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Dear Rare Pair Fest Writer

Dear rarepairfest writer,

Thank you so much for writing for me!

If you'd like to stalk me during the exchange, I mainly hang around tumblr besides here. On my AO3 you can see the fics I've bookmarked if that helps give you ideas or in figuring out the things I like, or you can check out my fic rec masterlist (still in progress) that may be easier to maneuver. And always feel free to ask if you have questions or want me to expand on anything!

All of this is totally optional, but I know a lot of the time it helps to have some direction to go in, so I've included some likes, dislikes, prompts, and squee for your inspiration. Include whatever you like or none if nothing I mention suits your fancy! Go wild! I'm good with any ratings and I'm caught up on everything (except Supernatural and Teen Wolf, but I don't care about being spoiled since I don't plan on catching up), so no need to worry about spoilers.

Likes and Dislikes
Tbh, I'm really easy. I will read pretty much anything and my likes run the gammut from "totally normal" to "rare and kind of bizarre" to "probably squicks a lot of people." So whatever you can come up with, chances are good that I'll like it! If it's something not listed under dislikes, then feel free to give it a try if you like, even if it's not one of my specific likes. Which I kind of go on about, sorry not sorry...


fluff, AUs (coffee shop, college, high school, supernatural creatures, thieves/con artists, whatever ya got I'll probably love it), pining, fake/pretend relationships, antagonistic relationships that turn into love, kid fic, characters suddenly realizing they've been in love all along, domesticity/family, communication by snark, codependent friendships, get togethers, soulmates, adoptive parent-child relationships, queer/trans/genderqueer/etc. characters, magic, steampunk, road trips, tattoos/piercings, ghosts and monsters, arranged marriage

mpreg, intelligence kink, language kink, competency kink, breeding/impregnation kink, BDSM (especially aftercare), rimming, tentacles, double penetration, sloppy seconds, dubcon/noncon, dirty talk, xeno, chub love, wing kink, D/S, bestiality (sentient/partly human or not), gangbang, daddy kink, feminization, glory holes, knotting, non-human genitalia, oviposition, praise kink, size kink, stomach bulge, watersports, messy sex, anal, creampie, doggy style, rough sex, incest, size difference, first time, age difference, prostitution, sex toys, telepathic sex, wrecked asshole, sexual slavery, bareback, come marking, inflation, cock warming


major character death, 1st and 2nd person POV, cancer fic, abuse in main pairings, infidelity, animal death/torture, zombies, suicide

scat, vomit, vore, amputation kink

I'll try not to put particular emphasis on any of them as I'd love to get fic for whatever you feel most comfortable writing, so how much description or squeeing I do has no bearing on how much I want any of them! For any of these fandoms, feel free to add in other characters into the background/side pairings as you like :) I've requested fic for all of these, but art as treats is more than welcome!

Elizabeth Swann (PotC)/Wendy Darling (Peter Pan), Joe Carroll (The Following)/Hannibal Lecter (Hannibal), Ziva David (NCIS)/Natasha Romanov (MCU)

I'm not usually into crossovers, but these kind of got stuck in my head and I would love to see what could be written for them. Elizabeth and Wendy are very similar characters to me, so I think it would be really interesting to see them interact. Maybe they meet in London through their families, or maybe they run into each other when Elizabeth's ship pirate attacks Wendy's ship. Because they're both so strong willed and inquisitive, I could see them butting heads a bit until they learn more about each other. The Following and Hannibal are two of my favorite shows and I think these two serial killers getting together would be equal parts fantastic and terrifying. I'm not sure how well they'd actually get along, though they're both academics so maybe they would, but it would sure to be explosive while it lasted. They're both so delightfully creepy and fucked up, so please feel free to take that and run with it. I'd especially be interested in something that really expands on the symbolism and literary references of the shows, maybe with their circles of murders overlapping or them competing or something. As a caveat to my dislike for major character death, I don't mind it for them as long as it's one of them trying to or suceeding in killing one another. Ziva and Natasha would be an absolutely lethal pair, and I would love to see the two of them together. Them having to work together would be great, or maybe running into each other after having known each other years before. I could also really dig Ziva as a SHIELD agent or Natasha undercover at NCIS if you want to go that direction.

After Neverland, Wendy wants to travel, but her trip is cut short by a pirate ship. When they were young, Elizabeth and Wendy's parents arranged a marriage between them. Wendy takes Elizabeth to Neverland with her, Hannibal should have known that his soulmate would be just as dangerous as he was. Joe and Hannibal run into each other at an academic conference and sparks (and blood) fly. Joe and Hannibal flirt through murder. When the SHIELD files go public, Ziva is outed as a former agent. Natasha goes undercover to root out Hydra agents in NCIS. Ziva and Natasha meet at the gym.

Francis/James Wesley, Franklin "Foggy" Nelson/Marci Stahl, Vanessa Marianna Fisk/Wilson Fisk/James Wesley, Wilson Fisk/James Wesley

I really didn't expect to enjoyed this show as much as I did, or to become so invested in some of the characters. I absolutely loved Wesley and Vanessa, and Marci has been super interesting to me as well. Fisk/Wesley was almost immediately my primary ship for the show bc the dynamic is just so much everything I love. Wesley was so loyal and I'm so interested in seeing how he became so close to Fisk. Has he been with Fisk for long and how did he become Fisk's right hand man? Do Fisk's other men know about their relationship? Vanessa was so beautiful and confident and basically the perfect mob wife right from the start, and I think that's just so fascinating. Her interactions with Wesley are really interesting too, bc in some ways it seemed like she was taking his place in the show. Were Fisk and Wesley together before Vanessa came along? Do the three of them have an equal relationship, or is Fisk basically in two separate relationships? Marci is similarlly fierce and her relationship with Foggy is adorable. I really like how she is so often standoffish, but obv cares about him a lot. It would be great to see how they originally got together or how their relationship develops post s2. I've recently seen stuff about Francis/Wesley so I'd just like to see more of that since we barely see any interaction between them. Did they meet through Fisk or were they already together? How does Wesley balance everything he does for Fisk with having a relationship?

villifying or friding any female characters, Wesley dying even though it's canon

Fisk and Wesley meet as teenagers in a group home. Harry Potter AU where Fisk is trying to take over the Ministry. Francis has crushed on Wesley since he came to work for Fisk. Vanessa starts to rebuild Fisk's empire while he's in jail. AU where Vanessa is in charge of everything instead of Fisk. Marci comes to work at Nelson & Murdoch while Landman & Zack is under investigation. Fisk manages to take over Hell's Kitchen and things change drastically.

The Flash
Cisco Ramon/Earth-2 Harrison Wells, Cisco Ramon/Harrison Wells | Eobard Thawne, Cisco Ramon/Hartley Rathaway, Earth-2 Cisco Ramon/Earth-2 Hartley Rathaway, Earth-2 Cisco Ramon/Hartley Rathaway

I was pretty much on the fence about DC until this show, but they do such an awesome job I can't help but love it. Cisco is probably my favorite character on the show. He's hilarious and just so enthusiastic about everything. I'm really fascinated by the dynamic of his relationship with Wells (either one) and every time I watch an episode with the two of them I think I ship it a little more. I really enjoy the animosity between them, the way they're constantly snarking at each other. With Earth-2 Wells, it's clear to me that there is also respect and fondness there, they just maybe don't know how to show it. I like the idea of Jesse (or someone else) being fed up with them flirting all the time and taking it into their own hands to get them together. Cisco and Hartley have a similar dynamic, and I love how every scene with them is basically just the baiting each other and poking each other until something happens. I wonder if the Earth-2 version of Cisco has the same sort of relationship with the Earth-2 Hartley, since we don't get to see him at all. Or how Earth-2 Cisco would interact with Hartley. I have a suspicion they might get along better, though I also think the two Ciscos fighting over Hartley would be hilarious.

Cisco and Wells have to go undercover as a couple to stop the newest meta. Cisco thought he'd never find his soulmate... until Earth-2 Wells came through the breach. An experiment gone wrong leaves Cisco and Wells/Hartley accidentally soul bonded/mentall connected/etc. AU where Cisco and Hartley are rival Hogwarts students from different houses who are assigned a project together. On Earth-2, Cisco sees his counterpart romantically involved with Earth-2 Hartley and wonders. Cisco is heartbroken when Wells turns out to be evil, but he's not sure getting together with Earth-2 Wells as a rebound is such a good idea.

Clint Barton/Phil Coulson/Nick Fury/Natasha Romanov, Maria Hill/Jasper Sitwell, Natasha Romanov/T'Challa, Nick Fury/Jasper Sitwell, Nick Fury/Natasha Romanov

This franchise and fandom frustrates me to no end sometimes, but I still love many of the characters ad ships. Nick/Natasha is my favorite ship. I like how obviously lcose they are in the movies even though you'd think they wouldn't be just bc of the kind of ppl they are and Natasha's background. I adore Jasper and I hate that they tried to make him Hydra because that is so wrong on so many levels. I'm not married to any ships with him yet, but I've really enjoyed the Nick/Jasper and Maria/Jasper stuff I've seen and I'd love to see more. I haven't actually seen any Natasha/T'Challa yet, but I was shiping them so hard after CW. Their dynamic was really great and I'd love to see how they could move on in a relationship after what happened in the movie. Clint/Phil/Nick/Natasha is really hard to find, but I really enjoy the dynamic of the four of them together and I love seeing how the four of them get together and work together. I'm not fond of AoU, but I'd be happy with fic set before/during/after/between any of the movies or crossing over with the tv shows, as well as AUs.

villifying or fridging any female characters, just Clint/Natasha, Hydra!Jasper (triple agent is fine but he should be loyal to SHIELD)

Natasha and Nick discover they're soulmates when she's first brought in, but neither of them wants to do anything about it for awhile. Jasper pretends to be Maria's boyfriend to placate her family at Christmas. Clint, Phil, Nick, and Natasha try to figure out a poly relationship while balancing life at SHIELD. Jasper and Nick wake up married after a mission gone sideways. Leverage or Librarians style AU. Clint is the middle of a gangbang and loves every minute of it. Natasha and T'Challa start up a long distance communication that starts professional but ends decidedly not.

Childhood Bully Guy/Childhood Bullism Victim Guy, Framed Innocent Male Detective/Male Convict, Human/Slime Monster, Male Alien/Male Human, Male Dom Criminal Mastermind/Male Sub Undercover Secret Agent/Male Switch Bodyguard, Male Fairy/Male Human, Male Master/Male Slave, Male With Sexually-Transmitted Monsterism/Male, Mermaid/Queen, Prince/Male Commoner

I don't have a lot to say about this one other than I thought these ships were really interesting and I'd love to see what someone could do with them. I'm very interested in fantasy and sci-fi, as is probably obvious, so some world building would be fantastic if you can. I'm also a big fan of horror and political/social intrigue, and power difference is something I really like, so exploring that would be great. Feel free to combine any of the characters if you want, like Male/Male Human/Human  are the same or Male Fairy is the same as Prince or whatever. Feel free to ask for more prompts if I don't have any below for the ships you're interested in!

Queen never expected her soulmate to be a Mermaid. As a child, Prince sneaks out of the castle every day to play with Male Commoner; eventually it turns into something more. Human was warned to stay away from the forest, but he never expected to end up seeing a Slime Monster. No one knows that Male Slave is really the dominant one in his relationship with Male Master, at least in bed. Prince doesn't want to marry the princess from a nearby kingdom so he gets Male Commoner to pretend to be his lover. Male With Sexually-Transmitted Monsterism has to be very careful with his hook ups. Male Sub Undercover Secret Agent thinks he's going to die when he's made, but Male Dom Criminal Mastermind and Male Switch Bodyguard don't want to kill him. Male Convict helps Framed Innocent Male Detective escape from jail in order to prove he's innocent. Childhood Bully Guy and childhood Bullism Victim Guy run into each other years later and things go quite differently. Male Human takes Male Alien on a romantic road trip.

Star Trek: AOS
Gaila/Nyota Uhura, Winona Kirk/Original Female Character

I've watched Star Trek 2009 probably more than a dozen times and I still hope every time that Gaila will somehow survive (so fix it fic is something I'd especially love to see). I thought she was a really interesting character and we really didn't get to see enough of her or learn much about her or her relationship with Nyota. I didn't really like Nyota at first, but I'm starting to like her a lot more. I like how confident and intelligent she is, and how she goes for what she wants no matter what. I hadn't thought much about Winona until recently, but I've been wondering where she was during the movies. We see her at the beginning, but not again, and I'd really love to see something about what she was doing all that time and what her relationship with Jim (and/or Sam) is like. Maybe she got married to a lady after Frank and retired, or maybe she's girlfriends with a female officer onboard what ever ship she serves on.

Winona mends her relationship with Jim after he returns from the destruction of Vulcan and wants to introduce him to her girlfriend. Gaila and Nyota take a roadtrip during a break from the Academy. Winona meets her future wife at a Starfleet party. Gaila and Nyota's first day as roommates. Gaila attends a costume party, and Nyota really likes her costume. Winona is stranded on a planet during a mission and gets close with one of the natives.

David Lassiter/Ennis Ross, Nancy Fitzgerald/Victor Henriksen, Alan J. Corbett/Ed Zeddmore, Crowley/Bobby Singer

I haven't watched this show in ages bc it and the fandom stress me out, but I still like a lot of the characters and ships. Good thing most of them are already dead so I don't have to worry about missing them :D I thought Bloodlines was a really interesting episode and I'd love to see more about all feuding and such going on. David and Ennis had a great dynamic and it would be really interesting to see how they work together or continue to butt heads. I thought Nancy and Victor were really sweet and it would be gret to see more about them. Maybe he helps make sure she'll never worry about being a virgin sacrifice again, or maybe they survive and go on to be hunters themselves. The Ghostfacers' episodes are some of my favorite, and I really really liked Corbett and Ed's relationship. I'm so sad Corbett died bc it would have been great for them to actually get together. Still, I'm definitely not opposed to Ed interacting with ghost!Corbett. Crowley and Bobby's relationship is adorably grumpy, which is such a great dynamic. I like that Crowley is so possessive of Bobby and Bobby acts like he's uninterested, though he totally loves it. Caveat for my no major character death is canon Corbett or Bobby death, though I'd really rather it not focus on angst. Romance after death would be appreciated :)

David and Ennis have to work together when a new threat comes through the city. David's family becomes the most powerful monster family in the city when he has a hunter at his side. Ennis decides to track down his father and David accompanies him. Nancy and Victor make it out alive, but decide it's easier to become hunters themselves if everyone thinks they're dead. Nancy asks Victor to help her avoid being a virgin sacrifice again. With Maggy's help, Ed realizes that he and Corbett have basically been dating since they met. The others think it's weird, but Ed kind of likes having a ghost for a boyfriend. Corbett tries to woo an oblivious Ed. Bobby realizes Crowley has practically moved in, but strangely he's not too upset. Apparently demons bring very strange/disturbing gifts to their paramours. Bobby's not a big fan of hell, but he's willing to stay there for Crowley.

Teen Wolf
Chris Argent/Kate Argent, Derek Hale/Laura Hale, Derek Hale/Peter Hale/Stiles Stilinski, Sheriff Stilinski/Stiles Stilinski

This show (and fandom) frequently enrages me, but I still love it so much. I don't know why, but I'm really into the incest ships on the show too. Chris/Kate is such an unhealthy and probably dangerous relationship, and I'd love to see how it came about and what the ppl around them think of it, if they know. I think Derek/Laura could be really sweet. Derek always seemed kind of in awe of his sister and he'd probably be pretty clingy with her too, especially with a fix it where she narrowly survives in s1. Sterek is my favorite ship bc of all the snark and antagonism and constantly saving each other anyway, and that's just brought up another notch with Peter in the mix. I'd love see how the three of them could work out a relationship when neither Derek or Stiles really trusts Peter. Sheriff/Stiles has the potential for a lot of kinkiness and creepiness, but also a lot of domestic fluff. I'm totally great with any of those honestly, and I think it would be especially interesting to see how they try to keep their relationship quiet when surrounded by a bunch of werewolves. I know a lot of ppl have a no preg/mpreg rule with incest, but I'm cool with it if you want to go that way.

Stiles is struggling to control his magic and accidentally magically binds himself to Derek, Peter, and/or the Sheriff. Peter and Derek fuck Stiles in wolf form. Stiles is very surprised to find out who his soulmates are. In NYC, Derek and Laura can pretend they're just lovers instead of everyone knowing they're siblings. Chris and Kate's fights devolve into sex.

Armando Muñoz/Alex Summers, Ororo Munroe/Jubilation Lee, Pietro Maximoff/Kurt Wagner, Scott Summers/Kurt Wagner

I've never been a huge X-Men fan, but I have really enjoyed the new movies. Armando and Alex were adorable together and I hate that we didn't get to see more of that. It's absolutely ridiculous that they killed Armando since his powers should adapt to that, but in any case, I love how even though Alex was so skittish with the others but he relaxed around Armando. And the part with them playing pinball, so cute. More of that! Ororo was great in Apocalypse and so was Jubilee, though I really wish we could have seen more of her. I think they'd make a really cute couple, especially post Apocalypse with Ororo coming to the school. Kurt was really adorable and I really just want to see him happy. Pietro was hilarious, which I think would be really great for Kurt. They could have a lot of fun together, or maybe experiementing with how their powers can work together. I usually hate Scott, but I actually enjoyed him in Apocalypse and I think he and Kurt would be really cute together. I'd love to see the two of them at the school together, getting to know each other more.

Armando remaining dead (i.e. canon death is fine but he shouldn't stay dead)

Armando and Alex go to an arcade. Alex helps Armando acclimate after he rematerializes. Armando and Alex meet in NYC when Armando is a taxi driver. Jubilee shows Ororo around the school and the nearby town. Ororo, Jubilee, Scott, and Kurt double date. Scott and Kurt are roommates. Pietro takes Kurt on a dorky yet adorable date. Hogwarts AU where they're all students in different houses and Charles is the headmaster.

Young Justice
Bart Allen/Jaime Reyes, Cameron Makent/Conner Kent, Clark Kent/Vandal Savage, Clone Roy Harper/Roy Harper, Clone Roy Harper/Wally West, Kon-El | Conner Kent/Kaldur'ahm, Roy Harper/Clone Roy Harper/Wally West, Roy Harper/Kaldur'ahm, Roy Harper/Oliver Queen, Roy Harper/Wally West

I'm so sad this show got cancelled before I got into it. It was so so good and I absolutely loved Roy in it. He's so adorable and broken and angry, whether original!Roy or clone!Roy, and I just want to see so much more of him and his relationships with the other. I really like Roy with someone who tempers him a little and helps break through his angry, listens-to-no-one exterior, which is why he's great with Wally and Kaldur. His battle with addiction is something I'd really like to see explored since it obviously had a huge impact on him, even aside from what led him there in the first place. Roy/Roy and Roy/Roy/Wally could be really interesting bc of how antagonistic original!Roy is after everything, probably especially when he finds out how much of a life clone!Roy has. Cameron is a really sad character imo. He tries so hard to get his father to pay attention to him and then he just kind of fucks up everything. I really shipped him and Connor, and I think him having a romantic interest that's a superhero could change a lot for him in a positive way. Getting him on the team or even just a not-a-villain ally would be really interesting. Bart and Jaime were adorable all the way up until the scarab made him go a bit crazy, but I'd love to see how they work things out after that. I feel like they'd go on really cute dates and just be nauseatingly cute to the rest of the team. I'm kind of fascinated by the idea of Kaldur, being an Atlantian, or Conner or Clark, being Kryptonians, having weird genitalia, so feel free to experiment with that if you like. Both Kaldur and Connor feel like outsiders on the team to me sometimes, so I'd love to see something where they bond over that. Or Kaldur helping Connor through his angst and such. Clark/Savage is deliciously antagonistic, and I think it's a really interesting dynamic. I'd be especially interested in seeing something where Savage has Clark under his power for those 16 hrs. Roy's antagonism for Oliver is really great and I'd really like to see more of how Oliver reacts to Roy's anger and what Oliver really thinks about everything that happened. For all of these, anything before, during, or after canon is A ok with me!

villifying or fridging any female characters, Wally being dead even though it's canon

Wally thought he had a one-sided soulmate bond, but when the original Roy is found he finds out that isn't true. Roy and Kaldur end up in an arranged marriage to help strengthen a treaty with Atlantis. Roy and Wally have to pretend to be in a relationship for some reason, but the other Roy doesn't like feeling left out. Wally or Kaldur help Roy through his addiction. Roy has a crush on the barista at the coffee shop near his apartment and doesn't realize it's one of the other sidekicks. Roy and Wally were together before they found out that Roy was a clone, which causes all sorts of problems. Cameron meets his boyfriends friends for the first time off the battlefield. Roy and Wally (or Kaldur) raise Lian. Roy and Oliver's fights devolve into sex.



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