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still here! + fall tv

Life has been getting away from me... once again. I missed noms for Yuletide (at least I know one of my ships got in though!) and sign ups for trickortreatex bc I haven't had a chance to check LJ in ages :( I'm working from home this week while my boss is out of town, so hopefully that'll mean a little extra time to catch up. Though I'm also behind on etsy orders and fic updates atm. And I need to be thinking about getting a second job bc we're this close to having our phones cut off and I'd really like to get out of my parents' house sooner than later... Story of my life lol

In other news, season premieres are finally upon us! So far my fall tv schedule is looking like NCIS, NCIS: New Orleans, NCIS: Los Angeles, Bull, Lethal Weapon, Rosewood, Pitch, MacGyver, Criminal Minds, Code Black, Elementary, The Flash, Supergirl, Conviction, and Scorpion, plus Midnight, Texas at midseason. Quantico and iZombie may be added if I can catch up soon (I'm still working on catching up on Supergirl rn) and The Exorcist and Frequency if they look good. Why yes, I do watch too much tv, thanks for noticing :)

What are everybody else's tv plans this fall??


Fall TV for me is Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, Once Upon a Time, Elementary, Gotham, Agents of SHIELD, NCIS:LA, Hawaii5-0, Supernatural,Pitch, Lethal Weapon, Timeless.
I don't think I watched Gotham at all last season and I don't really hear much about it... How has it been??
I personally feel like it's gotten better. If there were things that aggravated you about the previous season, let me know and I can tell you better. But there are much fewer super boring plotlines than in S1.
I guess mostly it was I could never really get very interested in any of the characters except Harvey and Jim lol And last I heard, Harvey had retired and there was a lot less of him and him interacting with Jim, so that didn't really make me want to catch up... I also really dislike Nigma, and I heard he had a bigger part.
Nygma did get a storyline for a while but it was less tedious since he was much more the Riddler and got out of that pre-pre-Riddler stage. Harvey was less so for a while, but there have been some good Harvey/Jim moments. People retiring from the police tend to come back on this show lol. Basically, I would say the show got much less boring after S1, but some of the flaws were still there.
Oh that sounds better at least! Maybe I'll see about catching up sometime. Though I have so many other things I got behind on last season too...
Hope it all works out for you!

That's a lot of TV shows! Fall and beyond is going to be busy for me too, and that's on top of the TV schedule. For it's Fear the Walking Dead, Gotham, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Halt and Catch Fire, Blunt Talk, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, not sure about Arrow yet, ditto Luke Cage, maybe Lucifer but that depends on how busy I'll be, and then The Walking Dead and The Man in the High Castle, but that's in December.
I am nothing if not very capable of over-scheduling myself :D

I'm putting off Luke Cage for now since I still haven't watched Jessica Jones lol Someday I'll get around to both of those... I don't think I've heard of Halt and Catch Fire or The Man in the High Castle. What are those about?

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