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Fic: Escape

Title: Escape
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Pairing: Russia/France
Genres: Hurt/Comfort (minus the comfort XD), Drama
Rating: T for blood and violence
Summary: One night at Ivan's house Francis gets more than he bargained for.



Disclaimer: Not mine.

Warning: blood, violence

A/N: This is a Christmas gift (yes, I know it’s way past Christmas XD) for Erica. Hers is the only one I’ve finished so far XD I suck, yes, yes. Anyway, I know this isn’t what she wanted at all, but… oh well, I’m just not that in to Hetalia fics X

Prompt: Russia/France, flag, pipe, Poland


Francis huddled farther back in the closet he had taken refuge in. He and Ivan had been drinking and joking around only a few minutes before, but a carelessly knocked over bottle of vodka had sent the Russian into a frenzy. Francis had just known he was going to get laid that night, but within seconds he feared for his life.

Ivan had become even more frightening than usual and the look in his eyes promised extreme pain for the Frenchman. Without a second thought, Francis had run for it.

His decision to run away probably would have gone much better if he had been in his own house. The Russian’s house was large and confusing and he was soon lost in the sprawling, empty rooms. Tired and afraid he took refuge in a closet.

For a few minutes he even thought he was safe. Everything was silent, but he was still cautious. He was still in enemy territory after all. Several more minutes passed without a sound from anywhere in the house and Francis finally decided to chance an escape from the house.

He opened the door slowly, trying to be as quiet as possible, then stopped in shock. Ivan stood just outside the door, a wicked look on his face. The Frenchman jumped back and tried to slam the door shut again, but the taller man was faster and stronger. Francis felt the door being wrenched from his grasp and flinched, knowing that he was about to be sorely hurt.

A moment later a pipe was heading straight for his head. It connected solidly and groaned and fell to the side, his vision erupting into stars. Dizzy as he was, he tried to run to the side of the Russian, already knowing it was useless. With an almost lazy push he was knocked into the door, slamming the back of his head into the door handle.

Soon the pipe was coming down again and again. Francis raised an arm to protect his face and felt it snap, though there was no pain. There was no pain anywhere anymore, only a glorious numbness. He could feel blood trickling down his face and arms and back but the darkness was closing in and he couldn’t find it in himself to care.

He drifted in and out of consciousness for what seemed like an eternity before he realized the Ivan was no longer beating him with the pipe. In fact, the Russian didn’t seem to be there at all anymore.

Francis closed his eyes as the pain started to return, biting into every bit of his body, and the dizziness returned as well. The world seemed to be spinning, the floor tilting crazily up toward him. Vaguely he heard footsteps coming closer and he closed his eyes, hoping Ivan had not come back to finish what he had started.

The steps stopped barely a foot from him and he heard a voice, though he was too dizzy and in too much pain to recognize it. “Whoa, you got beat up by Russia again? Uncool! That must have, like, really hurt!”

A moment later something soft was draped over him and the footsteps retreated. Francis struggled to open his eyes, wondering who had spoken to him and what was now on him. He blinked his eyes, blearily trying to make out his covering. It was the Russian flag.

“Figures,” he muttered, trying to roll his eyes in one last act of defiance before finally succumbing to the darkness.


 A/N: Rather awful, wasn’t it? Haha Yea… It was actually kind of amusing to write. No more though! XD But please, review!!! :D

 Oh yea, and Poland’s line was unashamedly stolen from one of the official strips XD Thanks to yaoisakka for the typing correction.




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