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busy busy busy

My dad keeps saying I'm working three jobs, which I guess is sort of true. I'm working 40 hours full time at the library, doing editing on Fridays when needed, and still need to keep up with my crafting business. Plus general life and socializing bc I really need to spend some time with my friends every week or I'll probably go nuts. It's a lot, honestly, and I'm not doing very well at juggling it all so far... And I can't even think of keeping up with all my shows (or social media. or writing, ugh), which isn't really a big deal in the end, but it's just kind of disappointing.

So since I've been too busy for more frequent updates, here's a massive wall of text about my life :D

Work at the library has been going well, though it's still exhausting. Mondays are my late days, from 11:15 until 8:15 instead of 9:15 to 6:15, so by Tuesday night I'm wiped out and I still have the rest of the week left! The days feel soooo long bc there are a lot of slow times when I have nothing to do but sit at a computer. But I think I'm slowly getting used to it maybe? Getting up early is easier now, and my feet hurt less. The first week or so, my feet were absolutely killing me every day since I wasn't used to walking around and standing so much. I think I need new shoes and/or those comfy shoe inserts.

I've also been doing quite a few projects for ppl. My boss and a coworker have asked me to design signs for them, just simple ones to put up by specific sections and a quote for my boss' office. I'm apparently now their new tech/design person, though it's mostly just a bit of messing around in Word to make stuff look nice *shrugs* Thursday I got asked to "consult" for the regional manager at our branch. They're building a new library and he has to write up the plan for that and everything. He's been in America several decades, but his grammar and punctuation isn't always the best, so since I have experience in editing he asked me to help make it look good. I spent two hours discussing layout and topics with him, and that was before he had more than a few paragraphs written! This is definitely going to take awhile to get through lol

Also Thursday one of my coworkers also asked me to run children's gaming, which I wasn't really excited about, but I agreed to do it. I'm not a big fan of kids usually (I don't mind being with well behaved ones for awhile, but I definitely don't want any of my own) and being at the library, I've seen a lot of very obnoxious ones. Parents tend to just let them run wild, and I really mean run. Thankfully most of the ones at gaming were well behaved and there were a couple of parents there actually paying attention to their kids. There was one set of siblings that didn't have their parents in there and they were kind of... odd. They kept wanting to play all the games but not play them right, like when they had Don't Break the Ice, they just kind of smashed all the ice cubes at once. Idk. And then they got out the chess/checkers/backgammon game, I asked if they knew how to play chess and they said yes, but they just but the chess pieces out wherever and proceeded to roll the backgammon dice and move the pieces that many squares. I can safely say I've never seen it played like that!

The really only bad experience so far (other than some boredom. And the clocks, literally none of the clocks in the whole building show the same time ever and it's very confusing.) was I think Tuesday when I had to go to City Hall to pick up my employee badge. I hate hate hate driving places for the first time by myself, and this was downtown during my lunch break. I drove round and round and couldn't find anywhere to park that I wouldn't have to pay out the ear for, ended up at the wrong building bc two of them have the same address (how ridiculous is that??), had to go through two metal detectors (and had one of the cops tease me about the knife in my purse... I was just too wound up to do anything but freak out a bit), took a really terrible picture for my badge, and then came out to find I'd parked in a commercial loading zone and had a ticket *sighs* The ticket is only $35, so easily taken care of, but ugh, that was just not my day. I was anxious and kind of out of it the whole rest of the day, and to top it off, it took so long that I didn't get to eat my lunch :/

Along with that bad stuff, we're having car problems again. I don't remember if I said, but we had to replace the battery in my car a few weeks ago. That was about $100, and then a couple of days ago we had to replace the battery in our other car, so another $100. Wednesday while I was stopping at the store on the way home, my dad called for me to pick him up and take him to my mom bc the other car (which had also just had the transmission fixed two months ago) was overheating. We went over there and my dad couldn't figure out why bc there was plenty of water, but when he tried to drive it home, he had to stop after about a mile bc it was smoking. We left it in a parking lot for a few hours and then they went back for it, but we didn't want to risk drriving it much more so my dad called in to work and my mom dropped me off. Turns out there's a leak in the radiator and one in the power steering, though they aren't sure why the AC isn't working right. At least that should be covered by warranty, but jeez, will stuff never stop going wrong with this thing??

Speaking of, our pipes are still shot so still no dishwasher or washing machine. I miss having more than one load of clean laundry a week :( And we've started using as much disposable dinnerware as possible, but the dirty dishes are still piling up and it's gross. Idk if my dad has even checked how much it's going to cost to fix yet. He's not exactly on top of things like that most of the time, which is honestly really frustrating. So it's just waiting to see still, but I'm honestly pretty frustrated. It's just even more stress on top of all the work, you know?

But there have been some good things going on too. Sunday we went to the State Fair of Texas. We've gone every year since moving to DFW, but it's still fun. And my dad can get us free tickets bc he's a teacher, so why not go? It meant a lot of walking around (though it wasn't as hot as most years, so yay!), but the sibling had money saved up, so we actually got to buy some stuff too. Bizarrely, the main thing we did was stop by Verizon's booth and upgrade our phones. So I have a new phone! We need to go to a store sometime today (the only day we're all off work, though the sibling is LARPing today) to get phone cases bc they were sold out at the fair. I didn't buy any stuff, but I did buy some fried food that is guaranteed to be absolutely terrible for me! I'd been hoping to buy a pint of Nadamoo ice cream bc it's delish, but unfortunately they didn't have any there this year that I could find.

What else, what else... Drama with the friends has resurged. I basically just hear about it secondhand, but things were pretty tense at game night last night lol We'll see if it clears up, but it reminds me a lot of some drama from high school that ended some friendships, so idk. More excitingly, I went and saw The Visit with a friend Friday night. I'm still not really sure what to think of it, I wouldn't really call it good. It did have a nice plot twist which I enjoyed, but most of the time it was just creepy and disturbing and a little gross. Definitely not worth a rewatch, but it was interesting I guess. Anyone else see it? What did you think?

And I guess that's about it. I'm off to try to spend the rest of the day cleaning and getting through my massive to do list that I've been falling behind so badly on since starting work. I'm planning on marathoning some the Daniel Craig James Bond movies while I clean in preparation for the new one next month, so that should be exciting at least!


Wow, you have a lot going on. I'm glad your jobs are working out. (I do signs for work sometimes, and I've had a lot of luck with Publisher. If you have access to it, give it a try.)
Good luck with your car/plumbing troubles!
I will check if we have that! The computers at the library are honestly pretty limited though, so idk I don't have much hope lol

Thank you!
That IS quite a work week! No wonder you are exhausted.

I know what you mean about driving somewhere. I always obsessively look up thinks on Google maps, like with satellite view and everything before I go anywhere. (Especially since I have a dumbphone, so I have no navigation system with me, which is ridiculous bc I'm awful at directions and need one badly.) Satellite view is super helpful in regard to finding parking!
I have navigation on my phone, but it's always losing my GPS signal at the most crucial moments :/ My sense of direction is basically nonexistent so it gets pretty bad sometimes and I have a bad tendency to panic.
whoo. that does seem like a lot. :( I hope things look up for you, though. I also ended up designer/tech at my work by virtue of being better at clicking in word and excel... when it comes to plumbing and the like, my dad is normally the same way, and we have to keep on asking him if he called anyone. I hope things get sorted.

also normally the kids that end up in the programs are either the kids their parents don't want to deal with for a while or the kids the parents really want engaged and smart, so it's a 50/50 chance you know. incentives and keeping a level tone/not showing how angry you get is something that I found helps with kids.
That's basically me too. Many of the ppl I work with are old enough to be my grandparents so what I think is simple is often very impressive to them lol

Yeah, that's what I'm seeing at the library in general. Either ppl bring their kids to teach them to read, etc., or the parents do their thing and take the chance to get away from the kids for awhile. I try to stay nice bc I kind of feel sorry for many of them when their parents don't seem to care at all and it's obvious the kids just need some positive attention.
That's funny; todd and I watched Casino Royale earlier today.

Glad things are going well at the library! I'm never a fan of driving down town to any city buildings. The layouts never make sense and are in weird locations with no parking.
I didn't manage to start on Casino Royale until late... and then of course I had to go pick the sibling up from a friend's house not 30 minutes in. Which is exactly the same thing that happened last time I tried to watch Quantum of SOlace lol Someday I'll actually get to see the rest of them!

I love cities, but yeah, layout and parking are always the worst. It's much easier to deal with when walking, but that obv wasn't an option for this.
You're awesome! I don't think I would have been able to juggle 40 hours a week in addition to editing gigs! Wow.

Your feet will get used to being up and about all the time, but get yourself some good shoes! Your knees will thank you later :)
Thanks :) It's slowly getting easier as I figure out how to plan and prioritize better. And I'm definitely planning on some new shoes! Probably not today since I accidentally slept in late, but def on my next day off.

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