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I'm back

It turns out that having nothing to do after all the funeral necessities are done except be with my parents is not good for me. I haven't gone back to work yet, I'll probably see about going back Monday, but I really need some sort of distraction. So here I am :) Thank you to everyone for all the well wishes last week, it really means a lot to me. I'll probably still not be terribly active for a bit, but I've been trying to catch up on my flist (at least January, it won't let me view past then :/) and kind of get back to normal life. If there's anything important or interesting or that you just wanna share, lemme know? :)



I don't have anything important, so here's something I found interesting: a novel called All Men of Genius, which is a steampunk mash-up of Shakespeare's The Twelfth Night & Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest.

That looks really interesting! Definitely putting it on my tbr list :)
Glad you're back! I was sick so I mainlined all the eps of the Mysteries of Laura. I hope they don't get rid of Tony! Also, I got your Christmas card yesterday. (Philpost continues to suck!)
Awesome!! I'm so glad I could suck someone else into the fandom :) And I'm so glad you got the card!
I wish I had something distractable! When I need to do something with an idle brain, I find watching trailers for my favourite movies really fun (I know, it's weird) or filling and unfilling my ebay basket with pretty and ridiculous vintage clothes.

Wishing you the easiest return to normalcy you can get.
Watching random movie trailers is actually something my friends and I really like to do, so good idea :)

Thank you!
*hugs* I just read what happened; I'm so sorry :(
Thank you *hugs*
What happened, love? :(

I'm so sorry, I've been basically absent from the internet for the past couple of months, I uh... I went and tried out for The Voice! :P So I was really busy preparing and all, and basically barely ever online, and now I'm catching up with my f-list, and I saw this post...

I don't know who it is that you lost, but I'm so sorry. *hugs* If there's anything you need, to talk, a distraction, ficcage ;) ... whatever I can do, I'm here. *more hugs*
My sibling passed away at the end of January. Life's been kind of a mess after that. But thank you for your support. Any distractions are always welcome *lots of hugs*

Trying out for The Voice, wow! I hope you did well?
Welcome back!
Thank you!

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