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So many fics!

I am soooo behind on my flist (um, hopefully I'll have time to catch up soon?) and writing holiday card fics (so sorry anyone who requested one, it's coming, I promise!) and like literally everything else in my life lol But I've gotten a bunch of gift exchange fics the past few days and I wanted to post about them!

Hannigram Holiday Exchange

Enthrallment for Beginners by canis_m
Hannibal | Hannibal/Will | Rated ? | ? words
How to resist a vampire, or not. A prequel of sorts to "Terroir."

Hannibal as a vampire is A+ and Will's headspace is just fascinating <3

Kylux Secret Santa

Glitterbomb by cuddlewithacorpse
Star Wars VII | Kylux | Rated E | 3731 words
Ren sees a new boy at his favorite club and just has to have him; glitter, snark, and smut galore.

Dirty, sexy, twinky smut :D


Fanning the Flames by Anonymous
Fantastic Four | Ben/Johnny | Rated T | 1798 words
"So you're admitting to me, out loud, that you've got a thing for Ben," Sue said slowly. "Yes, I've got a thing for the Thing." Johnny rolled his eyes. "Somebody alert the media."

So funny and Johnny is adorably awkward!

Redefining Life by Anonymous
Fantastic Four | Ben/Johnny | Rated G | 3388 words
Once Ben and Johnny began dating, it was the quiet moments that spoke the loudest.

Just so, so cute :)

The Monster and the Matchstick by Anonymous
Fantastic Four | Ben/Johnny | Rated G | 3531 words
Ben is a lonely and depressed Alpha who has locked himself away after transforming into a monster. Johnny is a sharp-tongued and cynical Omega with a rough past and no-nonsense attitude. Together, they'll fall in love bicker a lot.

Historical Beauty and the Beast ish AU, yeah :D

Just Rough Enough by Anonymous
Fantastic Four | Ben/Johnny | Rated E | 2775 words
Ben is reluctant to have sex with Johnny out of fear of accidentally hurting him, so Johnny makes it his mission to prove him wrong. But Ben might just be too big for him to take . . .

Dirty, rough porn, yes please!

And some others!

between the sand and the sky by daria234
NCIS: Los Angeles | G/Sam | Rated T | 272 words
A holiday ficlet for reeby for the prompt: kisses or comfort. Fic set when G and Sam had been working together for a couple of years.

Soooo cute, oh man!

[Podfic] Real or Fake or Something In Between by Hananobira
Ghostbusters | Jillian/Patty | Rated T
“I kind of need you to be my fake girlfriend for dinner with Dr. Gorin tonight?” she said in a rush. “I may have accidentally given her the impression that we’re dating and now she’s insisting on dinner and I can’t really say no now.”


I think that's all. If you wrote something for me lately and I missed it, please let me know!!


Awwwwww... that's all awesome. None of them are in my fandoms, but I'm happy you got so many awesome fics and ficlets :)
Thank you! I was really surprised to get so many but it's really made my holidays :D
I'm so glad you liked the fics I wrote for you! The world always needs more Ben/Johnny. :)
They were so wonderful, thank you again for them <3 I feel so blessed by the Yuletide Ben/Johnny fandom :D

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