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a few little things

I'm caught up on Supernatural. Or at least as much as Netflix has, which means I still haven't seen s10. I'm hoping it'll be up early enough that I can watch it before s11 premieres, but I kind of doubt it... Also caught up to what Netflix has of Naruto, but at this point I don't think they'll put anymore up there. I think the rest of the episodes are on Hulu, though, so I'll see about hooking a laptop up to the tv to watch with the sibling after work.

Now I'm trying to decide what to watch next by myself. I have a ton of stuff on my Netflix queue, but it's also kind of overwhelming to have so many choices. Should I go with another tv show or some movies? Maybe documentaries? I'd like to watch Daredevil or Sense8 again, but the sibling will be annoyed if I do that without them. I dunno. Give me some recs on what to watch?

In other news, I'm starting to feel like my editing job is really real. I've worked on a couple of books that have been published, but I wasn't involved outside the editing I did for them. Now I'm a lot more involved in pretty much every step of the process, so I got to see the book go out in print and ebook and got invited to the launch party last Sunday. It was really nice to feel like I'm moving up, even if slowly :)

(And if anyone's interested in Christian nonfiction, specifically about dealing with grief, you can get the book I worked on here or here, where the Kindle is currently on sale for $0.99)



Watch Wolfblood. ;)
lol how did I know you were going to suggest that? Is it on Netflix?
Yup! The first 3 series (13 1-hour eps each) are on Netflix, and the 4th has just started filming!
Awesome! It's definitely going on top of my list then :)
I have no idea what your likes or dislikes are when it comes to TV/movies, but I've been re-watching Party Down on Netflix, and it's such a fun show. You should give it a go if you haven't (and if it's available where you are 8D).
That sounds interesting, I'll check it out!

edit: looks like it's only available on DVD here and I only have streaming :(

Edited at 2015-09-22 03:04 pm (UTC)
Oooh so what are your thoughts/opinions on the back half of SPN?

I personally like it all right, never have stopped loving this show, even though nothing compares to the glorious first five seasons. :P But the last five got a lot of hate from people... I'm curious as to what you thought :)

Do you have Hulu too or just Netflix? Because I'm about to start watching the new season of The Voice tomorrow and can't wait! <3

As for shows on Netflix, some of my favorites are Grimm (new season starts in a couple weeks), Once Upon a Time (same), White Collar (show is over). Have you ever watched Buffy and/or Angel? Classics in my opinion. :)
I've actually mostly enjoyed the back half of SPN even though they killed several of my fave characters and I'm not a huge fan of the Mark of Cain storyline so far. I think I would have enjoyed it a lot less if I'd been watching weekly, it's easier to not get pissed off and just go with the flow this way lol But yeah, definitely can't compare it to the first five seasons!

Just Netflix and whatever's on Hulu for free. I've not actually looked at Hulu much since I can watch Netflix on my tv and I have to hook up a laptop to HDMI to watch Hulu on there. And that's just so much hassle most of the time XD

I'm also excited for Grimm! I didn't care for what I've seen of Once Upon a Time, but White Collar's been on my list for awhile. Maybe it's time to finally watch it lol I've seen parts of Buffy and Angel, but not all of either of them. I started a Buffy marathon a few years ago and stalled out mid season 2... But they are classics and one of my friends just finished Buffy and has been wanting to talk about it, so I guess I could give it another go.

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