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Wish List

I'm also posting this over at wish_list.

This year has been really, really hard. My sibling passed away in January and my dog in May, and we've been really struggling financially. It's just been a really, really stressful year, not made any better by my depression and anxiety. Basically, I'm just hoping for something nice at the holidays since we can't afford much atm!

  1. Money. Finances are always tight, but they've been even tighter this year for a variety of reasons. My dad and I are both working on getting extra jobs, but bills keep piling up. My dad has a gofundme set up here if you'd like to donate, or you can send it via paypal to reeby10@gmail.com. Gift cards for places like Walmart, Target, Kroger, Amazon, or Etsy would be appreciated too!

  2. Comments and/or concrit on my fics. I've been feeling very discouraged about my fic for a while and honestly there have been times I've thought about just stopping bc it's hard to see the point. Feedback is what keeps me writing, and honestly I'd really like to improve but don't really know what needs work in my writing. Most of my fics are on AO3 here.

  3. A paid LJ account. I had one for a little while years ago and it would be nice to have again. Plus, I have a lot of fandoms and I'd love to be able to have icons for more of them. Thank you, st_aurafina <3

  4. Transformative works. I'd love to see art, podfic, sequels, or whatever based on my fics. My transformative works statement is here, but basically it says yes please and send me a link.

  5. Exercise recs. I'd really like to lose some weight, but it's difficult to find exercises that work for me. I have asthma and haven't been able to get on medication for years, so most exercises are just too much for my lungs to take. I really like videos where I can watch what the person is doing and they talk through everything. Short, easy, low impact stuff is best.

  6. Jewelry. I really like earrings of all kinds and I'd like more long necklaces. My tastes go more for the simplistic and I mostly wear silver, but anything would be great.

  7. A vegan subscription box. I used to have a subscription to get a vegan snack box every month, but I had to cancel because I couldn't afford it any longer. I'd love to get it again since it's hard for me to find food to try here otherwise. I've tried Urthbox and Vegan Cuts and both are good, but if you know of another that would be fine too!

  8. Advice on grad school. I graduated college in 2014 and I've been thinking for a while about going back and getting a graduate degree. I'd love advice on getting in to grad schools, choosing grad schools, the best programs, paying for grad school, or anything else. I majored in writing and anthropology (and atm am leaning more toward going for something in anthropology), so if you have experience with grad school for either of those that would be wonderful.

  9. Donate to a local animal shelter. I'm really sad we can't afford another dog at the moment, so please donate or volunteer at a local animal shelter if you can. Or if you're thinking of getting a pet soon, think about adopting one from a shelter. If I could, I would adopt them all!

  10. Do something nice for someone else. The littlest things can make the biggest differences, especially someone who is having a hard time at the holidays. If there's something you think you can do--buying them a gift, giving them a compliment, helping them with something, paying it forward, just saying something encouraging, whatever-- please do it!

If you'd like my address, you can message me here or email me at reeby10@gmail.com.


I'm sorry you had such an awful year :( Losing a sibling is awful, and losing a pet as well, I know the feeling unfortunately :/

As for your fanfics: I've only read the short ones you posted for me at that "3 Sentence Ficathon", but I loved those, as you know. I mean, I would not have posted them in my OWN journal if I didn't. They were just amazing. I do know the feeling of not being self confident enough with your writing though. I'm not a native english speaker, so I don't think I would post a fic without anyone looking over it...

I have to say, though, all this "back and forth" between us with the Code Black ficlets inspired me for that longer piece I wrote within the last 2 days about Ethan and Will... ;-) Not that I think I'll ever feel good enough to post it, but it was actually you who really inspired me to write for them. I liked them since that "submarine" episode, but my OTP always was Angus/Mario, so I never thought I'd write for them and now I did :)
Thank you, dear.

I'm really very glad you've liked my fics :) Our back and forth with Code Black was a lot of fun and I'm so glad I found someone who shares my ships! I'm sorry I haven't gotten around to commenting on all of the ones you wrote yet.I promise I will soon! But I'm super honored it inspired you to write a longer piece bc that's awesome. (I actually have your post about it opened but haven't had a chance to comment yet.) I never would have guessed you weren't a native speaker either, your writing is great!

This is making me want to write more Code Black haha Maybe after Christmas I'll have more time!
*hugs* I've got the LJ covered for a year, with some extra icon space. I'm sorry you've had a rotten year, and I'm sorry for your loss, too.

By the way, thanks for all you do with WIP bigbang - I didn't make it this year, but I've enjoyed it the last two times I've done it.

I hope you have a merry Christmas.
Oh gosh, thank you so much! I really really appreciate it <3

I really love modding for WIPBigBang, so I'm really happy you've enjoyed it :)

Merry Christmas to you as well!

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