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30 Days of Fic: Days 6-8

6 – When you write, do you prefer writing male or female characters?

Honestly, I don't think I really prefer either over the other? I definitely write male characters more often, so maybe I subconsciously do. Someone on tumblr actually started something at the beginning of the year called the 33% Resolution which in part was supposed to encourage ppl to write more female characters. I've been pretty lax about keeping up with that, but I really should try to do better.

7 – Have you ever had a fic change your opinion of a character?

Yes! A couple actually. I really wish I could remember what it was (it might have possibly been The Shoebox Project back in the early days?), but there was one fic that made me completely reconsider the way I thought of Sirius Black. I don't even really remember how it did that, but I remember quite clearly a moment of "oh, wow, I've been thinking about him all wrong." And then there's Voldemort. My friends made me read the Kitty series back in high school and ever since then I've been utterly in love with Voldemort (and Voldemort/Harry).

8 – Do you write OCs? And if so, what do you do to make certain they're not Mary Sues, and if not, explain your thoughts on OCs.

I have written a few OCs, mostly kids of characters and random side characters. My favorite ones were three children of Cid Highwind and Vincent Valentine that appeared in a few fics. They were super cute imo, though I definitely did the "one parent's looks + other parent's attitude" thing that's so cliche and ridiculous. Whoops. But in general I think OCs are great. I'm not incredibly interested in reading them as MCs most of the time unless it's a really good premise, but I definitely have and will likely do so in the future. It's all about making them interesting and engaging.

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