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TV Show Character Meme

Snagged from bm_shipper bc why not lol

*) Choose 20 TV show characters
*) Describe them as vaguely as possible
*) Have your f-list guess who they are

  1. Sometimes she runs a criminal empire, sometimes she makes puppy dog eyes at the girl she likes (who mostly just ignores her).

  2. She may not have much in the way of social skills, but she can build or fix pretty much anything. Happy from Scorpion, guessed by bm_shipper

  3. He's a genius engineer with a thing for snark and hot villains. Cisco from The Flash, guessed by daria234 and bm_shipper

  4. He can hack pretty much anything, especially if it means saving innocents from corporate assholes. Hardison from Leverage, guessed by daria234

  5. He may be willing to do pretty much anything for his friends and family, but he's still a socially awkward snark master. Stiles from Teen Wolf, guessed by bm_shipper

  6. Somehow she manages to balance being a cop, two five year olds, and an asshole ex. Laura from The Mysteries of Laura, guessed by logans_girl2001

  7. He'd really rather be cooking or eating than fighting aliens.

  8. He's always really grumpy about having to help his pseudo sons save the day. Bobby from Supernatura, guessed by dreamsofspike

  9. She's the most cheerful goth scientist you'll ever see. Abby from NCIS, guessed by solariana

  10. She's going to do whatever she thinks is best to save lives, even if her boss doesn't always agree.

  11. He and his double both have some pretty bad anger management issues.

  12. He's uniquely talented in encouraging ppl to kill other ppl for him.

  13. He says he hates living where he is, but he's always uncomfortably cheerful, if also frustratingly vague about everything.

  14. He's an alcoholic law enforcement officer with delusions of a happier family life.

  15. Her mysterious death turned an entire town on its head. Laura from Twin Peaks, guessed by valeria_sg_1

  16. Despite what his best friend thinks, he's not much of a playboy and he'd much rather play with toys than be a leader. John from Stargate Atlantis, guessed by valeria_sg_1

  17. He may be a snake person who spends most of his time on his phone, but it's usually bc he's saving the day.

  18. He should probably spend more time paying attention to his job than the script he's writing. Scorsese from Lethal Weapon, guessed by daria234

  19. He's kind of a terrible psychologist, but he's an excellent cook. Hannibal from Hannibal, guessed by dreamsofspike

  20. Somehow self delusion led to almost destroying a city that he thought he was saving.

Each one is from a different show, and I tried not to just pick my favorite characters, so hopefully it's a fun challenge :D


Well, these could work, LOL

4. MacGyver from MacGyver

7. Gordon Ramsey from Hell's Kitchen (hey, I'll bet he rather be cooking!)

9. Abby from NCIS
4. He'd prob work, but not the one I was thinking lol
7. Nope
9. You got it! :D
LOL, Abby was the only one I was pretty sure of. (I was certain Gordon Ramsay was wrong, but it was too funny to resist *G*).
I mean, I would definitely pay to see him fight aliens lol
8. Bobby Singer?

19. Hannibal Lecter?
Yes and yes!!
3 Cisco
4 Hardison
10 Kara
15 Lilly Kane
3. Yep!
4. Yes
10. She would work, but not who I was thinking.
15. Nope

Is Lilly Kane from Veronica Mars? I've never actually seen it, but I've been meaning to for ages lol
LOL I love that description of Cisco.

Yep, Veronica Mars. The show was at times brilliant and at times infuriating, and the last season is not widely liked. But the characters were pretty great.

lol that unfortunately sounds like what happens with a lot of shows. I'll have to move it up my to watch list.
2. sounds a bit like Happy from "Scorpion" but I don't even know if you're watching the show :P It could fit her, though...

3. is Cisco Ramon :D

13. could be Danny Williams? After all he still claims he hates to live in Hawaii XD

14. could be Riggs of "Lethal Weapon"... kind of...

15. could be Allison DiLaurentis of "Pretty Little Liars", only she's not really dead... so there is that... ^^"
2. hehe it is her!
3. Yep
13. Nope. I haven't watched the new H50 lol
14. lol it does kind of fit him, but now who I was thinking (But there is a Lethal Weapon one on there!)
15. Not her. I haven't made it around to watching that yet.
Is 18 Scorcese on Lethal Weapon?
Yes! I wasn't sure anyone would get that one XD

1. Lena Luthor?

5. John Sheppard? 16. Also fits Sheppard. I am now confused. Is one of the two even him?

15. Laura Palmer?

Edited at 2017-03-13 01:02 pm (UTC)
1. Nope. I stopped watching Supergirl before Lena came on, but from what I hear that does sound like her lol
5. Does sound like him, but not who I was thinking.
16. That one's him!
15. Yes!
Yes! I'm so happy someone got that one :D
I should do a rewatch soon. It was one of my fave shows and I'm so sad it got cancelled.
Maybe 5 could be Monroe of "Grimm"? He IS still socially awkward, I would say.

I should have guessed "Laura", because I loved the show, but I also loved Jake and would never have described him as an asshole, so... XD I mean, maybe because he cheated on her, but he did everything he could to make up for that... ^^"

10 could be Jane of "Blindspot" but I'm not even sure you've ever seen the show, so... XD

I feel like there is no Code Black character in there XD Damn! :P

5. could also be Derek Hale if it's not Monroe XD OR Stiles :D
5. is Stiles!
10. nope, haven't seen Blindspot

lol Jake was my least favorite character on the show. I have like no patience for cheaters XD

There is a Code Black character! (Hint it's #10!)
There is a Code Black character! (Hint it's #10!)

Really? I would NOT have guessed that *loL*
Is #20 Angel? Also who's 1, she sounds great. #12 could be the Tenth Doctor.
No on #20 and #12, I didn't have either of those shows on there. Nobody's been able to guess #1 yet, but *spoiler* it's Moriarty from Elementary!

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