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Ship Meme

Snagged from daria234

Describe 10 pairings that you like in one sentence each, and ask your friends list to guess who the pairings are. Pairings are are two people unless noted.

  1. A hypocondriac know-it-all and his lethargic boyfriend.

  2. A grumpy wolf and a sarcastic high schooler. Derek/Stiles (Teen Wolf) guessed by biffelderberry

  3. A fake god and a moose. Gabriel/Sam (Supernatural) guessed by biffelderberry

  4. An old dude who doesn't want to die and the kid he keeps failing to kill. Voldemort/Harry (Harry Potter) guessed by biffelderberry

  5. A movie obsessed playboy and an elf lord. Tony/Tim (NCIS) guessed by biffelderberry

  6. A guy who kills people often and likes it and a guy who sometimes kills people and wishes he didn't like it. Hannibal/Will (Hannibal) guessed by biffelderberry

  7. A gentleman making reparations for his guilt and a twink with a bad attitude. Harry/Eggsy (Kingsman) guessed by biffelderberry

  8. A techie who talks way too much and a sniper who barely talks at all. Jensen/Cougar (Losers) guessed by biffelderberry

  9. A perpetually angry archer and a really clumsy runner. Roy/Wally (DC) guessed by biffelderberry

  10. A guy who's really obsessed with gentrification and his loyal assistant. Fisk/Wesley (Daredevil) guessed by biffelderberry



2. Derek/Stiles (Teen Wolf)
3. Gabriel/Sam (Supernatural)
4. Voldemort/Harry (Harry Potter)
6. Hannibal/Will (Hannibal)
7. Harry/Eggsy (Kingsman)
8.Jensen/Cougar (Losers)
9. Roy/Wally (DC... I almost thought Ollie/Barry and was wondering when you started to ship that)
10.Fisk/Wesley (Daredevil)

I'm really mad that I don't know 1 and 5. Are they from those shows you like that I don't watch??
lol all correct of course. 1 and 5 are from shows I know you've seen, but idk that you know them well enough to guess for this?
LOL #10 is perfect.

For #1 It reminded me of Sherlock/Watson for some reason, but that's totally not right. I don't even think you ship them!

Not Sherlock/Watson! I shipped them back in the day, but not anymore.
Okay is number 5 from NCIS and is tony/tim?

Edited at 2016-03-01 06:03 pm (UTC)
Got it!
love these clues
lolol at the clues for 3 and 10
lol I am especially proud of 10 :D

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