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AO3 Meme

Via ayebydan

Top 5 Hits

Taking Turns. Harry Potter; Ginny/all the male Weasleys; 38772 hits. Ginny is used as a cum dumpster for her family. Gangbang, incest.

Nesting. Teen Wolf; Derek/Stiles; 15909 hits. Derek's clothes have started going missing. Mpreg.

Guard Dog. Teen Wolf; Derek/Stiles; 8756 hits. Stiles' dad gets a guard dog and Derek doesn't like it.

Freaked Out. Teen Wolf; Derek/Stiles, Allison/Scott; 8667 hits. Scott keeps walking in on Derek and Stiles having sex.

Family. Teen Wolf; Derek/Stiles, Allison/Scott, Lydia/Jackson, Danny/Boyd, Erica/Isaac; 8547 hits. It's a comfortable afternoon with the pack. Mpreg.

Top 5 Kudos

Nesting. 365 kudos.

(Not His) Old Man. MCU; Clint/Coulson; 306 kudos. Tony decides to throw a party for the Avengers and they're all expected to bring their significant other. Clint's significant other is not the kind of person Tony was expecting, not that he was expecting one at all.

Taking Turns. 278 kudos.

Finally Ok. Teen Wolf; Derek/Stiles; 187 kudos. Stiles had known since he was little that he was a little more in touch with other people's emotions than was strictly normal.

Strip. Teen Wolf; Derek/Stiles; 161 kudos. In hindsight, Stiles should have known that playing strip poker with the pack, including Derek, was a very, very bad idea.

Top 5 bookmarks

Taking Turns. 74 bookmarks.

Nesting. 71 bookmarks.

A Courtship Affair. Harry Potter; Draco/Ron; 32 bookmarks. Draco is ordered by Voldemort to court Ron in order to alienate him from Harry. Tradition says Ron must go along with it, at least at the beginning, but after awhile he wants to. And that's kind of a problem.

(Not His) Old Man. 27 bookmarks.

Finally Ok. 21 bookmarks.

I'm... not sure what to think about this tbh. I've been out of Teen Wolf fandom for over a year and written a LOT of stuff since then, so it's a little annoying that those are the majority of my most popular fics. But I guess it's nice that ppl liked them so much, especially since they were all pretty short. Another thing I noticed was that the majority (I think) of these most popular fics were written for prompts or fests. So idk if that means I wrote the prompts well or just got good prompts... And then Taking Turns. Oh god XD I mean, I'm not ashamed of writing it or anything, but jeez, I didn't know it would be so popular and it has massively more hits than anything else I've written. I guess it really shows that everyone else is just as perverted as me lol The one I'm really actually proud is up there is A Courtship Affair bc it was my first big bang fic and the longest thing I've ever written. I put a lot into it, so I'm happy ppl seemed to like it :)


What a neat idea. I may snag this from you. I predict my top 5 will not vary much at all.
Yes, do it! :D
This is a cool meme. It's fun to go back through your a03 stuff. Its always made me sad that not a lot of people leave comments on a03 though.
Yeah, it's really disappointing that so few people comment :/ I try to comment on everything I read and it gets a little frustrating sometimes that the ratio of kudos to comments is so lopsided.

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