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So Angry

I am so fucking angry right now. Why do people have to be such fucking assholes? Why can't they keep their shit to themselves? It's the fucking internet, why do they insult people they don't know and will never meet instead of just clicking the back button when they find something that they don't like? Why are such fucking moronic shit-brained losers? Why do they have to ruin other people's fun with their brainless insults and shallow opinions? GOD. Why the fuck do such people exist?


Sorry. Had to rant. I think I'm better now. God, I hate people.

I need some porn to cheer me up D:


Because people need affirmation of themselves. Putting anonymous people down makes them feel superior. It's the mentality that, "I don't know you, therefore, I can fuck with you."

People who do that are just insecure.

...porn...hm...might be able to help
I suppose you're right. I'll just never understand people like that -shakes head-

Ah please do! I haven't been able to find anything good in days... it's making me quite sad XD
Have anything in particular you are itching for?
Not really. Anything'll do as long as it's good!
...wait, you mean fics? or not? LOL
lol Fics yes
Hmm...let's give you a few Snape/Hermione porn, yes? These are actually timeless ones:

Calling Card

My current favorite is "For the Potion Master's Amusement." Yes, it's 65 chapters long...but OMG, the story and sex is mind blowing: Here. Chapter 8 is missing, so go to her LJ snape_submiss to read :P

Or...A Beach in Ireland (1 chapter porn...finally not a novel length rec! HAHA)

Yay thank you! I've actually never read any Snape/Hermione but you should try everything at least once, yes? ^.^
They are my OTP, so I pretty much know is "good" according to me :P

Thanks for being open minded bb!!
haha I try to be. Some of my favorite pairings are ones I thought were insane at first XD
I am I am!! XD I'm liking A Beach in Ireland so far! :D
YAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY!! Tell me what you think of the stories when you are done!!

Remember, what got me hooked to SS/HG because of the "mental and emotional" compatibility. Physical attraction followed easily after for me!
I finished A Beach in Ireland and loved it! :D Just started Calling Card.

I can definitely see the compatibility... Not quite there with the physical attraction just yet but I'm gettin' there XD
YOU LOVED IT? *SQUEEE!!* Just so you know, if you loved 'Ireland', you'll die for Calling Card. Just saying. :P

Did you get my other rec? DENIAL BABY!
Yesh I did! But I have not started it yet D:
Just read Calling Card first :D
Of course not! Some douche over on youtube was well... being a douche XD

Of course. ^.^ What better way to cheer up? XD
Okay...I forgot to add one more fic!!! YOU HAVE TO READ THIS FIC


Another SS/HG classic. Yes, it's 33 chapters...but like I said, I only rec the best for you :)
Because people suck. *Hugs* Did you find porn?
A bit, not some I'd usually read but pretty good none the less. But I could always use more! ^.^

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