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Fic: Bad Day

Title: Bad Day
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Pairing: Elrond/Glorfindel
Genres: fluff, hurt/comfort(?)
Rating: PG
Summary: “The best way to cheer yourself is to cheer somebody else up.” — Albert Einstein


Disclaimer: Not mine and I have a feeling it never will be…

Warning: none

A/N: Whew… another prompt for sin_delight  is finally done. I really struggled with this one, but I’m fairly happy with how it finally came out. Enjoy!

First prompt:
“The best way to cheer yourself is to cheer somebody else up.”
— Albert Einstein


Glorfindel was having a bad day.

He had woken several hours before dawn, much earlier than he had any reason to be awake, and couldn’t calm his thoughts enough to drift back to sleep. Meditation had failed on account of a mouse scuttling about somewhere. A morning’s ride to clear his mind had turned into an orc attack and a cut down one arm which, while not life threatening or really even serious, was extremely annoying. He had returned to Minas Tirith bloody and tired with a bad mood to match.

After washing up he went to one of the small libraries to relax and read only to find Elrond already there. It would not have been so bad were it not for the obviously foul mood the dark haired elf was in. Glorfindel sat in an armchair by the window on the opposite side of the room from the shadowed corner Elrond was occupying, which wasn’t far considering how small the library was, but would have to do. He was sure neither of them was up for conversation and made no moves to break the silence.

An hour passed, then two. Glorfindel noticed that though Elrond held a book in his hands and turned a page ever so often, he did not seem to be reading it.

As time went on the silence seemed to grow thicker, darker and angry. Glorfindel knew it was Elrond. He knew not why the other elf was upset, all he knew was that his dark haired companion was stewing in hurt and anger, letting it simmer and grow as he sat there. Finally the golden haired elf could take it no longer.

“Elrond,” he said, snapping shut the book he was holding. The other elf ignored him so he tried again, louder this time. Again, he was ignored. Glorfindel stood up, placing his book on the side table. “My friend,” he said, walking across the room, “ignoring me will do you no good. Tell me, what is bothering you?”

This time when he was ignored he grabbed the other elf’s chin, forcing their eyes to meet. Elrond’s eyes darted to the side then he sighed. “You will not give it up, will you?” he asked, voice grudgingly amused.

Glorfindel smiled slightly. “Of course not. It is not in my nature, as you well know.”

“Fine, then,” Elrond said after a moment’s hesitation. He told Glorfindel his woes, most of them centering on his daughter and the king. He was still not altogether happy with their union, but knew they would be fine and more importantly, happy.

Most important though, he was worried about his place in Middle Earth. It was the Age of Man, after all, and he was an elf. What was he to do? If Glorfindel was honest with himself, he had been thinking many of the same things.

There was silence for several minutes after while Glorfindel looked at the other elf, considering. Finally he leaned down, leaving a soft kiss on the other’s lips. “I do not know where we will fit in,” he admitted, “but I think we can manage to at least take comfort in one another if you would like.”

He held out a hand, waiting to see if the other elf would take his invitation. He smiled as his hand was taken and pulled Elrond up for another kiss. Perhaps it wasn’t such a bad day after all.


A/N: Well, I hope you enjoyed it, sin_delight ! I wasn’t sure if you cared for smut, so I left it out. If you like, I can try to fit it in the last one. Just let me know!

Anywho, I hope everyone liked it and please feel free to REVIEW! :D


Gosh sorry for the late reply!

But its so sweet and simple :)
Love the act where something so trivial can brighten ones day ♥

Haha no pressure writing the smut. If it fits the prompt or your story then I don't mind :D
No worries! :D I'm really glad you liked it!

Alrighty. I just didn't want to presume you liked/wanted smut and embarrass either of us XD

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