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I've been so busy I actually forgot about some exchanges/fests being revealed the past couple of weeks until I started trying to catch up on my flist. So here they are all together!

hp_creatures Halloween Fest

My fic:

Trust and Understanding (Harry Potter, Charlie/Draco)
There were more important things to think about, like his craving for red meat and the way his bones ached in time with the passing of the moon overhead. He’d gone through every book in the house that looked like it might be useful, but he’d only come to one answer, the answer he’d been dreading since the moment he was attacked.


My fics:

We Are Family (Agents of SHIELD, Skye gen)
“Oh my god, Coulson, you’re not my dad,” Skye snapped, rolling her eyes. “Can you just stop with the nagging already?”

Ghost Hunting... Fail (Young Avengers, America/Kate)
Kate takes America on an interesting date for their anniversary.

My gifts:

Verisimilitude by thedevilchicken (The Following, Joe/Ryan)
Their first meeting was like something out of a bad romantic comedy.

The Plan by thedevilchicken (The Following, Joe/Ryan)
Joe has a plan. Ryan's surprised he's going along with it.

Soulmate Syndrome by thedevilchicken (The Following, Joe/Ryan)
“Only one in every five hundred thousand people will have a verifiable soulmate born in their lifetime,” Ryan’s high school biology teacher told their class.

Her Fetters Burst by Allekha (Hannibal, Abigail gen)
Abigail doesn't know what to do. She decides to find the person who does.

Fandom Growth Exchange

My fic:

Takes Awhile (MCU, Maria/Sam)
Their first date, a week after everything goes to hell and both of their worlds are turned inside out, is a disaster. Their next few dates don’t go any better, and Maria starts to think that their relationship is cursed. Eventually, though, things work out.

My gift:

I'm Telling You Now by smallearthcat (iCarly, Freddie/Spencer)
Freddie goes away to college, and suddenly he can be anything he wants to be. Apparently what he wants to be is Spencer's boyfriend.



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