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Fandom Snowflake Challenge: Day 3

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In your own space, set some goals for the coming year.

I've already posted my 2017 goals, so I'm just going to expand a bit on my fannish ones :)

- Post 100k words on AO3. This is the same goal I had last year, which I missed by almost 30k. Last year was not a good writing year overall, but I want to do better. My intention two years ago was to up my goal every year by 25-50k, but I've gotta get at least 100k as standard first!

- Finish more writing. Similar to above, or at least related, but this is more of an emphasis on the finishing aspect. I start way too many fics without finishing them and get even more ideas without getting them written, so i want to concentrate on that. I'll still be signing up for far to many exchanges, I'm sure, but I'm going to try to keep this goal in the forefront of my mind otherwise. The specific fics I'm looking to work on first are:

  • Expanded Yuletide 2016 fic. I had so much more outlined for this fic than I got to by the deadline and I really want to finish it. Needs more actual road tripping!

  • Overdue auction fic. I just recently realized I never wrote a fic I'd offered in a fandom auction about a year and a half ago and I fel so so bad about it. My life just went all kinds of crazy and it kept getting pushed to the backburner until it finally just fell in the fire I guess :/

  • FUF #1/WIP Big Bang 2016 fic. I am the worst mod bc I didn't complete my own big bang last year lol But I'm gonna! And hopefully before the next one, which is far sooner than I'd like...

  • More FUF fics. Related to the above. I want to do more in the FUF verse. It's a ridiculously convoluted SPN modern AU I'm ostensibly writing with a friend and it's probably more trouble than it's worth, but another friend bet we wouldn't write what we'd planned out and I'm determined to prove her wrong. Even if she probably doesn't even remember the bet anymore.

  • Interhouse Fest 2016 sequel. I wrote out a little "what happens next" in reply to a comment and got inspired lol It's not a popular ship and I doubt many if any would actually read the sequel, but I really like the idea.

  • Trans Harrisco fic. Someone on tumblr wondered why there weren't any Harrisco fics with trans Cisco or Harry and since this is one of my fave ships atm, I decided that yeah, that really needs to be a thing.

  • Blasphemous Bible fic. Does what it says on the tin, only probably even worse than you're thinking. I've been sitting on this idea for literally years and it's really time I got around to writing it. Look for it Christmas 2017!

  • Jenzekiel antagonistic daddy kink. Also been sitting on this idea for a couple of years and since this ship is virtually nonexistant, I decided why the fuck not. I will write something ridiculously self indulgent and I will enjoy myself lol


Post 100k words on AO3.
You have the same goal as me. Well, mine is to always write one more word than the year before. But in 2015 I wrote 89k and I don't like 9s, so I rounded it up. Missed my goal by 48k xD

I'll be rooting for you and your projects :D
Well, aiming high is better, right?? Thank you \o/
You might think so, but by the end, when reaching even the 50k was a chore, I wondered wth I'd overestimate myself like that xD it's only more pressure in the end
Why does Harry OR Cisco have to be Trans to be a couple? I like them just the way they are and I think they would make a perfect couple, whether or not one of them was Trans actually... but okay...

Good luck for your goal. I hope you can write as much as you want to :)

I would never have the time to write that much.
Nah, they certainly don't have to be trans to be shippable. I read and write plenty where they aren't! But I (and assumably the person from tumblr) like reading fics with trans characters and want there to be more in the world, and there aren't any for Harrisco yet.

Thank you! I sign up for a lot of exchanges and ficlets/drabbles add up quickly, so it's not bad.
Thank you! Several of these are carry overs from previous NYRs, so you may have a point lol But hey, at least this reminds me that they exist and I'd like to do them lol

Good luck with your goals as well!!

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