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thinking of joining a land comm

I've been thinking for awhile about joining a land comm to give me some more... direction? inspiration? on making stuff. It'll probably be a few weeks till I join one since I'm still trying to catch up on everything after travelling so much this summer, but I just wanted to check out my options. I was in hogwartsishome for a while several years ago and it was fun, though I think everyone I knew there has left :/ I've also been recently seen stuff about theiconthrone and gameofcards, and they look like they could be fun too. And of course I know there are plenty of others out there...

So I guess I just want to know, anybody on my flist in/previously in a land comm? Thoughts on any of them that could help me decide? It would be great if I could join one where I already have friends, but honestly I just want to have fun and have the chance to make stuff lol


I'm part of avland.livejournal.com, a land comm based around the MCU movies, and I normally find it pretty fun. You... maybe were the person who introduced me to it? Only you didn't list it so ... ?
I don't think I've heard of that one actually! I've been kind of slipping away from MCU lately though, I think I've just gotten burned out on it. But if they can manage to pull me back in anytime soon, I'll definitely check that one out :)

I'm at hih!

Oh awesome! I think I'll probably look into going back there, it was a lot of fun. What house are you in?
i'm in hufflepuff. i was sorted there back when i was first there. and when i re-joined i just asked to re-join my house. i am very hufflepuff anyway.
Awesome! I'll probably ask to be resorted if/when I rejoin. I was in Ravenclaw, but I'd be interested in seeing if anything's changed.

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