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Dear Holly Jolly Poly Fest Writer

Dear Holly Jolly Poly Fest writer,

Thank you so much for writing for me!

If you'd like to stalk me during the exchange, I mainly hang around tumblr besides here. On my AO3 you can see the fics I've bookmarked if that helps give you ideas or in figuring out the things I like, or you can check out my fic rec masterlist (still in progress) that may be easier to maneuver. And always feel free to ask if you have questions or want me to expand on anything!

All of this is totally optional, but I know a lot of the time it helps to have some direction to go in, so I've included some likes, dislikes, prompts, and squee for your inspiration. Include whatever you like or none if nothing I mention suits your fancy! Go wild! I'm good with any ratings and I'm caught up on everything (except Teen Wolf, but I don't plan on catching up), so no need to worry about spoilers.

Likes and Dislikes
Tbh, I'm really easy. I will read pretty much anything and my likes run the gammut from "totally normal" to "rare and kind of bizarre" to "probably squicks a lot of people." So whatever you can come up with, chances are good that I'll like it! If it's something not listed under dislikes, then feel free to give it a try if you like, even if it's not one of my specific likes. Which I kind of go on about, sorry not sorry...


fluff, AUs (coffee shop, college, high school, supernatural creatures, thieves/con artists, whatever ya got I'll probably love it), pining, fake/pretend relationships, antagonistic relationships that turn into love, kid fic, characters suddenly realizing they've been in love all along, domesticity/family, communication by snark, codependent friendships, get togethers, soulmates, adoptive parent-child relationships, queer/trans/genderqueer/etc. characters, magic, steampunk, road trips, tattoos/piercings, ghosts and monsters, arranged marriage

intelligence kink, language kink, competency kink, breeding/impregnation kink, BDSM (especially aftercare), rimming, tentacles, double penetration, sloppy seconds, dubcon/noncon, dirty talk, xeno, chub love, wing kink, D/S, bestiality (sentient/partly human or not), gangbang, daddy kink, non-human genitalia, oviposition, praise kink, mpreg (ok with incest) watersports, messy sex, anal, creampie, doggy style, rough sex, incest, size difference, first time, age difference, prostitution, sex toys, telepathic sex, sexual slavery, made them do it


major character death, 1st and 2nd person POV, cancer fic, abuse in main pairings, infidelity, animal death/torture, zombies, suicide, crossovers (i.e. meeting the characters)

scat, vomit, vore, amputation kink

I'll try not to put particular emphasis on any of them as I'd love to get fic for whatever you feel most comfortable writing, so how much description or squeeing I do has no bearing on how much I want any of them! I've requested fanfiction for all and meta for a couple of them, but art/pod fic/remixes/etc. would be awesome for treats as well. For any of these fandoms, feel free to add in other characters into the background/side pairings as you like :)

The Amazing Spider-Man
Harry/Peter/Gwen, Peter/Gwen/Flash, Harry/Peter/Flash, Harry/Peter/Gwen/Flash

Harry is my favorite Spider-Man character, though I'm quite attached to Flash as well and Gwen doesn't get enough love. Harry and Peter's relationship is something I really love and I'd love to see more about them as kids and growing into a relationship into a relationship with someone else or just trying to work out their relationship because they both bring a whole host of issues to a relationship. I love Peter and Flash's relationship, how antagonistic it is but at the same time how they understand each other. The two of them trying to figure out how to make a romantic relationship work with someone else, especially with the past bullying and possible domestic abuse for Flash, would be fantastic. I've not seen much between Harry and Flash (I don't think they meet in canon?), but I think that would be a really interesting dynamic to explore, especially with Peter in the mix. They both have some pretty major issues and their friendship/rivalry with Peter is sure to make things even more interesting. For any of them, it would be really interesting to see how they got together and if there were any pairs beforehand, like Gwen and Peter as an established couple or Peter and Harry having a thing in the past.

Harry Potter AU where one of them is a muggle and they only get to see each other on breaks or the others start a relationship while at Hogwarts and have to work things out between their two worlds. Going to college together or one going to college while the others moves with them. Peter and Flash run into each other again years after high school and sparks fly even though Peter's already with Gwen. Harry feels like he can't reconnect with Peter because of his relationship with Gwen, but to his surprise they both welcome him in. As an adult, Flash gets therapy and works through his issues to have a real relationship. Gwen, Harry, and Peter team up to create the premiere science lab in NYC. Harry becomes Peter Flash's sugar daddy.

The Flash
Cisco/Earth-2 Cisco/Harrison | Eobard, Cisco/Earth-2 Cisco/Hartley, Cisco/Earth-2 Harrison/Harrison | Eobard, Cisco/Earth-2 Harrison/Joe, Cisco/Hartley/Earth-2 Harrison, Cisco/Hartley/Earth-2 Hartley, Cisco/Hartley/Harrison | Eobard

I was pretty much on the fence about DC until this show, but they do such an awesome job I can't help but love it. Cisco is probably my favorite character on the show. He's hilarious and just so enthusiastic about everything. I'm really fascinated by the dynamic of his relationship with Wells (either one). I really enjoy the animosity between them, the way they're constantly snarking at each other, especially with someone else in the mix. With Earth-2 Wells, it's clear to me that there is also respect and fondness there, they just maybe don't know how to show it. I like the idea of Jesse (or someone else) being fed up with them flirting all the time and taking it into their own hands to get them together. Cisco and Hartley have a similar dynamic, and I love how every scene with them is basically just the baiting each other and poking each other until something happens. I wonder if the Earth-2 version of Cisco has the same sort of relationship with the Earth-2 Hartley, since we don't get to see him at all. Or how Earth-2 Cisco would interact with Hartley. I have a suspicion they might get along better, though I also think the two Ciscos fighting over Hartley would be hilarious.

Cisco and Wells have to go undercover as a couple to stop the newest meta, which Hartley is a little upset about. Cisco thought he'd never find his soulmate... until figured out he actually had two. An experiment gone wrong leaves Cisco and Hartley accidentally soul bonded/mentally connected/etc., much to Harrison's amusement and secret jealousy. AU where Cisco and Hartley are rival Hogwarts students from different houses who are assigned a project together by Professor Wells. On Earth-2, Cisco sees his counterpart romantically involved with Earth-2 Hartley and decides to bring him back to Earth-1. Cisco is heartbroken when Wells turns out to be evil, but he's not sure getting together with Earth-2 Wells as a rebound is such a good idea; especially when Wells comes back.

The Following
Emma/Paul/Jacob, Joe/Ryan/Claire

I love this show, especially more of the beginning where everything was so much more creepy and symbolic and people were dying left and right. Joe's cult is fascinating and I'd love to see more. His obsession with Claire and then Ryan is even more fascinating, especially in the last season when his only desire seems to be to see Ryan one last time before he dies. Emma was my favorite character on the show and I was so devastated when she was killed off. I love how charismatic and confident she is. Jacob and Paul are great as well, and I love the different relationships between the three of them, and the different ways they see their place in Joe's cult. I loved that even for a little bit we had a canon threesome, so it'd be great to see more of that slightly more stable relationship, hopefully going a bit better than it did in the show.

Ryan and Claire join Joe on a killing spree. Claire and Ryan aren't soulmates, but they're both soulmates with Joe. Joe, Claire, and Ryan live happily (or not so happily) ever after at the mansion with Joe's followers. Emma, Jacob, and Paul decide to leave the cult together. Paul survives and makes it to the house with Jacob and they all have to patch up their relationship. Harry Potter AU where the followers are Hogwarts students and Joe is one of their professors.

Harry Potter
Bill/Charlie/Fred/George/Ginny/Percy/Ron, Cho/Cedric/Harry, Draco/Charlie/Ron, Draco/Pansy/Blaise, Draco/Pansy/Ginny, Dudley/Draco/Harry, Harry/Tom | Voldemort/Ginny, Lavender/Millicent/Ginny, Lavender/Millicent/Pansy, Lavender/Millicent/Pansy/Ginny, Lavender/Pansy/Ginny, Millicent/Pansy/Ginny, Neville/Draco/Ron, Sirius/Remus/Severus

This fandom will probably always be one of my favorites and I just really love the characters and the world. For many of the ships, I love how much they'd have to work to get to a point of romance and/or sex because of their histories or sides on the war. Dudley is one of my favorite characters because he has so much potential for change and he's at a really interest point between the muggle and wizarding worlds, re: being Harry's cousin and word of god having a witch daughter. Draco is similar, so it would be great to see how those two and Harry could work out, or him with some of the other "good" guys/girls. I'm obviously interested in Lavender/Millicent/Pansy/Ginny in any combination. Pansy, Millicent, and Lavender have been really fascinating to me lately because we don't see much about them and Pansy and Lavender especially are kind of looked down on in both the books and the fandom. Weasley-cest is my only really incest interest in this fandom, but I would love it in any combination (especially a gang bang :D). Add the parents too if you'd like, the more the merrier! Sirius/Remus/Severus is an oldie but a goodie, and really one of the only older gen ships I like. Any time period for them is great, and I do like fix-it fic a lot so feel free to have them all survive the war. I'd also be interested in fic that explores the world more, like the differences between the muggle and wizarding worlds, life at Hogwarts, the wizarding world outside of Hogwarts (like what they do once they've graduated), rebuilding the British wizarding world after the war, etc. Anything before, during, or after canon would be great, as well as AUs (I'm especially fond of dark!Harry, dark!Ginny, and dark!Lavender).

Ginny struggles after the Chamber of Secrets, but no one notices except Pansy/Lavender/Millicent. To the surprise of much of the student body, the Hogwarts power couple is a trio. Voldemort wins the war and keeps Harry and Ginny as sex slaves. Dudley and Harry meet again years later and sparks fly, even though Harry's with Draco. Ginny searches out Voldemort sometime after the diary and joins him along with her lovers. Draco and his boyfriends/husbands try to get him pregnant. Draco, Ron, and Neville are caught in a spell that makes them fuck. Ron's a little weirded out that his ex is dating his brother, but they figure it out. Cho wants to go with Cedric to the Yule Ball, but she wants to go with Harry too, so she does.

Deep Ocean Mermaid/Coral Reef Mermaid/Freshwater Mermaid, Flower Fairy/Mushroom Fairy/Insect Fairy, Framed Male Detective/Male Convict/Male Convict Male, Male Convict/Male Convict/Male Convict, Male Dom Criminal Mastermind/Male Sub Undercover Secret Agent/Male Bodyguard, Pregnant Man/Pregnant Woman/Kids' Other Parent, Vampire/Werewolf/Witch

I don't have a lot to say about this one other than I thought these ships were really interesting and I'd love to see what someone could do with them. I'm very interested in fantasy and sci-fi, as is probably obvious, so some world building would be fantastic if you can. I'm also a big fan of crime and horror, and power difference is something I really like, so exploring that would be great. Feel free to combine any of the characters if you want, like Pregnant Male and Werewolf are the same or Male Convict and Mushroom Fairy or whatever. Feel free to ask for more prompts if I don't have any below for the ships you're interested in!

Framed Male Detective never expected his soulmates to be criminals. Male Sub Undercover Secret Agent thinks he's going to die when he's made, but Male Dom Criminal Mastermind and Male Bodyguard don't want to kill him. Flower Fairy, Mushroom Fairy, and Insect Fairy are models for a fashion magazine. Pregnant Man, Pregnant Woman, and Kids' Other Parent try to get their house ready for kids. Male Convicts help Framed Male Detective escape from jail in order to prove he's innocent. Vampire, Werewolf, and Witch go on a romantic road trip. Deep Ocean Mermaid, Coral Reef Mermaid, and Freshwater Mermaid must work together to save the ocean from destruction.

Stranger Things

I really love the ambiance of this show and so many of the characters. I wasn't very interested in Nancy at first, but she really grew on me as the season went on. Her relationships with Jonathan and Steve were really interesting and I'd love to see any combination of that explored some more after things settle down. Steve was probably actually my favorite character and I was so so happy that he got a chance to really grow as a character and figure out kind of what/who he did and didn't want in his life. I'd really really like to see more about his home life and if he had any reservations about how his friends acted before he got together with Nancy. Jonathan seems like he'd be the one to feel most like an outsider in their relationship, and the one most other ppl would also see as an outsider, so that could be really fun to explore.

Nancy heads off to college, but a long distance relationship with two boyfriends is pretty hard. Steve's parents find out about his girlfriend and boyfriend and suddenly his unhappy home life is even more unhappy. Jonathan takes pictures of his lovers. Steve invites Nancy and Jonathan for a weekend alone at a lake house. Nancy and Steve marry right after high school, but by the next reunion they're broken up; Jonathan is the one to bring them all back together.

Supergirl (TV)
Alex/Kara/Hank | J'onn, Kara/Jimmy/Winn, Kara/Lucy/Jimmy, Kara/Lucy/Jimmy/Winn

This show is ridiculously adorable (mostly bc Kara is literally sunshine) and I love it. Alex, Kara, and J'onn's dynamic is so so good. I love that he protects them and believes in them and that they're all so loyal and loving to each other. I feel like J'onn would probably be a little hesitant about the relationship at first, but Alex and Kara aren't ones to back down. Jimmy and Winn have an amusingly antagonistic dynamic that Kara balances out really well. I think the three of them are really sweet together. For both of the Lucy ships, I see that as something that would take a bit more work to get comfortable and stable. A lot of the time they expected Lucy to just be ok with being out of the loop, which caused a lot of problems, so I'd love to see them including her more and her really becoming part of the group. Game nights coud turn into date nights and sexy sleepovers! Cat is my favorite character, so cameos by her would be fab.

When Alex and J'onn start to date, Kara feels left out, but not for long. Kara thinks her boyfriend and her best friend hate each other, but it's really UST. Lucy knows Jimmy has a crush on Kara, so she proposes a threesome. Kara, Lucy, Jimmy, and Winn go on a date and everyone thinks they're on a double date; they tell everyone different dating pairs (i.e. Kara/Jimmy to the hostess, Jimmy/Winn to the waiter).

Dean/John/Original Male Character(s), Dean/John/Sam, Gabriel/Lucifer/Sam

I wander in and out of this fandom, but I'm still pretty stuck on some of the ships. I'm really drawn in by the fucked up-ness of Dean/John/others, whatever age Dean (and Sam) is. Dean is such a bottom-y bottom to me and I love fics where he gets really well fucked. Gabriel/Lucifer/Sam has a lot of potential for a very interesting dynamic, whether Gabriel and Lucifer are really "related" or not. Fix-it fic is great to have Gabriel still alive (which, canonically I guess, is up for debate...) or never have Lucifer kill him. I'd also be totally into Gabriel/Lucifer!Sam if you want to go that direction. It could be fun to work with two people in one head in a relationship with someone else. I don't particularly care about staying within or even near canon for this fandom, though that's of course up to what you want to write.

John teaches Sam to fuck using Dean as an example. Dean likes the glory holes at the local bar, but doesn't realize John is one of the ones on the other side. Gabriel ends up pregnant and he's not sure whether Lucifer or Sam is the father.

Teen Wolf
Chris/Isaac/Peter, Derek/Laura/Stiles, Derek/Peter/Stiles, Derek/Sheriff Stilinski/Stiles, Boyd/Derek/Isaac/Erica/Stiles/Jackson

This show (and fandom) frequently enrages me, but I still love it so much. I don't know why, but I'm really into the incest ships on the show too. Derek and Stiles are basically my favorite relationship dynamic bc I love all the snark and antagonism and constantly saving each other anyway, which I think has a lot of crossover with Peter and fanon!Laura. I'm a big fan of Stiles being kind of a huge cock slut for basically anyone in town, so him at the middle of a pack gang bang would be A+. I've only seen sporadic episodes after 3A, but I try to keep up with what's going on in general and I've loved several fics set in the time period I haven't watched.

Stiles is struggling to control his magic and accidentally magically binds himself to Derek/Laura/Peter/Sheriff/etc. Peter and Derek fuck Stiles in wolf form. Stiles is very surprised to find out who his soulmates are. In NYC, Derek and Laura pretended they were just lovers, but it becomes difficult when they return to Beacon Hills until Stiles comes in. Chris and Peter are antagonistic ex's until they realize they're both interested in Isaac. Some old werewolf tradition calls for a pack orgy.

Young Justice
Artemis/Roy/Wally, Jim/Roy/Clone Roy, Jim/Roy/Clone Roy/Wally, Jim/Roy/Wally, Roy/Clone Roy/Wally, Roy/Kaldur'ahm/Wally

I'm so sad this show got cancelled before I got into it. It was so so good and I absolutely loved Roy in it. He's so adorable and broken and angry, whether original!Roy or clone!Roy, and I just want to see so much more of him. All three of the "Roy's" probably have a lot of issues to work out separately and together, so feel free to explore those. Clone!Roy's battle with addiction is something I'd really like to see more of since it obviously had a huge impact on him, even aside from what led him there in the first place. Roy/Wally is my OTP for the fandom and I think the two of them with someone else would be a really interesting dynamic. I just love seeing Roy with someone who tempers him a little and helps break through his angry, listens-to-no-one exterior. I'm also kind of fascinated by the idea of Kaldur, an Atlantian, having weird genitalia and reproduction, so feel free to experiment with that if you like. Wally's "death" in s2 killed me, so a fix-it if he's included would be wonderful. For all of these, anything before, during, or after canon is A ok with me!

Wally thought he had only one soulmate, but when the original Roy is found and they discover Jim is a clone as well, he finds out that isn't true. Roy and Kaldur end up in an arranged marriage to help strengthen a treaty with Atlantis, despite Roy's relationship with Wally. Roy and Wally have to pretend to be in a relationship for some reason, but the other Roy doesn't like feeling left out. Wally and Kaldur help Roy through his addiction. Roy and Wally were together before they found out that Roy was a clone, which causes all sorts of problems. The remnants of the Young Justice team start up a resistance movement after Earth is overtaken. Wally is happy with Artemis, but he's always been in love with Roy too, he just never thought his feelings were returned. AU where Wally's friends think he's cheating on his boyfriend, but he's really just dating three brothers.


You do realize that I am going to sign up for another fest cause of you right? XD

Btw thank you again for my darkestnight fic!!!

hahaha you know that's totally my goal! Sign up for ALL the fests :D

You are so welcome! I actually started another one for you (for your Spideypool prompt) but it was not cooperating at the time lol Maybe I'll get it to work at some point...

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