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Age Meme

You comment, I give you an age (please tell me how old you currently are - I don't know all of your ages, unfortunately, so I don't want to pick an age for you that is impossible) and you fill out the meme questions with what applied to you back then, and now.

ani_mama gave me 6 and 20

At 6...

I lived in:

Arlington, TX

I drove:


I was in a relationship with:

no one

I feared:

nothing that I can think of in particular

I worked at:

getting my kindergarten homework done?

I wanted to be:

a marine biologist probably

At 20...

I lived in:

Fort Worth, TX while I went to college

I drove:

I don't think I had my own car at the time

I was in a relationship with:

no one

I feared:

not being able to pay for college, failing classes, not being able to pay for my study abroad trip to Japan, being made fun of for my terrible Japanese

I worked at:

a chiropractic office as an office assistant. it was pretty sucky since the receptionist was constantly on facebook and the chiropractor was constantly on youtube and it felt like I was the only one ever doing real work. plus he was pretty much a quack so.

I wanted to be:

an editor at a YA fantasy press

NOW! (23 years old)

I live in:

Arlington, TX (unfortunately...)

I drive:

a silver Ford Taurus. her name is Mina

I'm in a relationship with:

no one :/

I fear:

basically everything. our utilities getting shut off bc we can't pay for them, my car being repossessed again, never finding a "real" job, getting kicked out if my parents find out I'm queer, being stuck in Texas forever, the phone ringing (it's always loan collectors), all my aches and pains and wheezing being something serious

I work at:

my craft business, a small press, and a library starting tomorrow

I want to be:

an editor at a press, publishing books on the side


why not? (I'm 26) (I think I did this right) :D
16 an 22 (you only have to do one if you want since I've seen it both ways)
Alright! I'm 25 :)
11 and 21 (you only have to do one if you want since I've seen it both ways)
I feel you on the never finding a 'real' job. The longest I've ever stayed at a job was 1 year while people my age already finished university and are in their second or third year of their careers.
Its cool that you're gonna start work at a library. That's my dream job right there, but its really hard to get into because here you need a degree in Library Science, which the local universities only offer once every 3-5 years.

Anyway, I wanna do the meme too. I'm 23, turning 24 in a few months time, so cool, we're the same age! Haha.
I was really surprised that they had something open where I didn't need a library science degree. I think they were getting pretty desperate so. I'm hoping this job turns into something more "real," but we'll see. I hope you can find something too!

It looks like our birthdays are about 2 weeks apart! :D

9 and 20 (you only have to do one if you want since I've seen it both ways)

March 2019



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