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Hello! and some updates

First off, hello to all the new friends from the Fiending Meme for LJ Survivors and No-Frills Multi-Fandom Friending Meme! I'm very happy to meet you :) I'm planning on putting up a more in depth intro post soon (and revamping my tags, icons, and filters?), but for now:

I'm Rebecca, but I generally go by Reeby online, so feel free to call me either. I'm a freelance editor/writer and run a geeky craft business. You can also find me at tumblr, twitter, and dreamwidth. Most of my fanfiction is on AO3. You can find a list of my fandoms here and my ships here. I'm also into sewing/crafts/DIY, cosplay, anthropology, meta and critical analysis, queer stuff, Japan, cryptozoology, cocktails, and books in general. And I make icons on occasion.

So yeah, that's me! Feel free to come and chat about whatever. I try to comment on everyone's posts, especially the personal ones, but I'm generally not a very talkative person, so that doesn't always happen. If you find we don't mesh well after all, no hard feelings if you'd like remove me from your flist!

And now on to some updates. I haven't been doing many personal posts on here lately, which I'd like to change. Unfortunately, I don't feel like I'm in a very interesting place in my life rn and I do end up complaining quite a bit. Sorry :/ I won't hold it against you if you'd rather not read about that lol

AFest was last weekend and I had a table in the artist alley, which was great since we haven't gotten into many cons in the past year or so and the ones we did weren't very good. AFest was our first con to sell at and it's been my favorite... up til now. Ugh, just this year was so not great. I wrote up a more thorough post about why it sucked on tumblr if you care to read the rant-y version. Suffice to say, my weekend was stressful and annoying, but I did sell pretty well.

Got back home to find the water heater was not working. Or at least not working correctly? It was flooding our front hallway, at least, and my dad's spent the past week trying to fix it. Our whole plumbing system is pretty shit though, last year we had to have a huge hole dug in the living room to replace pipes that were cracked and filled with mud and tree roots. But with whatever's going on with the water heater and plumbing, it's causing the dish washer and washing machine to overflow everytime we use them. So right now we can't do dishes or laundry. Dishes are being done in the bathtub and I think I'm gonna have to make a run to the laundromat pretty soon :(

In slightly better (?) news, I only worked two hours this week bc my boss was on vacation and then she didn't have anything for me to do except a few last details before the book launch this afternoon. We also talked about whether I'd continue doing stuff for her husband's software company and I decided it was too much (and too stressful, but I didn't tell her that), so I'm just going to be doing editing fo her. That means way less hours (I'm not expecting to work for at least the next week), but more free time to concentrate on building up my craft business. And probably cleaning bc my life is a mess lol

And finally some actual nice stuff! One of our local thrift stores has a great sale twice a year where you can get all the clothes and shoes you can fit in a plastic grocery bag for $5. I'm a master at rolling clothes and packing bags, if I do say so myself. They usually unpack all the bags to make sure no one's trying to get something that's not in the sale, and their repacking is always at least twice as many bags as I packed :) This time around, we got 6 bags, though most of the stuff was for the rest of my family. I think I only ended up with like a dozen things. Here's my haul:

Out of that stuff, only about half of it fit, which is to be expected bc at these sales it's more important to get as much stuff in the bag as you can than to try anything on lol I was pretty disappointed about the green dress on the right, but I did get a new bag that has a ton of pockets, which is great. And new shoes! They have a slight green sheen under the lace, so I'm thinking they may become a part of my Dr. Pamela Isley (Poison Ivy) cosplay that I've been trying to get together :)


That sucks about your water heater :( Good luck.
Excellent finds at the sale! :)
Thank you! I'm sure we'll figure the water heater out at some point, for now it's just annoying.

Hi new friend! I'm so sorry about the plumbing issues you're having, that kind of thing is a nightmare to deal with I know. :(

Hello, friend! :)

It really is! Who knew plumbing could be such a pain when it's in pretty much every building??
The water heater thing sounds like a mess... I have vague memories of the last time ours went in the '80's. (It's probably gonna go again soon, lol)

Less stress at work is always a good thing!

That sale sounds really fun.
I hope yours doesn't go anything like ours did! No one should have to deal with that haha
Hello! Oh, I gotta say I love those 'new' shoes you got there! (I love shoes, I have a problem I think with buying them and I have had to cut back *sad face*)

That is a fabulous idea at your thrift store to sell by the bag. I wish our stores did that.

I haven't heard of AFest, but then I'm not local ;) I'm off to Yaoicon next weekend in San Francisco and cannot wait :)

I hope you get your water heater sorted out, that sucks big time :(
I have a major shoe problem too! In my closet there's a big box of shoes I've bought and never worn (mostly heels and I don't have many places to wear them...) plus the dozens of others I've worn at least once, so I had to stop myself with just the one pair.

AFest is an anime convention pretty close to me and I think it's fairly big (12k+ attendance last I heard?), but I think it mostly gets overshadowed by the other local cons. I'd love to go to YaoiCon! Someday maybe :) I hope you have fun!!

Thank you!
Wow, 12k is pretty big! Ycon is only 2500 (LOL) but it's a quality time we have. We have a local one up here, Anime North, which has about 26k attendees but it's really terrible. I only go for one day because it's local. The dealer's room is pretty basic and I refuse to pay upwards of $55 to get in just to be disappointed!

Ha, the whole floor of my closet in covered in shoe boxes! Maybe I should unpack them so I can actually see what I own and wear them... ;)
I think my perspective is a little skewed since most ppl around here consider AFest to be one of the "smaller" ones XD But quality is definitely better than quantity! The past few years I've only been going to cons where I'm selling or volunteering bc I don't want to pay and then be disappointed...

lol actually remembering what I own so I can wear them is one of my big problems. I usually end up wearing the same few pairs and then thinking "oh man this other pair I've never worn would have been great for this!"
Those are some stunning shoes! Huzzah for good finds.

The water heater issues sound like a massive pain D: I hope you'll get that sorted soon!
Aren't they? I'm really excited to wear them :D

Thank you!
Nice stuff you got at the sale! Sadly, thrift shops aren't really a thing in Singapore, if not I'd go crazy buying there. Love that bag, I especially love satchel bags, they're so handy.
That's a shame! I love thrift stores and pretty much all the clothes I own are bought there since there's usually a much better selection than just whatever's popular at the moment in the big stores.

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