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30 Days of Fic: Day 1

1 – How did you first get into writing fanfic, and what was the first fandom you wrote for? What do you think it was about that fandom that pulled you in?

I had to actually go look at my first posted fic bc I honestly couldn't remember how I got into writing fic. Apparently it started at a sleepover in high school, which is actually not surprising. I'd been reading fics for a couple of months and my two friends and I were all interested in writing, so we gave each other prompts and wrote for fifteen minutes. It was actually really fun, and those writing sleepovers are some of my favorite memories of hs :)

So the first fandom I wrote for was Naruto, specifically KakaIru. That seems like so long ago now... I barely even remember writing fic for it lol Naruto was probably my first real fandom and definitely the first thing that got me into slash. I saw a SasuNaru pic on GaiaOnline and was intruiged, so I started reading the manga and was hooked! It was just so exciting and hilarious and surprisingly full of feels. I actually started rewatching the anime like last month and I've been rereading fic. I really do miss the fandom! Idk if I'll ever write for it again, but it was good times.

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Hahaha, I know in my profile I come off as rather fandom-hating, but I used to write fics as well. :) I wrote fic for a couple of years during secondary and upper secondary school ... but it never really progressed from there. I don't know, I always enjoyed writing more than I enjoyed reading, and when I stopped writing it didn't make sense to keep up with it anymore... if that makes sense? :P I have absolutely NO idea how I discovered fan-fiction. What a good question! I know I introduced my friends to it, though... but I can't remember how I discovered it myself.

Hahaha Naruto, that was after my time - but my first ever cosplay was from Naruto! (I cosplayed Gaara) 8]
That makes sense! I know when I start writing less then I read less as well, though I don't guess it's really a conscious thing most of the time.

My friends and I mostly came into fic independently of each other and then we just drifted together lol Naruto was actually kind of what brought us together actually! I always wanted to cosplay from it (Iruka or Shikamaru, but Gaara sounds awesome!).

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