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terrible, yes... but great

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9 December 1991

I'm a twentysomething queer fangirl from Texas. I write fic, make graphics, mod too many exchanges, and make geeky crafts sometimes. I also do freelance editing, so hit me up!

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00q, almost human, alternative rock, anne mccaffrey, anthropology, bas lag, better off ted, billy kaplan, billyteddy, books, cantarella, clint barton, clintcoulson, cocktails, conventions, cosplay, crafting, crafts, creepy cute, criminal minds, critical analysis, cryptozoology, dark chocolate, diana wynne jones, dinosaurs, doctor strange, dragons, dredd, dudley dursley, edbett, editing, etsy, faeries, fandom, fanfiction, fantasy, fenrir/harry, fic exchanges, garth nix, gigolas, gimli/legolas, gluten free, good omens, grimm, hannibal, hannigram, harry potter, harrymort, hartmon, hawkeye, helena bertinelli, hinabn, holly black, horror, huntress, icarly, iron man, james bond, japan, japanese, jewelry, john kennex/dorian, jupiter ascending, jurassic park, k/s, kakairu, kamala khan, kink, kuroshitsuji, labyrinth, leverage, lord of the rings, lucifer, ludo, mad max, magic, marvel, mcnozzo, mcshep, men in black, mermaids, meta, movies, mpreg, ms. marvel, music, mysteries of laura, nanowrimo, naomi shihab nye, ncis, pacific rim, person of interst, phlint, pinto, porn, queer, rare pairs, rat queens, reading, red arrow, rinch, roy harper, sabriel, sci-fi, science-fiction, secret avengers, sewing, shield husbands, slash, sleepy hollow, smut, space husbands, star trek, stargate atlantis, superheroes, supernatural, tamora pierce, teddy altman, the avengers, the eagle, the flash, the following, the librarians, the losers, the princess bride, tom riddle, tom riddle/harry, tom riddle/harry potter, tom/harry, tomarry, tony diterlizzi, tv, valenwind, vegan, vegetarian, vic sage, voldemort, voldemort/harry, voldemort/harry potter, werewolves, winnie the pooh, wizard rock, writing, ya lit, young adult fantasy, young adult science-fiction, young avengers, young justice

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