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Fandom Snowflake Challenge: Days 13-15

Finally! And it's not even quite the end of the month yet :)

Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

Day 13

In your own space, write about a moment in fandom that meant a lot to you.

I'm someone who hates watching things alone. I'd much rather watch things with someone who I can talk to about what we're watching while we're watching it. It's especially nice to do with another fangirl bc then we can just squee all over everything while it's happening!

One of my favorite examples of this, and one I would really like to do again (though not with this show lol), was back when Teen Wolf was first airing. Since it was summer and my friends and I were all on break from college, we would get together at Biff's house every Monday (I think it was Monday, at least) night to watch the new episode. There was always a lot of talking and laughing and trading ideas as shit went down on the show. But I think the best part was the season finale bc we made sure we were extra prepared that night with tissues, chocolate, and alcohol. What a way to watch! :D

Day 14

Go forth and commit an act of kindness.

I'm working on writing some gift fics today. One of the really awesome things about doing exchanges is sometimes getting extra treats when gifts are revealed. I've gotten so many awesome fics that way and it's an awesome way to give even more to my favorite fandoms. I didn't do nearly as many treats last year as I'd have liked to, so I want to do more a lot more of that this year!

Day 15

In your own space, write a love letter to Fandom in general, to a particular fandom, to a trope, a relationship, a character, or to your flist/circle/followers. Share you love and squee as loud as you want to.

Dear Fandom,

Thank you for being so amazing. Thank you for always being around. I love that there's always something new and fun to see and read and watch and listen to. I love that there are so many people who love things just like I love them, and are willing to share their skills and love with anyone who will listen. I love how much passion and creativity and kindness there is, especially when things in the "real world" aren't looking so great.

Thank you for being something/somewhere I can rely on anytime and anywhere. You've gotten me through a lot of bad spots, and I will never be more thankful than I am for being able to fall back on you when my sibling died, when my family life seemed like it was going to hell, when my depression is getting the best of me. I can always reread my favorite fics and talk to the wonderful people that I've met over the years. I love that that's something I can always turn back to when I need to and that even though I've never met most of you, you're willing to talk to me and support me when I need it most.

Thank you to every single person who has made my fandom life richer over the years. I appreciate you more than you can ever know.



< 3 <3 <3
:D <3
Oh wow... that sounds nice. I don'T think I've ever actively watched a show with someone together. Although that one time in 2014 when I had a few people over at my place we watched the whole first season of SUITS together... :D But that's the only time I can remember where I was really able to do that :D

Ahh that sounds like fun too! I've been planning to watch Suits for ages, I just haven't made it around to it yet lol

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