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Fandom Snowflake Challenge: Day 7

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Share a favorite piece of original canon (a TV episode, a song, a favorite interview, a book, a scene from a movie, etc) and explain why you love it so much.

I'm gonna take this opportunity to talk about two of my favorite currently ongoing shows, The Mysteries of Laura and Code Black. These shows are both so so good, but they have very very small fandoms so far. I would love to have more ppl watch them and squee over them with me :)

The Mysteries of Laura is in its second season on NBC. It's set in NYC and is about Laura Diamond (played by Debra Messing from Will & Grace fame) who is a police detective and single devorcee with two kids. It has a pretty diverse cast with a black detecitve, a female Indian American detective (playing Latina), a Latina captain, a black medical examiner, a gay assistant, and a black nanny. That leave three white guys in the mainish cast of 9, which isn't too bad. This show is seriously funny (and I don't even usually like comedy!) and has great relationships between the characters. It's a standard crime drama, but there's also plenty of interpersonal drama to go around, including lots of ex-husband and dating coworkers drama.

This show isn't nearly as dark or stilted as most crime drama are imo. If you like Brooklyn Nine-Nine or Psych, I think you'll like The Mysteries of Laura. You can watch the first season on Netflix and episodes 2x05 and up on the official website, but it shouldn't be too hard to find the other s2 episodes. And if you're interested in checking out the fandom (tiny though it is), there are currently a whopping 3 fics on AO3 (2 of which are mine, whoops) and on tumblr there are The Myseries of Laura Official and DailyTMOL.

Code Black is in its first season (so it could really use some more ppl watching so it gets renewed!!) on CBS. It's set in the LA County Hospital emergency room and centers around a group of four residents and the doctors overseeing them. It has a diverse ensemble cast including a female doctor (nicknamed Daddy), a British Indian doctor, two black doctors, a Latina doctor, a Latino nurse (nicknamed Momma), a lesbian Indian America resident, and another female resident. That leaves only three white guys in the main cast of 11, which is pretty great imo. The show has mostly focused on the emergency room stuff for now, but there's a lot of drama in the emergency room and in their personal lives that we kind of see on the fringes. Right now one of the main plotlines is focused around the lesbian character's ex-girlfriend and they've brought up other important issues like a gay character with AIDS and dealing with a parent with Alzheimer's. One of the most popular (and emotional tbh) episodes had the Broadway cast of The Lion King guest starring, so I hope that's an incentive to watch :)

This show obv has a lot of blood and medical stuff, which I know isn't everyone's cup of tea, but it also has really great characters with interesting and compelling personal storylines. If you like Grey's Anatomy, I think you'll like Code Black. You can watch episodes 4 and up on the official website, but it shouldn't be too hard to find the first 3 episodes elsewhere. And if you're interested in checking out the fandom (small though it is), there are currently 69 fics on AO3 and Fuck Yeah Code Black on tumblr is pretty great.


CBS is on my shit list for (afaik) still not having a show date for Season 5 of Person of Interest, after already cutting it down to 13 episodes. Give me my show before I cut you, CBS!

Those two shows sound great. I'll try to see if it's on youtube or any streaming sites I can get access to (a lot are blocked in my country, unfortunately).

Ugh yeah, that is highly annoying. I keep going to check every few weeks for a date, but so far nothing :/ They better get it together quick!

I hope you get a chance to watch them. I love them (obviously) and I'd love to have more ppl to talk with about them :)

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