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hello, friends

It's been awhile. I don't think I've posted anything but exchange letters since April, and nothing really of substance since before then. Sorry :/

Life has continued to be a busy mess and I'm really not keeping up with it very well lol I'd say the only bright spot was my vacation to Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago, but that didn't turn out so great. More on that in a later post hopefully? Work is a little crazy since we're working on about three books all in various stages of the publication process and modding a big bang by myself is kind of killing my soul. Plus, my family is having some pretty bad financial problems atm (lol like we aren't always, but it's been worse lately), so I've added a freelance magazine editing job, more crafting, and Fiverr gigs to my plate to try to help. We'll see how that goes...

I've obv not been keeping up with my flist either unfortunately. I'm hoping that with wipbigbang starting to wrap up soon (relatively, I guess) that'll give me some time to catch up, but please send me links to anything interesting/important I should see!


I know it's late in the game, but if you need help modding, just let me know.
I think I'm good for now since all that's left is posting and that doesn't require me to do much. But if you're interested in modding next year I would love the help!
Sure! I have some experience modding a fic exchange, but not a bang challenge. I'll help however I can :)
Awesome :D This was actually the first bang I modded (and my only other modding experience was the disastrous Marvel Shipping Games), so no worries!
*slides up beside you*

what fests are you doing? some reason i keep finding awesome ones through you.
I am the queen of fests!

Atm I'm signed up for M/M Rares, hptimetravel, rarepairfest, and hp_drizzle. hp_creatures's Halloween fest has prompting open rn, but I think that's the only one that hasn't had claims/assignments yet. I... also have a spreadsheet of fests/exchanges that I check every month and add to when I find more. You're welcome to check that out if you want lol
damn son your spreadsheet is a beautfil thing.

right now i am currently signed up for m/m rares, rairpairfest, hp-crossgenfest, and hp-drizzle. oh! and sultry in September (tolkien exchange). after that i think i cam putting a cap on how many fests i sign up for at one time.
I may have a spreadsheet problem lol

Ooh, sultry sounds interesting! Could you send me a link? I kind of sort of attempt to put a cap on how many fests I sign up for (2 due a month), but it doesn't work out for me very often...

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