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Fandom Snowflake Challenge: Day 6

Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

In your own space, create a list of at least three fannish things you'd love to receive, something you've wanted but were afraid to ask for - a fannish wish-list of sorts.

This started as just recycling and updating most of my previous wishes, but somehow I got a little carried away. Surprise surprise lol Wishes I fulfill may be added to the end of this post later, or in another post if there's a wish fulfillment or creation day like last year.

- A friends only/partly friends only banner. I'm planning on making my journal partly friends only soon, with all the personal posts locked, so I'd like to have a banner for when I get around to that.

- Icons. Made for me or just a point in the direction of some icon dumps would be great. I now have a paid account and tons of icon space so I need to fill it up! I'd love them for any of my fandoms or ships, but some specific ones I'd like:

  • Code Black - Angus/Mario, Ethan/Will

  • The Following - Emma/Jacob/Paul, Joe/Ryan

  • Kingsman - Harry, Eggsy/Harry

  • The Flash (tv) - Cisco, Harry, Cisco/Harry

  • Lethal Weapon (tv) - Martin, Scorsese, Martin/Roger/Trish

  • The Librarians (tv) - Ezekiel, Jenkins, Ezekiel/Jenkins

  • NCIS: Los Angeles - G/Sam

  • Rogue One - Krennic, Baze/Chirrut

  • Star Wars VII - Hux, Hux/Kylo

  • Young Justice - Roy (any), Roy/Wally

  • + something inspirational with Carrie Fisher

- Constructive criticism on some of my fic. I've been feeling very discouraged about my fic for a while because of the number of views/kudos/comments I get relative to how much I write, and honestly there have been times I've thought about just stopping bc it's hard to see the point. Feedback is what keeps me writing and I'd really like to improve but don't really know what needs work in my writing. Also just some comments would be nice if concrit isn't your cup of tea :)

- Betas. I don't have anything in particular that needs to be betad, but sometimes my regular beta is busy or doesn't know the fandom. It can be find to find someone else, so I'd love to have a couple of people I know won't mind me asking if they have the time to beta something for me. So if we have any fandoms or ships in common and you won't mind me messaging/emailing you at some point for possible beta help, please let me know!

- Transformations of my works, i.e. podfic, art, translations, mixes, etc. My Transformative Works Statement is here, but basically it says yes please and I'd like a link.

- Meta or stats recs for my fandoms or fandom/fanfiction/fan culture/fan history in general. Anything from general musings to critical analysis to something highly academic would be fab. I just really love reading other people's thoughts and ideas about the things I love!

- Fanmix recs. I like to listen to playlists while I work and I'm always running out! Fannish or not fannish, gen or shippy, any genre (though I'm not a big fan of country or rap), most any listening platform (I've been having to branch out since 8tracks instituted listening limits).

- Horror recs. I want to expand my movie/book/tv horror repertoire, but there's just so much stuff I don't know where to start. I'd be interested old school or new stuff, since I'm honeslty only familiar with a few things, but no zombies please. Horror fic recs for any of my fandoms would be appreciated as well!

- Gift fics or art for any of my fandoms or ships. Getting gifts is so nice, and it always makes me happy to have something created just for me. All my exchange letters are here if you want some prompts!

- An animated video of the Reboot Trek crew dancing (preferably in gold/blue/red sparkly stripper outfits) to Starships by Nicki Minaj. Because reasons. Seriously, even just a 5 or 10 second loop would make my day!


Volunteering for beta!

Also, I bookmarked your dear writer tag, because I love creating things for other people. I hope some of these will spark something. (It's gonna be a while though, since I don't have any capacity for new ideas right now. orz) If you ever see me clamouring for prompts, don't hesitate to hit me :D
Thank you so much <3

And yay! I will def take you up on the prompts :D
I noticed you have a Fandom_Stocking so I'm going to leave something for you there.
\o/ Thank you!
The Following - Emma/Jacob/Paul, Joe/Ryan

I love The Following and do an annual rewatch, but those are SO not my pairings. I hated Emma with a passion (I do love Jacob and Paul and even wrote a one-shot about them once!) and well, I prefer Ryan/Mike and wrote a TON of fiction for them XD

I did a few Sam/G icons a while back, but you barely see G because Sam is holding him so tight *lol* I might have to do some more eventually :D

lol Emma was my favorite for a long time. After the last season, I'm not sure exactly who my favorite is. I guess it's time for a rewatch to figure that out! Those two are my primary ships for The Following, but I do have some occasional other ships. Mostly Mike/Roderick and Luke/Mark honestly, I just never got into Ryan/Mike...

Whoo, Sam/G! I've been rewatching random NCIS:LA eps a lot lately and I just keep shipping them harder and harder.
I'd love to draw some Saga fanart for you! Who's your favourite character and do you have any prompts?
Oh gosh, that would be wonderful! I really love The Stalk (and The Stalk/The Will) and Petrichor. For prompts... maybe The Stalk fighting and kicking ass, or her and The Will with children (since she mentioned it lol), or Petrichor when she was in the army. But hey, if you don't like any of those prompts, I would literally be delighted by anything :D
I think I'm getting some ideas, I get graphic depictions of gore/blood don't bother you?

It's going to take me a while, but I've got this on my tdl and I can't wait to get to this!
Gore/blood are fine! Take your time, I will be excited whenever you have the chance :D

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