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well I'm sick

I'd been feeling worse than usual since about last Monday or Tuesday, pain during urination and pain in my side/back. I thought it was just a UTI and/or a strained muscle in my side until I went to the chiropractor on Wednesday and he said he thought it might be my kidney. I decided to just hope whatever it was would get better on its own since I don't have health insurance and I knew a doctor visit would be expensive. Friday I got a massive headache that hasn't really gone away. Sunday night I had a fever between 102 and 104 degrees, so that's when my parents finally decided I needed to be taken to the doctor since it was looking like I probably had a kidney infection. Only the ER was open that night, which would have been extremely expensive, so we waited until yesterday morning to take me to a doc in the box. Lo and behold, I do indeed have a kidney infection :/

I'm now on antibiotics, but I had a bad fever again last night. Basically I'm just miserable while I wait for the pills to kick in, but still getting the side effects. Plus the doctor said the headache probably wasn't related and told me to up my ibuprophin intake, but that hasn't helped so far. Honestly, the headache is the worst part to deal with. It makes it sooo hard to do anything or concentrate on anything or even sleep. I mean the nausea side effect is pretty bad too, but that at least comes and goes. The headache has literally been almost totally constant since Friday.

I just feel really terrible right now, so sorry if I've been very slow to respond lately. Send me some fluffy happy stuff to cheer me up?


*hugs* So sorry to hear that. :(

Have some fluffy kittens.

Cuuuute! Thank you :D
Ugh, that's awful! Headaches are the worst!

This dumb skit always cheers me up:
That was hilarious! Thank you for sharing :D
Any time! <3
Ugh, I'm so sorry you're feeling so bad.

I am the biggest baby about a headache. I rarely get them so when I do, I'm all WOE IS ME MY HEAD. So I can't even imagine how I would deal with what you have right now.

Feel better, hon!
Thank you! I actually have headaches fairly frequently, but having one constantly is so draining. Thankfully it's started to clear up now!
You poor thing :(

I say read some helenish fic and relax!
Thank you! That sounds like an excellent idea :)

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