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Twin Peaks anyone?

I've been marathoning Twin Peaks for the past two weeks or so, since I'd been seeing stuff on tumblr about it lately. I was expecting it to be some sort of police procedural with some UST between the main dudes, which I guess it is, but I wasn't really prepared for how deeply weird it is lol Or how they would manage to stretch one case out for so long. But it has been growing on me, especially after getting through the bulk of the "who killed Laura Palmer" bit. Which is kind of the point of the show but you know.

My parents have been watching it with me on and off, my mom more so than my dad. She's as enthralled as I am tbh. The other day she said she was going to take a bath right before I turned on an episode but she ended up just standing in the middle of the room for an hour bc she didn’t want to miss it and every once in a while she’d just look over at me like wtf are we watching?? We've been doing a lot of looking everyone up on IMDb and shouting about the other things we know them from. We've got a theory going that ties together Twin Peaks, The X-Files, the Stargate universe, Mod Squad, and the Mystery Woman movies, so that's been fun to talk about.

And of course I've already got about half a dozen ships, most of which I'm sure no one else ships lol How is this always my life?? I haven't looked fic up on AO3, but I doubt there's much of a fandom, especially after 25 years of being off air. Perhaps with the revival coming up there will be more, that would be fun!


Oh, it has a fandom, don't even worry. And it's a steady Yuletide staple.

How amazing is it?! It's the weirdest show.
Oh good! I went through a bit of the tag on tumblr and found it kind of lackluster, but being a Yuletide staple is definitely a good sign :)

It's so weird and honestly most of the time I'm very confused but can't look away XD
Is it weird like Hemlock Grove? Because I'm down for that kind of weird, haha. (Even though I still never finished Hemlock Grove and probably do not have time for more TV)
I haven't seen Hemlock Grove yet, so idk how similar they are. To me, it has a bit of the feel of Stranger Things or maybe X-Files (from what I remember... it's been awhile). Basically it's very 90s small town, buddy-cop magical realism?
Ah, okay. I wasn't super crazy about Stranger Things, but then again Magical realism is always fun.
Twin Peaks is definitely more focused on crime and romantic relationships than Stranger Things, if you're more into that. It's only two seasons also, so it's not too much of an investment if you want to give it a try lol
Oh, sounds fun then!
YAY, another Twin Peaks latecomer! I watched (most of) it a couple of years ago, and like you, was completely unprepared for how freaking weird it was. Gosh, I loved it that slow creep - the pilot is basically just quirky realism, but then the weird just keeps getting weirder.

I love most everyone (except James, omg, Laura had it right - SO BORING), but Audrey most of all. All my ships are femslash ships, heh.

I really lost steam after the initial mystery was solved, though, and I've always meant to go back and finish.
Yay :D

Slow creep is definitely a good description of it... It took quite awhile before I was like wait, that's not normal for a cop shop what's going on lol I personally liked it better after the initial mystery was solves, though I realize that's kind of weird haha

Idk if I have a favorite character yet? I like pretty much everyone, though Audrey does make it over some of the others for me. My ships have been mostly slash and a bit of het, but I can definitely see some femslash :D

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