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Vegas... Part 1!

I went to Las Vegas for "vacation" a few weeks ago and I thought I'd share some pictures (and get my rant out about it...). I say "vacation" bc it was neither very fun nor very relaxing lol I thought it would be better, but well, it wasn't. C'est la vie.

There were really two reasons I was in Vegas. My dad had a work convention there June 13th-16th and we thought it would be a good family vacation, especially since I have a cousin who lives just outside the city and we hadn't seen her in ten years. My friend Nora, who is getting married in December, had already been talking about doing a bachelorette party there, so the five of us went the weekend before the business convention and I just stayed while they flew home.

So I was actually pretty excited about the trip, especially flying there bc I love flying. Unfortunately our flight turned into a shitshow that basically overshadowed everything else. Not long after we got through security, we all got calls that our flight was delayed. Fine, whatever, just meant waiting around a bit longer. A few minutes later we got calls that our flight was cancelled. Without any instruction on what to do about it or anything. We... might have panicked a little lol

We decided to go to the gate we were supposed to have departed from to see what we could find out. The lady there was pretty rude and acted like us trying to find out about our flight was just such a burden. Found out that apparently our original flight had been cancelled, we'd been assigned another (at a different gate!), and the second flight had been delayed. Which we had no way of knowing and made no sense considering the calls we received, but whatever.

And the annoyances from the airline continued throughout the rest of the trip...

We were supposed to board an hour after our original flight was supposed to depart and ended up up boarding over half an hour after that. When we first got our tickets, we'd gotten seats together so we could talk, but apparently that didn't matter when they switched flights bc they stuck us literally all over the plane. Kenzie and I were thankfully in rows next to each other and managed to get someone to switch with me so we were together.

While we were sitting and waiting to take off, the flight attendents were kind of freaking out. They were rushing all over the plane and one guy at the front kept getting on the phone. I honestly thought they were going to cancel the flight again. Of course they didn't tell us what was going on, but I overheard that there was no food or drinks on the plane so they were trying to get stuff while we were sitting there. Not really very encouraging. I think we finally took off an hour and a half after boarding.

Because everything had been so much of a mess already, they comped our alcohol. Which, yay, but turned out not to be so good after all. About half an hour into the flight, the lady in the row behind me started gagging and her seat mates (who didn't know her) had to get her a paper bag and eventually had to take her to the (thankfully nearby) bathroom so she could go puke. The other guy in my row kept pushing the call button to get a flight attendant to help, but it took at least ten minutes for anyone to show up. By that time, the lady was apparently puking AND peeing AND crying all at the same time in the bathroom. We eventually found out she'd had SIX drinks before boarding and two on the plane, so she was pretty fucking out of it. I spent the rest of the flight afraid she'd puke on me as she passed by bc they had to take her back and forth to the bathroom at least four times.

Anyway, we finally made it to Vegas hours after we were supposed to, hungry and cranky and determined never to fly with American again. We were staying at the New York New York hotel, which was pretty cool, especially the roller coaster that went around the building. Here was the view from our (oddly tinted) window:

We had breakfast at the America restaurant one morning. They had this HUGE artpiece of the continental US with little depictions of the most important/identifiable bits from the different states. It was pretty cool, and did I mention HUGE?

We'd bought tickets for four shows over the weekend. The first was a Stripper 101 class with a Aussie Hunks later that night. The class was pretty fun, we learned a few pole moves and how to give a lap dance. During one of the pole spins, I managed to fuck my knee up doing one of the moves which made the next couple of weeks pretty miserable. Whoops. The stripper show itself was kind of lackluster imo. The guys weren't that attractive or muscular (we took pics with some Chippendales on Fremont Street earlier in the day who blew them away in that regard) and there were only really two very good dancers in the group. Plus, they sat us off to the side near the back even though the whole front was empty?? At least I got a lap dance from one of them lol

The highlight of the weekend was the murder mystery dinner we went to. It was really funny and fun and included quite a bit of audience participation. Here was the card I got when we chose what meal we wanted:

Plus some of the after show "entertainment"

We went to a magic show, which turned out to be super boring and predictable. Kenzie, Kim, and I also went to MGM one morning and got to do the CBS test viewing thing. The show we ended up with was the pilot (maybe? it didn't seem like it) of Brain Dead, which turned out to be awful. We had little dials that we could rate the show moment by moment from 0 to 100. Our dials stayed below 50 most of the time. The whole thing was like they made a show out of some conspiracy theory trash mags which, who thought that was a good idea?? Most of the characters were just irredeamably awful and unlikeable and I got some really creepy vibes when a white woman locked a black woman in a bathroom and basically attacked her with alien bugs. It was bizarre. The best imo was the survey afterward where I got to rate other CBS shows which was only fun bc I watch a lot of tv lol

Fremont Street was one of the other fun things of the weekend. Besides the Chippendales, there were just so many more street performers and music and liveliness. I really enjoyed it and I wish I'd been able to make it back later in the week. The strip was absolutely brain deadeningly dull in comparrison. Here's four of us that went, me on the right.

One afternoon we went to a couple of other casinos to look around. My favorite was the Bellagio, which is really freaking beautiful. We didn't see the fountain show unfortunately, but it was still definitely worth it to take a walk through. I don't know why this was the only pic I took there...

So all of this was nice and vacationish except for how the bride ended up not wanting to go to anything we'd planned and complaining/looking generally annoyed about everything. Which I kind of understand, nothing really seemed to be going right, but it was honestly exhausting to deal with. All the little things started adding up, like how the two skinny girls kept walking ahead of us three fat ones and not realizing that walking so much was getting to us and how no one could agree on where to eat or go.

It all kind of blew up in our faces Saturday afternoon. I don't even know for sure what started it, but next thing I knew Kim and Nora were shouting at each other in a mall coffee shop and then stomping off in opposite directions. We'd made a deal before we flew out that no one was allowed to go off on their own, so we had to decided who was going to go after who. I ended up going after Kim bc the other three were all flying out together later that night and we didn't want to cause even more tension if at all possible.

I'm not particularly good at the whole emotional support thing, but I did my best to try to get the two of them back to a place where they could talk. Unfortunately Nora was still too pissed and there was more shouting, in the street this time. So we split again and went our separate ways. Kim and I decided to explore some of the casinos we hadn't gotten to before. Apparently we didn't go far enough into Mandalay Bay to see anything cool, but I liked the Luxor. That would be fun to stay in one day.

While we were out there, Kim got a text from Nora. Keeping in mind that at this point it's like 8pm and Nora is flying out in like 3 hours. The text said something along the lines was "Get your stuff out of the hotel room or I'm calling security." Which, you know, isn't really something you want to hear anytime, much less in a strange city at night. Apparently Kenzie tried to physically stop her from sending the text, but it didn't do much good. She didn't go through with her threat thankfully, but it was really stressful for awhile. As far as I know, they've only texted once since then and still haven't made up...

And wow, I had a lot more to say than I thought. Thanks to anyone who stuck through my rant? I hope it was amusing at least lol I'll do a part two later for the rest of my trip, which was a bit more fun and not nearly as stressful :)


That sucks hairy balls. I hope you at least had some fun.
It had some fun spots, but it definitely wasn't the vacation I was hoping for lol
Wait is this the bridal party? That's a mess!
Yikes! Sounds like your vacation could have been better, yes. Sorry about the mishap with your friends.
I used to have an obnoxious friend that created friction on a conference trip she came along for, but nothing like this, thankfully.
Yeah, it didn't turn out nearly like we were hoping lol
Lame that the dancers weren't hot! Chippendale's is really the only group that I've heard nothing but good things about. I have always wanted to go to a murder mystery show!

Bummer about the drama. Ugh. When the future bride isn't into her own party, that would totally kill the mood.
I'm thinking if I ever go again, I'll definitely spring for the Chippendales. But the murder mystery show was definitely worth it!

Yeah, it's hard to have fun when the bride's not having fun. And worse maybe, she didn't even understand that her being miserable made us miserable lol
I hope her mood didn't have something to do with her upcoming nuptials!
Thankfully not! She actually went and got secretly married in April (On April Fool's Day, without any of us there :/), but as far as anyone else knows (read: her parents) the wedding in December is the real thing.
Oh, well that's good. I have mixed feelings about secret weddings because I feel like I'd want my friends there at least, but then again it's not about anyone but the couple so I can see the attraction. Hope she enjoys her "wedding", at least!
Yeah, none of us were particularly happy about it. Especially with it happening on April Fool's Day! I think she preferred the low key atmosphere of it though, so I suppose that's good.
I think my 2001 New Orleans male stripper experience was worse. A ripped, lean man--kind of pretty, though he kept that male model’s sour, stony, "I have dignity" expression on his face the whole time--walked out in pants, socks, and shoes to Metallica’s "Nothing Else Matters." He remained in pants, socks, and shoes for the whole song, and his sexy dancing consisted of walking moodily around the stage, rubbing himself against the poles a little, stroking his thighs a bit, and doing a few pelvic thrusts for one woman in front. Whereas the female stripper before him came out in a g-string, had people stuffing money in her panties, and whipped off her top ¼ of the way through her first song. Double standard!

We were so bored that we didn’t stay to see if he at least unbuckled his belt for his next song, "Paranoid" by Garbage.
Wow, and that was supposed to be a show?? That's ridiculous. I definitely would have left too!
The female stripper before him started by very carefully wiping the poles with a cloth and ended her set by squatting unsexily on the stage to very slowly count her money, bill by bill. Then the guy came out and did... his thing that I described above.

I was there with two women I met on a guided Ghosts and Spirits tour earlier that day who were surprised by how much of the French Quarter's layout and stores I already knew within two days of being there. And that I walked it. (They were from Los Angeles.) They demanded we go into a Bourbon Street strip club because it had to be amazing or really sleazy, right?

Hilariously, half a year after I mentioned this online, someone claiming to be a New Orleans stripper wrote a scathing e-mail to me making threats and telling me how ugly and fat we must be. Good times.
That is the most awkward and bizarre strip show I've ever heard of... That is neither amazing nor sleazy, which is pretty disappointing in a New Orleans strip club.

How/why did they even contact you?? That's terrible.
I guess they somehow found the trip writeup page I have at my fic site and e-mailed me off my contact info on another page? Or were googling for people disappointed in New Orleans strippers? I don't even know.
no one could agree on where to eat or go.

Hahhahahah thissssss. I've never really been on trips with a whole group of friends, and honestly, I don't think I ever will. Because every time I meet up with people, and we're 4 people or more, things just takes forever and no one wants to step up and decide what to do. It's annoying as fuck. XD;;; I can tolerate an afternoon of this every now and again, but a whole weekend or a week? Nope.

Despite the drama and flight issues, you got to see a lot of stuff wow! MURDER MYSTERY DINNER???? This sounds like so much fun, how does it work????

I'm unfortunately pretty used to it bc none of my friends are very good at making decisions lol Part of the problem was the bride kept wanting to go get burgers. Like, girl, we can get those at home, pick something else!

Yes, it was a blast! Basically there was a hostess that kind of drove the story along while the audience got to participate in some of it. It started with everyone sitting at their dinner tables and suddenly one person died. A cop showed up and the hostess kept pointing him to question various ppl in the audience as they tried to figure who the murderer was. It included a lot of dancing and innuendo, plus the three course meal :)

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