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Snagged from lokifan :)

Give me one or more characters, and I'll tell you:

First impression
Impression now
Favorite moment
Idea for a story
Unpopular opinion
Favorite relationship
Favorite headcanon

Btw, there's a link to my fandoms/ships on my sidebar if you need it!


Fitz and Melinda from AoS
I haven't actually watched the show since sometime last season (I think?) so some of these may be out of date/retconned/whatever now lol


First impression: Aw, he's cute and looks like a child.
Impression now: I'm happy he's kind of grown into himself over the seasons.
Favorite moment: Basically all of when he was on the planet where Simmons met Will.
Idea for a story: Kingsman AU where Fitz takes Merlin's position when he retires.
Unpopular opinion: I find his romance with Simmons kind of skeevy :/
Favorite relationship: Fitz/Mack
Favorite headcanon: He likes to wear lingerie idk.


First impression: Let her kick ass please.
Impression now: Let her kick ass more please.
Favorite moment: When she beat the shit out of Ward.
Idea for a story: The day Melinda told her mother she was joining SHIELD instead of her mother's agency.
Unpopular opinion: Apparently this is just gonna be where I put my NOTPs bc I really dislike Melinda/Phil *shrug*
Favorite relationship: Melinda/Victoria
Favorite headcanon: She, Victoria, and Maria were all at the SHIELD Academy together.
I love Fitz/Mack :)

And yeah, I wish the Fitz/Simmons had been portrayed as less skeevy. Pining and obsessing and co-dependency for years doesn't usually turn out sweet irl.

I LOVED him on that planet.

Melinda kicking ass, especially Ward's ass, is wonderful.

Ooh Melinda, Maria, and Victoria at the Academy together... can you IMAGINE the pranks??

Thank you!
Yeah, I don't think they did very well will the whole Fitz/Simmons romance and honestly the bffs to lovers trope just tends to creep me out lol

The three of them at the Academy together would be amazing and terrifying... So many awesome pranks, so much scaring the other students and teachers (and getting away with it) :D

You're welcome!
Ciel :)
Ahh, it's been so long since this fandom. I miss it lol

First impression: This shota is kind of angry.
Impression now: This shota is an adorable ball of reserved anger.
Favorite moment: When he had to wear the robin dress, just all of that.
Idea for a story: AU where he owns a sweets shop instead of a toy business and just eats candy all the time.
Unpopular opinion: I honestly can't think of anything sorry lol
Favorite relationship: Ciel/Sebastian ofc
Favorite headcanon: One year Ciel gets Sebastian a hairless cat for Christmas bc love conquers allergies.

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