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busy weekend

Or, I got to be very social at least, even if I didn't feel like I actually accomplished anything. I'd planned to do some catching up yesterday after being so busy but, well, that didn't really happen. Oops.

Friday night I went to see a concert at the local outdoor music venue with my family. We saw The Killdares, a localish celtic rock band with a bagpipe player, a fiddle player, and a lead singer who is also their drummer. They're one of my favorite bands! They play at the State Fair of Texas, which we always go to, and they play this venue at least every few years, so I get to see them in concert fairly often. It's really nice :) Here is the sibling and me, and some not-very-good-quality pics of the band:

Saturday we went to the annual EcoFest event. It's basically vendors from eco and animal rights companies/organizations, food, and activities like planting a flower or whatever. It was fairly interesting the first year, but it's been pretty much the same since then so it's kind of lost its appeal. The best part is the little petting zoo they have set up. It has pigs! I love pigs! Getting to pet the pigglets at least made me happy! :)

After that we stopped at a garage sale and I got some pretty good stuff. Cute dress that actually fits really well (and is unfortunately dry clean only...), a necklace, and a basket that will probably be used for my crafty business.

And then game night with the friends as usual. Though not so usual bc we now have two people regularly ditching out on us instead of just one :/ It caused quite a bit of drama, unfortunately. But we got to play Love Letter and Trivial Pursuit Bet You Know It, both of which I really love, so it was fun for a bit.

Sunday (or, well, all weekend really) was the biannual library book sale. At the end of the sale on Sunday they always let teachers come and take as many books as they want (they actually encourage them to take more no matter how many boxes they have lol) for a small donation. My dad is a teacher, so we always end up with tons of books basically for free. Our goal was no more than six boxes and we ended up with five, so we did pretty well lol I personally ended up with about 65 books (and a set of VHSs)! They have been put away on my already overflowing shelves... Someday I'll stop getting so many books, but that time is obviously not now.

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