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25 Word Fills

Last week one of the themes at comment_fic was 25 word fills. I didn't get any done the day of bc I've been so terrible at keeping up, but I did get some late ones done! Sharing here since they're not long enough for AO3 :) I wrote a couple fills for some of them, but the first ones are the only ones I actually posted on the prompts.

Agents of Shield, fitz/Simmons/any, it's adorable that they think their seduction is so smooth (Fitz/Simmons/Will)

Will should probably be worried he's actually turned on by Leo's terrible flirting and Jemma's awkward striptease, but it's cute how they think they're seductive.

Deadpool, Wade Wilson, Death and taxes. (Or death in taxis.)

Two things everyone says are constant: death and taxes. Except he can't die and doesn't pay taxes. Maybe it's death in taxis? That sounds right.

Greek Myth, Persephone, the grass is always greener

She misses home when she's in the Underworld,the Underworld when she's home. She doesn't love one more than the other except when she does.

Grimm, Nick/Monroe - protective Grimm instincts

"Did you have to punch him?"
"He was going to hurt you."
"Helping you, I'm gonna get hurt sometimes."
"Not if I can help it."

It's instinct the first time he steps in front of a guy taking a swing at Monroe, breaking his fist. Afterward, protective instinct turns love.

Hamilton (Miranda), author's choice, telling the story (Eliza gen)

Eliza knew grief, but she also knew how to continue on. She'd learned that alongside her husband and with him gone, she'd tell the story.

any book. any. brick (Harry Potter, Marauders gen)

The Marauders knew every corner of Hogwarts, every brick and stone. It was their's in a sense, and they loved every magical inch of it.

The Librarians, Cassandra/Eve, the tree of knowledge

They kiss for the first time under the tree of knowledge. For once, Cassandra feels all thoughts leave her mind as Eve's lips touch hers.

MCU, Tony Stark/Pepper Potts, Returns

She worries every time they go out and fight that this time Tony won't come back. But he always returns to her, and she's grateful.

Stargate: Atlantis, John Sheppard/Rodney McKay, Camping off-world

Rodney's never found camping or alien planets particularly fun or sexy (unless there's a ZPM), but with John there, he might just change his mind.

It's hot and humid and Rodney hates traveling off-world when he doesn't have to. But John loves camping and Rodney loves John, so he'll deal.

Stargate Atlantis, John Sheppard/Rodney McKay, chest hair

John had always been somewhat self-conscious of his hairy body, but by the way Rodney runs his hands through his chest hair, he likes it.

Stargate Multiverse, Any, The truth is out there.

Even being new to the Stargate program, she knew there was a lot to discover. But somewhere through that ring, the truth was out there.

Star Wars, Kylo Ren/Armitage Hux, Fire.

There's a fire in Kylo's eyes when he fights, then he blinks and it's gone. Hux thinks it's the most beautiful thing he's ever seen.

Kylo can still see the fire of burning planets when he closes his eyes. If it hadn't been Hux's doing, he might've been more distressed.

Supernatural, Sam Winchester, 'I do believe in Happy Ends'

It's hard to be optimistic with a life like his, but in the end, he has to hope. Somewhere there's a happy ending for him.

White Collar, Peter/Neal - Peter has a handcuff kink; Neal completely does NOT

"You are not putting those on me."
"I thought we agreed to explore each other's kinks."
"Not that one. Too much practical experience for that."


these are great

I can totally see Peter/Neal having that convo
Thank you! :D

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