most adorable little thing and she just loved having so many people to adore her. (Megan's cat didn't appreciate being locked up all weekend bc of the dog, but oh well.)

The lake was beautiful, even if I couldn't stop thinking about what terrible creatures could be lurking in the depths (I have a water phobia...). We played around throwing the ball for Mabel and trying to avoid her shaking lake water on us.

Quite a nice end to a great weekend :)


Looks like you had a fun time :)
I really did :) I hadn't noticed how much I missed doing stuff with them until now!
lol, yeahhhh, UV vodka... (my favorite vodka is Pinnacle Whipped [cream]. put it in cola & it tastes like vanilla coke.)

Panic Room sounds like fun! What are the signs you're holding up in the polaroid?

I'm glad you found some good restaurants! I'm always on the lookout for places since sis is vegetarian, & my cousin is plant-strong/fairly strict form of vegan. (Actually, I should pick your brain sometime around the holidays -- my cousin always makes food for herself, but I like to bring at least one dish that is friendly for her & sis so she feels loved, lol.)
Ooh Pinnacle whipped is my favorite too! I like it in orange juice bc it makes it taste like creams soda :D The only reason I bought the UV was bc it had an interesting flavor and it was on sale lol

Let's see if I can remember the signs... I know there was a key and a lock and my sign said "I'm Pinky." I think the one below mind says "I'm the Brain." The one in the middle had our team name and our time. Not actually sure about the other two, whoops. They just had a pile of pre-made signs that we picked from for our pic.

They were both really good! Definitely recommend if you're ever in Austin :) And yeah, go for it! I usually end up making my own food for holidays, especially if we're visiting extended family bc they really don't get the concept of vegetarian/vegan even after years of explanation. I'm sure making them food will make you their favorite sister :)
that sounds really awesome! and man, I didn't know austin could be that beautiful (I lived, 15 years ago, in the dry sandy suburbs that had little to no vegetation and the few parks I went to were horrible on my allergies). that lake looks amazing. :D
I didn't know either! But around the lake was so so pretty with the trees and everything (and even with all the rocky drop offs). I prefer being in big cities, but if I ever wanted to move out a bit I think I'd choose there bc it really was just lovely.

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