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Dear Ship Swap Writer

Dear Ship Swap writer,

Thank you so much for writing for me!

If you'd like to stalk me during the exchange or want to ask me a question/for clarification, I mainly hang around tumblr besides here. On my AO3 you can see the fics I've bookmarked if that helps give you ideas or in figuring out the things I like, or you can check out my fic rec masterlist (still in progress) that may be easier to maneuver.

All of this is totally optional, but I know a lot of the time it helps to have some direction to go in, so I've included some likes, dislikes, prompts, and squee for your inspiration. Include whatever you like or none if nothing I mention suits your fancy! Go wild! I'm good with any ratings and I'm caught up on everything (except Teen Wolf but I know generally what happens), so no need to worry about spoilers.

Tbh, I'm really easy. I will read pretty much anything and my likes run the gammut from "totally normal" to "rare and kind of bizarre" to "probably squicks a lot of people." So whatever you can come up with, chances are good that I'll like it! If it's something not listed under dislikes, then feel free to give it a try if you like, even if it's not one of my specific likes. Which I kind of go on about, sorry not sorry.

fluff, AUs (coffee shop, college, high school, supernatural creatures, thieves/con artists, whatever ya got I'll probably love it), smut, pining, fake/pretend relationships, antagonistic relationships that turn into love, kid fic (them as kids or them having kids, mpreg), characters suddenly realizing they've been in love all along, domesticity/family, communication by snark, codependent friendships, get togethers, soulmates, adoptive parent-child relationships, queer/trans/genderqueer/etc. characters, magic, steampunk, road trips, tattoos/piercings, ghosts and monsters, intelligence kink, language kink, competency kink, breeding kink, A/B/O verse, BDSM (especially aftercare), rimming, tentacles, double penetration, sloppy seconds, dubcon/noncon, first times, dirty talk, xeno, chub love, wing kink, D/S, bestiality (sentient/partly human or not)

major character death, 1st and 2nd person POV, crossovers (fusions with Harry Potter or The Sentinel or Leverage or something like that are fine, I'm just not a huge fan of the meeting the other characters thing), cancer fic, abuse in main pairings, infidelity, animal death/torture, zombies, scat, vomit, vore, amputation kink

I'll try not to put particular emphasis on any of them as I'd love to get fic for whatever you feel most comfortable writing, so how much description or squeeing I do has no bearing on how much I want any of them! For any of these, feel free to add in other characters into the background/side pairings as you like.

Code Black - Christa Lorenson/Neal Hudson, Angus Leighton/Mario Savetti
I really love all the characters and relationships in this show. Christa and Neal are adorable even in their tentative awkwardness. Angus and Mario are great bc they're obviously on their way to becoming friends (if Mario would quite fucking up) and basically everyone already thinks they're together. It would be great to see something that takes either of the couples (or everyone!) out of the ER for a bit bc we don't get to see enough of them outside of work. I'd love to see more of their personal lives and how the relationship dynamics change outside of the hospital. Also, just more friendship between all of the residents bc that is one of the best parts of the show.

Prompts: Mario never becomes a doctor but somehow he meets Angus anyway. Christa and Neal run into each other on their day off. Angus realizes he's in love with Mario, but doesn't think he has a chance.

Hamilton - Alexander Hamilton/Angelica Schuyler, Aaron Burr/Alexander Hamilton
Somehow this musical just unexpectedly comsumed me and I haven't even seen more than a few clips! But man do I love it. Alexander is a precious idiot and Aaron is my fave and Angelica is just amazingly bamf. I love the history and the social implications for both the past and present and really, I just want to see more. I think Aaron/Alexander is a fascinating dynamic in every way and my fave headcanon is that Aaron is in love with Alexander, who is totally oblivious. I'd love to see some pining and maybe even Alexander realizing (or more likely someone telling him) that he'd been flirting with Aaron the whole time without realizing it. For Alexander/Angelica I'm more interested in the what if or even Eliza deciding a harem's not so bad. Please no bashing Eliza or Theodosia and I am extremely uninterested in infidelity, so I'd rather open relationships or just maneuvering around canon ships than anything including cheating.

Prompts: Angelica chose Alexander instead of introducing him to Eliza. Aaron and Alexander become a political power couple that just can't stop fighting over politics in public. Harry Potter AU where Aaron is a pureblood Slytherin and Alexander is the muggeborn Gryffindor who is somehow the Hogwarts golden boy.

Harry Potter - Harry Potter/Tom Riddle, Draco Malfoy/Ron Weasley, Millicent Bulstrode/Pansy Parkinson, Ginny Weasley/Pansy Parkinson, Neville Longbottom/Pansy Parkinson
This fandom will probably always be one of my favorites and I just really love the characters and the world. Harry/Tom is my all time OTP and I really do enjoy the more antagonistic ships. I love how much they'd have to work to get to a point of romance and/or sex because of their histories or sides on the war. Pansy has been really fascinating to me lately because we don't see much about her and she's kind of looked down on in both the books and the fandom. I'd also be interested in fic that explores the world more, like the differences between the muggle and wizarding worlds, life at Hogwarts, the wizarding world outside of Hogwarts (like what they do once they've graduated), rebuilding the British wizarding world after the war, etc. Anything before, during, or after canon would be great, as well as AUs (I'm especially fond of dark!Harry and dark!Ginny).

Prompts: Ginny struggles after the Chamber of Secrets, but no one notices except Pansy. Milli and Pansy become the Hogwarts power couple, much to Draco's annoyance. To end the war more peacefully, the Ministry arranges a marriage between Harry and Tom, aka Voldemort.

Star Wars - Finn/Rey/Poe Dameron, Hux/Kylo Ren, Finn/Poe Dameron, Leia Organa/Poe Dameron
I'm honestly not really familiar with any of the Star Wars movies except The Force Awakens but I've seen that 4 times so far so I think it's safe to say I liked it :) Finn is my fave and I really loved Poe as well. They're so cute together and I think it would be really interesting to explore them building their relationship (or with Rey as well), coming from such different lives and experiences. Leia/Poe is kind of my little crack ship, but I love how it's obvious Poe adores Leia. Him comforting her while she and Han are... broken up or whatever would be great. Kylo and Hux are my favorite kind of antagonistic and while I'm all for the hate sex and that sort of thing, real fluff or romance would also be fab if you want to go in that direction.

Prompts: Finn and Poe on their first date at the Resistance base. Hux and Kylo's relationship falls apart once Snoke learns about it, but Hux won't give up that easily. Leia may not be royalty anymore, but Poe still likes to treat her like it when they're alone.

Teen Wolf - Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
This show (and fandom) frequently enrages me, but I still love it so much. Especially Derek and Stiles, I just cannot seem to let them go. They're basically my favorite relationship dynamic bc I love all the snark and antagonism and constantly saving each other anyway. I've only seen sporadic episodes after 3A, but I try to keep up with what's going on in general and I've loved several fics set in the time period I haven't watched. Mostly I just love seeing the two of them interacting and being their broody or spastic sarcastic selves. I'm also really into tropes (the more bizarre and ridiculous the better!) for this fandom, so feel free to go wild with the tropey and cliche if that's the direction you're considering.

Prompts: Ballroom dancing AU. Stiles studies abroad during college and runs into Derek, who left Beacon Hills years ago. Stiles is struggling to control his magic and accidentally magically binds himself to Derek.

Original - Incubus/Male Human, Male Master/Male Slave, Male Alien/Male Human, Apprentice Sorceress/Shieldmaiden, Female Ghost/Female Ghost Hunter, Android Male Character/Human Male Character, Human Guy/Tentacled Male Life Form, Male Commoner/Prince, Male Knight/Male Squire
I don't have a lot to say about this one other than I thought these ships were really interesting and I'd love to see what someone could do with them. Generally, I really like character driven stuff with great worldbuilding. I'm obviously very interested in fantasy and sci-fi and I'd love to see something that really explores the world as well as the characters and their relationship. Basically this is an anything goes request :)

Prompts: Female Ghost Hunter is on a hunt alone and is saved from a malignant spirit by Female Ghost. As a child, Prince sneaks out of the castle every day to play with Male Commoner; eventually it turns into something more. Human Guy was warned to stay away from the forest, but he never expected Tentacled Male Life Form.



Any more prompts the Original section, particularly those pairings that are so far without? Too much freedom apparently kills my muse ^_^"
Oh, of course! I know how hard it can be to write without some direction :) Here are some more prompts, I hope they're helpful!

-Incubus meets Male Human at a bar known for arranging safe incubus/human hookups.
-Male Human finds Incubus on the verge of starvation and offers to help him out.
-No one knows that Male Slave is really the dominant one in his relationship with Male Master, at least in bed.
-Male Master wants to fee Male Slave and marry him, but things aren't quite that simple.
-Male Alien is fascinated by Male Human's tattoos and piercings bc alien race doesn't do anything like that.
-Male Human introduces Male Alien to Earth holiday celebrations.
-When sorcerer/sorceress is killed, only Apprentice Sorceress and Shieldmaiden can protect the town from danger.
-Apprentice Sorceress does some magic that goes wrong that leaves her with wings/a tail/etc., but Shieldmaiden doesn't really mind.
-Female Ghost tells Female Ghost Hunter how society has changed since she was alive.
-Android Male Character is curious about human life, so Human Male Character takes him to enjoy all the typical human activities like sports games, road trips, strippers, malls at Christmas, picnics in the park, etc.
-Android Male Character cooks Human Male Character's favorite meal despite not being able to eat himself.
-Tentacled Male Life Form is worshiped as a god by the nearby village and Human Guy wants to be one of his priests.
-Prince doesn't want to marry the princess from a nearby kingdom so he gets Male Commoner to pretend to be his lover.
-Knights are expected to teach their squires everything they need to know, including about sex, and Male Knight takes his responsibility for Male Squire very seriously.
-Male Knight doesn't realize he's in love with Male Squire until he's wounded in battle.

And feel free to combine any of the characters if you want, like Male Alien is the same as Tentacled Male Life Form or Female Ghost was Shieldmaiden when she was alive or any of the Male Humans are the same or whatever. I just thought some of them would work really well in combination. I'm really excited to see what you come up with!


Thank you, that's really helpful! And so many :) - One last question: would you be okay with "artificial male human" instead of "android"? I have an idea I've gotten really excited about... ^.^"
That's totally fine with me! :)


Hey, I know it's not usually done, but I wanted to let you know that I will have to drop out of the challenge for personal reasons. I'm really sorry and hope someone else will pick up your awesome likes/prompts asap! All the best!
Thank you for letting me know!

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