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I meant to post on the 1st, but my brain's been kind of all over the place lately. But I am doing NaNoWriMo again this year! This'll be my ninth year, which is kind of mindboggling. Though I've never actually really won in all those years, so maybe that's actually more mindboggling lol

This year my story is a paranormal novel which I described in my notes as "Ghostfacers meets Ghost Adventures meets the nosleep SAR thread on reddit." Basically it's about a team of (mostly queer, yay!) ghost hunters who do a web series and one of the guys goes missing while they’re filming an episode in a haunted forest. They spend the next few years looking for him until he finally appears with no memory of what happened. One of the other guys on the show realizes he’s in love with the missing guy after he goes missing and they’ll probably get together by the end. Plus possible poly with a girl who joins the team? Idk, I did not do nearly as much planning this year as I usually do. I don't even have character names yet, which has made actually writing pretty difficult lol I'm gonna have to take care of that part soon at least. I do at least have some possible names on a sticky note somewhere, I just have to you know, match them up with characters. And hopefully write up some brief character bios. Writing is hard, ugh.

On that note, so far I've not been keeping up with the daily word count. Whoops. I think atm I've gotten less than 1k written. Part of the reason for that is that I got distracted by The Flash on Tuesday and ended up writing a 3k+ fic in the next 24 hours. So I'm still behind, but I did actually do more writing than my official NaNo word count makes it look like. I'm gonna keep trying to catch up, we'll see how it goes.

Is anyone else doing NaNo?? Feel free to friend me over there if you are and I'm also sort of doing updates on my book blog :)


*random NaNo highfive* I'm so behind, omg. I really, really don't want to finish these fics, apparently.

A mostly queer ghosthunter/webseries story sounds like it has lots of plot potential. (Also, you could totally count fic you write in November into your total.)
lol I'm really behind now too! And I think overall I was actually ahead for the first two days, whoops. I've been putting fic stuff in a separate doc to keep track of and I'll add it to my total at the end of the month if when I don't manage 50k on my actual story...

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