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30 Days of Fic: Days 2 & 3

2 – Name the fandoms you've written in, and how much you've written in that fandom, and if you still write in it.
3 – For each of the fandoms from day two, what were your favorite characters to write?

Doing two days at once since they're connected and I'd kind of like to catch up to finish in October if at all possible. So this is going to be really long because I've written for a LOT of fandoms... Total number of posted fics is about 250. Some of the numbers may be a little off bc of overlapping fandoms (like all the Marvel subfandoms), crossposting when I moved from ffn to AO3, and having quite a few currently unposted or unrevealed fics. Oops.

45 fics. Still write it! I've kind of eased out of the fandom for the most part, but I still find myself filling quite a few MCU prompts. The characters are still great even if the current direction of the franchise isn't fantastic imo. My favorite characters to write... I find myself wiritng Pepper and Natasha quite a bit, and I really enjoy writing them. They're both female characters that I connect with a lot and Pepper is pretty much my role model lol I also like writing Tony and Clint bc I also identify with them and human disasters are always fun :D

Harry Potter
31 fics. Definitely still writing. I don't think I could escape even if I wanted to :D I really like writing Draco. Every time I write a Draco ship, I end up writing from his POV somehow, even if I meant to write something else. Also Harry. I didn't use to like him, but I still ended up writing him a lot. Go figure lol

26 fics. Still writing a bit, though it's definitely tapered off. I want to write more of my rarepairs but I haven't had time :( Idk if I really have a favorite character to write for SPN... Maybe Gabriel? I probably write him more than any of the others.

Teen Wolf
18 fics. Well I dropped out of the fandom over a year ago and wasn't touching it... until recently, when I wrote a fic. Whoops? So I wouldn't really say I still write it but you know. Favorite character to write would definitely be Stiles. He's really easy to write and I feel like I can experiment with my style more with him. Derek is also fun to write, I do like my brooders :)

16 fics. I write it very occasionally. I've missed a lot in the past few seasons, so I haven't really been in the fandom anymore, but I do still like it. I tend to write Nick a lot but idk that I have a faborite character to write. I'm just not really that into any of them.

Kingdom Hearts
13 fics. Haven't written it in years, though I left a few unfinished fics that I'd really like to finish someday. My favorite character to write was probably Axel or Roxas, but I apparently wrote Demyx quite a bit.

Agents of SHIELD
10 fics. Still write a bit, but I'm not very into the fandom anymore. The show's been kind of losing me, so I haven't been very interesed. My favorite characters to write are Fitz and Skye/Daisy. They're just really fun to get in their minds.

9 fics. Haven't written anything in years. BUT I've been getting back into the fandom so... who knows if I'll write again. Certainly not me lol I liked writing both Iruka and Kakashi, but Sasuke and Orochimaru were actually pretty fun too.

Person of Interest
8 fics. Still writing! It's actually one of the fandoms I'm most invested in atm, even though I haven't written a whole lot of fic for it yet. Soon. Favorite character to write is definitely John. I identify with him a lot and he just has great relationships with all the characters already, so that makes it easy.

6 fics. I write for it occasionally. The show was so much like fic already that I guess I just haven't felt the need to get much into writing for it. I think I like writing Hardison the best, but really any of the OT3 are fun to do :)

Final Fantasy VII
6 fics. Haven't writte for it in years. I'm actually really surprised I wrote so many fics, especially since I never played the games (same with KH haha). I liked writing Cid and Reno, but I think my favorite characters to write were Vincent and Kadaj. I just really like writing fucked up men lol

4 fics. Still write for it some, and I'd like to write more soon. I don't have much time for writing anymore, so we'll see how that goes. Favorite character to write is probably Will bc he's fucked up and it's easy to experiment with writing from his POV.

Star Trek: AOS
4 fics. Haven't written anything in awhile, maybe again after the new movie? I wrote mostly Jim, but I think I enjoyed writing Winona the most. She didn't have much of a part in the movies, so I had a lot of fun exploring her relationship with Jim. Defintely like to write more of that, even more than ship fic.

Young Avengers
4 fics. Still occasionally write for it. I honestly really just liked writing the team dynamics in general, but I guess I do like America and Kate as well.

The Flash
4 fics. I write for it occasionally and will likely write more. My favorite character to write is definitely Cisco. He's just a lot of fun!

Stargate Atlantis
4 fics. I write for it every once in awhile and will most likely write more. I like writing both John and Rodney, but maybe John just a smidge more. Another fucked up dude for me to love lol

Jupiter Ascending
3 fics. Just written a few and idk if I'll write more. It's a really difficult fandom for me to write for for some reason, maybe bc the space politics and everything is so complicated. I don't know that I have a favorite character to write, but I have enjoyed writing Jupiter.

Star Trek RPF
3 fics. I'd like to write more for this fandom bc it's very dear to me and I can still love it when the actual movies are pissing me off :) I really like writing Chris, mostly bc I don't actually like Zach very much lol

The Librarians (tv)
3 fics. I may write more when the next season starts, we'll have to see how it goes. Cassandra is definitely my favorite to write. I just love her so much.

Sleepy Hollow (tv)
2 fics. I'm not really deep in this fandom so idk if I'll write more for it. I think Abbie is my favorite to write, but Ichabod is quite fun as well.

X-Men: First Class
2 fics. Really not very into this fandom anymore or X-Men in general, though I do have at least one fic in progress I'd like to finish. Someday. He hasn't been in either of the posted fics, but my favorite character to write is Alex. How can I resist his fucked up ness?

Welcome to Night Vale
2 fics. I'm so far behind on this and I was never very much into the fic, so it's unlikely I'll write more. Maybe I'll change my mind once I have a chance to catch up but probably not. I guess my favorite to write is Cecil bc he's so bizarre it makes it easy to do anything.

iZombie (tv)
2 fics. I may write more once I get to watch this next season, but idk. I haven't been much into the fic for this fandom either. Favorite to write would have to be Ravi. I love him :)

Hawkeye (comic)
2 fics. I'm so far behind on this too, but I do like melding this verse with MCU, so I may do some of that at some point. I like writing interactions between Clint and Kate, but I guess Clint would win out as favorite to write. Who doesn't love writing a complete human disaster?

2 fcs. I'd like to write more for this fandom, my ship is just so small for an already small fandom that it's a bit discouraging (esp when my NOTPs are the most popular...). Tony is prob my favorite to write, though I do have a hard time with feeling like I'm actually getting him right.

Protector of the Small / Tortall - Tamora Pierce
2 fics. I doubt I'll write more for this, but I didn't think I'd write what I have so who knows. I guess I like writing Alanna and Neal about equally, but I wouldn't say either is a favorite to write.

The Losers (movie)
2 fics. I'd like to write more for this fandom if only bc there's so little AU and it needs more! Jensen is a fun character to write bc he's actually really complicated besides just being amusing.

2 fics. I want to write more for this since my ship is so small and I have very narrow interests for the show (i.e. I honestly don't care about anyone but Jim and Harvey). I think Jim is probably my favorite character to write, though Harvey is certainly fun as well.

Ms. Marvel
2 fics. I haven't been following the comic in awhile, but I'd like to catch up so maybe I'll write more? Kamala's actually the only character I've written for the fandom, but she is a lot of fun :)

Derkholm - Diana Wynne Jones
1 fic. I'm currently rereading the series, so I think more fic will be coming bc there's just so much I'm interested in seeing more of! I can't really say that any of the characters I've written so far are favorites to write, though I think I'd like writing Elda more now that I've gotten further in my reread.

1 fic. I really only wrote the one fic bc I wanted to write a Yuletide treat for a friend, so idk that there will be more. Maybe if they put out more episodes and I can get into it again. I don't know that I had a favorite character to write, but if I had to choose I guess Quinn.

Almost Human
1 fic. Ugh, I'd love to write more for this but I'm still so upset it got cancelled. I would like to do a rewatch someday when I actually have time so maybe I'll get back into it. Dorian was probably my favorite character to write bc I hear him really well in my head and that makes it easy. So thanks for being very distinctive, Michael Ealy lol

The Mysteries of Laura
1 fic. Definitely plan on writing more for this bc I'm determined for it to have a fandom even if I have to do it all myself! Laura is my favorite to write, she's just very amusing.

Young Justice (cartoon)
1 fic. I think I'd like to write more, but it's been off so long and there's so much bitterness over it being cancelled that it's just kind of hard. The only character I wrote was Roy, but he is my fave anyway so.

The Amazing Spider-Man
1 fic. They're rebooting Spider-Man instead of continuing with this one, so I doubt I'll write any more for it even if I'm unhappy about the reboot. Favorite character to write was Harry, he's so my type lol

The Claidi Journals - Tanith Lee
1 fic. I'd really like to write more of this bc there's really no fandom for it and I love it a lot. Someday maybe. The only character I wrote was Claidi but idk if I'd call her my favorite to write still.

1 fic. Kind of like to write more, but it got cancelled and the fandom was already small so idk. I feel like there is still a lot to explore though. Henry was surprisingly nice to write seeing as I'm not a huge fan of his character in the show.

NCIS: Los Angeles
1 fic. Writing this fic was really fun and I think it came out really well so I will likely write more. I think G was probably my favorite to write, but I hear Sam really well in my head so he's fun too.

Justice League (cartoon)
1 fic. I want to write more for this since my faves don't see much action, but the fandom is fairly dead. Sometime though. Helena and Vic were both really fun to write, but Helena probably wins favorite character to write bc she is my favorite character lol

Star Wars
1 fic. This was a gift for a friend and I honestly don't know much about the fandom, so it's unlikely I'll write more for it. I did actually like writing Anakin though.

Birds of Prey (tv)
1 fic. I never actually finished the show bc it was kind of terrible and the only reason I was watching it was bc I love Helena so I doubt I'll write more. I guess Helena gets favorite character to write since she's the only one I wrote.

All New Ghost Rider
1 fic. Another gift and another comic I fell behind on reading. I don't know that I'll ever write any more for it, but if I ever catch up that could change. Robbie was my favorite character to write.

1 fic. I'm really not into this show anymore bc they are just all over the place imo and keep fucking things up lol So I doubt I'll write more especially now that my fave character isn't on anymore. I think Thea was probably my favorite to write, though I liked writing Roy as well.

Hanna is Not a Boy's Name
1 fic. If this ever started posting again, I would be on it in a second. It's my absolute favorite webcomic and I adore it, but it being abandoned kind of killed me. Idk who my favorite character was, I only wrote Hanna and {...} and I love them both so.

Avenue Q
1 fic. Yeah, that was a one off for a sleepover prompt and I don't think I had a favorite character to write bc it was total crack lol

1 fic. Wrote the one and don't plan on any more. Anyone who's read this knows it's pretty fucked up, and even moreso looking back as I'm older... But I did kind of like writing Seimei bc fucked up ness.

Fruits Basket
1 fic. I was never that into this fandom, this was only written as a gift so I didnt have a favorite character to write.

Lord of the Rings
1 fic. This was written for a charity auction, but I'd like to write more LotR fic one day. I didn't actually know much about the characters I was asked to write about so I don't know that I had a favorite to write.

Axis Powers Hetalia
1 fic. The pple in the fandom made me run far away, so no more. It was a gift and I didn't even like either of the characters I wrote...

All questions here


Wow, you are a prolific writer!! I wish I had your dedication. I haven't written anything in about a year :( Maybe I will start this meme and see if gets my brain working towards writing again!!

(PS, I have a friend or two in the Hetalia fandom, and they say the same thing - that all the fans are super-trolling 12 year olds. Kudos to you for even stepping a foot near that!!!)

Edited at 2015-10-12 02:01 pm (UTC)
I really didn't start writing as much until the last year or so. Fic exchanges and comment_fic have been very motivating lol I'm really amazed by how much I've written, and for a ridiculous amount of fandoms, too. You should definitely do the meme! It might be fun even if it doesn't get you into gear to write again, but that would be really awesome as well :)

Oh man, Hetalia fandom was/is nuts. It seemed ok at first, but then I started coming into contact with other fans and... I pretty much ran and never looked back lol

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