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Trope Fic Meme

Snagged from daria234

Pick a trope from this list and provide a fandom/pairing and I’ll tell you something about the story I’d write for that combination

1. bodyswap
2. pretending to be married/fake dating
3. high school/college AU
4. telepathy
5. handcuffed together
6. snowed-in
7. next-door neighbors AU
8. secretly a virgin
9. be careful what you wish for
10. accidental baby acquisition
11. truth or dare
12. sharing a bed
13. road trip
14. groundhog’s day/time travel
15. curtain fic/domestic fic


NCIS:LA, Sam/G, 11 or 12
12. sharing a bed

Hetti sends them on a mission to some foreign country, probably somewhere in Europe. They're set up at a small hotel but there's a huge festival or something going on in town so they could only manage to get one room with one bed. G says he'll take the floor bc he doesn't sleep much anyway. Sam says he'll take the floor bc he's slept in worse places as a Seal. They argue about it for awhile until they decide the bed is big enough they can share and they're friends so it's not like it's going to be awkward. It's so awkward. G stays up all night, so aware that he's in bed with Sam, who turns out to be a sleep cuddler. In the morning, G avoids eye contact and talks even less than normal. When they finally finish up the mission, they go back to the room since their plane isn't leaving until the morning. Sam forces G to talk about why he's being so cagey and there are ~feelings~.

Ah! The feels!!!! :D
Yay! :D
11. truth or dare

(I couldn't stop thinking about it, so have another. Also, I think I have a thing for G pining after Sam, whoops.)

Of course it's all Deeks' fault. He somehow convinces them all that getting drunk and playing some games is a good idea. Kensi immediately vetoes spin the bottle bc ew, sorry guys, she just does not want to chance it with most of them. So they end up playing truth or dare. It starts out with mostly dares bc that's just the kind of ppl they are, but eventually they start doing truths as well. At some point, G gets a truth and Deeks asks if he's in love with anyone bc no one really knows anything about his personal life. He says yes. Of course Deeks can't let that be, so he just keeps pushing and pushing until G says he's leaving if he doesn't drop it. "Ah, it's bc you're in love with Sam," Deeks says, thinking he's joking, but there's only silence from G. They all stare at him bc wow, that was unexpected. Kensi's the first one to come to her sense and she drags the others out, leaving G and Sam to work things out even though G kind of looks like he just wants to drop dead. It takes awhile after that and several more rounds of drinks, but Sam eventually gets G to to talk and it turns out that hey, it's maybe not so unrequited as G thought.
of course it's lots of dares with this crew

and the PINING you know I LOVE THE PINING

and YES that it's sooo awkward and then it's mutual and then YAY

thank you so much!! :)
I am so in love with pining just in general, but with G I just CANNOT THINK ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE. It's a problem, seriously lol

You're welcome! :D
Oh my god. (I'm making it Nick/Phil, hope that's ok...)

Ok so, Nick never really dated in high school. He was a little too intense for most ppl and he was always pretty busy helping his mom around the house, so sex just never happened. When he went into the army, he wanted to concentrate 100% on being the best he could be. And he totally was, but that meant while all the other guys were out getting laid whenever they could, he... wasn't. He made up some lurid stories, of course, when that kind of thing came up, so not even his best friend Phil knew. So fast forward awhile to when he's director of SHIELD. By then, most everyone's scared shitless of him (even the ones who have a crush on him, lbr) and his dating pool has shrunk to basically nothing. He doesn't really mind, but he's also not interested in one night stands with strangers bc wow, what if they turn out to be an enemy? No time for background checks on someone you pick up at a bar. Anyway, Phil comes into his office one day out of the blue and asks Nick out. Nick's surprised, but he's always had a lingering something for Phil, so he agrees. They start going out, or at least as much as two super spies can, and it's great. A couple weeks in, Phil invites Nick back to his place. They're getting it on and suddenly Nick freezes. He doesn't know why, there's no reason for it. He might not have ever done this before, but he's heard plenty of stories and watched plenty of porn and it's no big deal, right? But Phil notices him kind of mentally freaking out and thinks it's something he's done. Nick assures him it's not it's just that, well, he's never done this before. Phil's confused bc what about all those stories from the army? Nick has to tell them they're all lies and he shouldn't feel embarrassed about being a virgin, but somehow admitting this to Phil after all these years is kind of awful. Phil is super understanding about it, though, and says that since it's Nick's first time, he's gonna make it amazing. And he so does.
:D Of course!
12. sharing a bed

so James and Sirius are doing something dumb in the boy's dorm and end up exploding their beds. McGonagall is pissed all to hell and refuses to get them new ones until the next day. They can sleep on the couches downstairs or see if their friends are nice enough to share. Peter immediately offers to let James share with him, but it takes much cajoling until Remus agrees to let Sirius share. "You'll shed all over my bed." "No more than you will, Moons!" So they settle down to bed and it's a pretty tight fit since these beds are made for one teenager, not two. Remus and Sirius end up having to kind of spoon to fit comfortably. Sirius makes all sorts of jokes about it until Remus finally blows up and yells about how if Sirius is going to be such an asshole he can just sleep downstairs and really, he has no idea why he has such a crush on a jerk anyway. The other three are kind of stunned bc wow, how did no one know this?? Like the Sirius part being an asshole part, obvious, but none of them knew Remus had a crush on him. Sirius immediately starts apologizing and it doesn't take long before the two of them are snuggled up close and making out. James and Peter are making gagging noises bc ew, who wants to hear that from their friends?? Remus just closes the drapes and goes back to his new boyfriend.
You're welcome! :)

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